Frank and Chuks discuss how he can enter for the competition. He wonders how he can enter for the competition with Aunty money monitoring his every move? Frank suggests that he tells Aunty Nonye about the competition. Chuks thinks he is crazy to suggest he tells Aunty Nonye that he entered Amara for a competition and means that he is no longer married to her niece? Frank asks if he has a better idea? He says he will steal his daughter.
Brenda meets her date. They sit and he thinks they should order immediately as he has another meeting after. She reminds him that she has not seen the menu. He always orders roast duck. Brenda does not eat duck. He says it tastes like chicken and she would rather have the chicken. He asks if she is bothered about a little adventure. No, but she does not like being told what to eat. He calls a waiter over and goes on to start a long call with a friend about meeting at the presidential vial and a N2 billio deal while Brenda and the waiter wait!
Chuks gets home and meets Aunty Nonye getting ready. He asks if she is traveling and she asks why he did not tell her that he entered Amara for a competition? She asks that they start going. Chuks and Frank pretend to have a stop over to pick Amara’s dress and asks her to go and book them a space. She does not know the place but they will ask Sammie to take her. They text Sammie to ensure she keeps Aunty Nonye away from the venue. Aunty Nonye takes off and Chuks and Frank take off.
Tsav meets Sheila and asks how she is doing and if she wants to share? She says she is okay and wonders where he has been? He reminds her that she practically threw him out of the house. Sheila asks him if he was there when Yahimba threatened Amaka? He says yes. Sheila frowns and he smiles and tells her that he is the queen of England!
Chuks and Frank get there with Amara. Hector and his baby come out and say he thought they will not make it. Chuks says no way. Hector says they have gone in and drew some applause but Casper and his child drew a bigger applause. They came to call Chuks and Amara!
Chief Akinpelu visits Amaka and says he did not come to fight. He suggests to Amaka that Horsfall may be a fraud. He thinks that there is something fishy about him. He suggests to Amaka that Fred could not have left her only a house. Amaka reminds him that Phillip said that Fred mentioned him. Chief Akinpelu asks if Amaka believes the drunk? He cuts Amaka off and tells her that soon, they will ask her to transfer some money to a charity and that charity will turn out to be their personal account. Amaka agrees to ask some questions when they meet later in the day.
Brenda’s date gets off yet another call and asks why she is not eating? She says she has lost her appetite. He hopes it is not on his accord? She says no that her belly is full of all the things he told her about himself. She gives him a recap; he has an MBA from Harvard, youngest MD in his bank and sure to make chairman in ten years. He has a home in VI and building another in Banana Island. He has a Benz but it needs a facelift. He is a well-travelled man and has been to so many places. He smiles and says he plans to spend the weekend in Cape Town and invites her to join him. She says it won’t be a holiday if she is stuck with him. He did not know he is that boring. She tells him that he is a stuck selfish oaf. He suggests they share the bill since they are wasting each other’s time. Brenda drops the whole money and tells him it is her treat!
Chuks comes out of the competition happy and is ready to show Casper and his baby. Sammy calls and Aunty Nonye snatches the phone and complains about the nanny taking her to the bar instead of the venue of the competition. Sammie says she lost the address. Aunty Nonye asks Chuks to send her the address again. Chuks says the competition has started. He pretends the phone has cut and says in-laws. Casper asks if he just said in-laws? Chuks asks if he is not allowed to have in-laws even if his wife passed on?
Amaka calls Brenda to give her the details about the reading of the will. She is sure she did not miss anything. She asks Amaka to send her a mail and drops the call. Amaka says that is so like Brenda. Chief Dikibo says Fred did not say much about her. Amaka says they did not get along very well. He fills her in on his life. He has no family and has been in South Africa for the last 17 years with a venture capitalist company, Serengeti Africa as their CFO. He is thinking of retiring and Nigeria looks like a good idea. Amaka suggests he should come home and make some movies. He mulls the idea.
Chief Dikibo asks Amaka what he is hearing about a second will? She says they Fred is believed to have made a second will which he did not turn in. He thinks that will be tough for Sheila and others. He asks what Chief Akinpelu meant by Phillip and Sheila? Amaka says that Chief Akinpelu knows how to stir trouble. He asks what they should do with Phillip’s disbursement? Amaka says they should abide by Fred’s wishes. The disbursement will be made when Phillip grows up. Dikibo thinks that the Phillip they saw the other day is a man consumed by grief. Amaka says that is what Phillip is like; impulsive, selfish, etc. she will hate to see him squander his inheritance. Chief Dikibo thinks he is an adult and should decide what to do with his inheritance. Amaka agrees but says spoiling Fred’s legacy will not be allowed if she can help it. He leaves and Amaka calls someone to ask him to check out some things for her.
Brenda meets with Mrs. Aneke to discuss her date. She complains about him and Mrs. Aneke is disappointed but asks what Brenda said or contributed? Brenda is not bothered about what Jibola said. She is their client and her happiness is what they should be bothered about. Mrs. Aneke tells her that they are both her clients. She said she remembered telling Brenda to freshen up before the date and reminds her that it takes two to make a relationship work.
Aunty Nonye harasses Sammie as she works at the bar. She asks why Sammie is so popular at the bar! Does that mean that she has been coming to the bar regularly? Sammie does not blame her. She blames Chuks. Casper comes to ask to speak with Aunty Nonye. She eyes him.
Amaka asks why Freddie did not tell them Phillip left last night? He says he does not know. Amaka thinks it is one of Phillip’s irresponsible behaviors. Sheila asks her to take it easy. TTK tells them that Dan also left town this morning. Amaka stumbles on Peju raising posers about Fred’s will on the Juice. She asks why Fred left a chunk of his estate to Freddie and made Amaka executor while leaving nothing for Sheila. All these will be answered in the next episode.
Mrs. Aneke calls Brenda back. Brenda wonders if she is calling to tell her what she did wrong? She says they have found her another match. Brenda thinks this match-making thing is not for her. Mrs. Aneke tells her that they have a higher compatibility match in this case. Brenda asks to sleep over it. Angela overhears her and comes out and asks if she heard her talk of match-making?

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Brenda suggests to her date that they order food. He asks her to eat him instead and when he touches her, she slaps him!