Bimpe and Ohakanu get home and he riles at what Alali-Brown wrote about her he thinks the journalists these days have no integrity. Bash appears and notes that she has changed that her boyfriend that used to speak English like a banker with this Man-O-War! Ohakanu introduces himself and Bash tells him to buzz off. He tells Bimpe he has been hearing something that is not good to the ear. Is that true? Bimpe says no.
Brenda meets Nosa and apologizes for being late. He says she is not late. He got there early to avoid her running away again. She sits and he tells her he is skeptical about this arranged dating business she agrees she is skeptical too. He however agreed to try it when he learnt he is being matched with Brenda of Odyssey Pictures. He notes that he knows that ladies do not like being yoked to people like him. Comedians like him. She agrees and he reminds her that he has a degree in Law. She asks why he is not practicing? He says he practiced but stopped when he noticed that it is not bringing the change he needed. He notices that people open up to a comedian and that is when the change begins.
Bash asks Bimpe why she is not giving all these journalists N20,000 to get them to write the right things about her? Ohakanu screams blue murder and insists that they will not bribe anyone. Bash wonders why Bimpe ends up with mad people and says that this one must have been mad from birth. He hands her his publicist’s card and a cheque. After he leaves, Ohakanu says he is not sure bribery is the right thing for them. Bimpe asks him to shut up. She has a job for him.
Tsav pours a drink and sits beside Amaka mshe declines the drink. He tells her he understand it cannot be easy being the only voice of reason around. Sheila comes out and Amaka scrams. He asks her how the fund raising for the spa is coming up? She says they are working on it and goes off to check on Cosmo.
Ohakanu walks into Greg’s office and introduces himself as a fan of the show. He just stopped by to say hi. Greg shakes his hand and goes back to work. He does not go away and Greg wonders what else he wants? He says he needs Greg’s phone to call a friend to come and pick him up Greg suggests giving him directions but he snatches Greg’s phone and starts searching as Greg wonders what is wrong with him?
Amaka tells Sheila that she is on her way to work. Sheila wants to talk to her about something but changes her mind. She leaves and Sheila calls Mr. Horsfall and asks for a meeting.
Brenda tells Nosa about the film industry and he asks her if it is easier for her to talk about work than herself? She says no and he asks what she likes. She wants to be happy like any other woman, have a home, cook, travel, shop, etc. he says he is surprised at her soft side. She replies that even him should know the importance of having a public persona different from the real person.
Ohakanu rushes in and dictates a number for Bimpe. She dials the number and gets Dafe. She tells him it is her and he says he knew it was her immediately the phone rang he has been in tune with her energy and knew she will call that morning. She asks if he is high or something?
Sheila asks Mr. Horsfall if there is any chance or mention in the will of taking care of the household? She wants to go back to the spa but that may not be the best for now. She offers to take him round but he thinks it won’t be necessary. He had handed the taking care of the household to Amaka who should know that part better than herself.
Sheila blows up on him for not telling her about this before. He thinks that Amaka should have told her. She is not happy and thinks that Amaka should have known better. He thinks that she should know what Fred wants. She says that she is his widow and should know what he wants. He tells her that she may not have known Fred as well as she thinks. She wonders what he means? He reminds her that she was left out of Fred’s will. She screams at him for coming to her office and talking to her about her relationship with her husband and he gets up and asks her to take care of herself. As he leaves, she pushes off all the stuff on her table.
Brenda calls Mrs. Aneke and she is happy that she called. Brenda says that their software is right this time around. She will want to go on another date with Nosa. Mrs. Aneke stutters and tells her that Nosa does not want to go on another date with her. She is shocked and asks what that means? She drops the phone and calls Nosa. He tries to get her off when she wonders what he means? When she asks what kind of man will not want another date with her after all she did? She even tried to flirt? He tells her it is a man that is not looking! She asks if this is one of his jokes and he is miffed that she cannot take him serious. She tells him to come to her house now so that they talk. She will text him the address and drops the phone before he could say anything.
Dafe walks into Bimpe’s apartment and while Ohakanu eyes him, he finishes his call first before talking to them. Bimpe asks how he plans to manage her publicity? He looks at Ohakanu and she introduces him to Ohakanu and says Ohakanu is just a friend. Ohakanu protests that they are more than friends. Dafe asks what happened to Greg and Bimpe tells him that she is no item with Ohakanu. Ohakanu proclaims himself a Bimpe soldier and Dafe says he has heard of those soldiers like Telema Soldiers. Ohakanu grudgingly says he was one of them and salutes Bimpe. Dafe smiles and says he likes this guy do they will need him.
Sheila asks Cosmo how low they have run on home supplies? Cosmo says they have really run low. Sheila grudgingly tells him that Amaka is in charge of the supplies now. Cosmo asks whether he should wait for Miss Amaka to come home before telling her? Sheila asks him to draw up a list and take to her.
Nosa is let in by Brenda and when he commends her house, she tells him it is thanks to her housekeeper. Before he talks, she tells him that it was all acting. She had been told that she is too hard so everything she told him is what she thought he wants to hear! He says the Brenda he expected to meet is hard person that does not care so much. She opens her door and asks him to leave. It probably won’t work between her and a comedian anyway. He gets to the door and instead of leaving, turns and faces her. She walks a step back and he smiles at the Brenda he wanted to see. They get back to the sofa and start all over again. He asks what she thinks of Valentine’s day and she says it is a commercialized way of women holding their men to ransom. Flowers or chocolates! None. She hates the taste of chocolate and flowers are a waste of time and money. Her idea of a date? She says it is what they are doing now. He asks her how she can then make the date more interesting and she looks puzzled!

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Bimpe asks a photographer where she can change? He wonders what she is talking about and tells her to hang her cloths there and go and pose, naked! Huh? Bimpe goes!