Bimpe chews a journalist for spoiling her name instead of writing about all the nice things she has done. Another calls her and she tells him not to call her number again. Greg comes in and says he came to find out how she is doing? She tells him that the press is dragging her name in mud. How else can she be doing? He checks to ensure she did not hurt herself running from the Ade-Williams. She says Dafe cannot keep his big mouth closed. He tells her that it is all over the internet. He thinks she should allow Dafe help. She says Bimpe is tougher than the journalists and Dafe. He says he does not know how that will affect them as a couple. She jumps on the sofa and asks him to leave if he is threatening her.
Angela and Brenda convince Delmuah to set up a company. If she produces anything good that they accept, they will decide the percentage of shares. If they commission something, then they will pay her a consultation fee to work on it. She says two of them working together freaks her out. Barrister Odey calls to invite Brenda to the reading of Fred’s will. She says she is too busy to attend. Delmuah agrees to the proposal they ask her to get Charlie to help register her company. As she leaves, the two partners congratulate each other on pulling it off. Delmuah does not know what she is getting into: paying salaries, taxes, etc.
Bimpe switches on the TV and Peju says her sex video circulating is wrong. Information she has is that Bimpe was not in a relation with Ohillip and they did not have consensual sex. She RAPED him. She promises more after the break. Bimpe is appalled.
Sav comes to complain to Sheila that his room is filled with bugs. He knows where to get insecticide. Sheila begs him to take their mum elsewhere as she does not want her around during the reading of the will. Sav says he wanted to be there. She asks him not to. Whatever is in the will is already there.
Bimpe calls Delmuah to blame her for talking to Peju. Delmuah says she did nothing of such. She says it is only Delmuah that can tell her what she just said on live TV. Now everyone thinks she is a rapist. Delmuah asks her to stop doing hurtful things if she does not want people hating her.
The family gather for the reading of the will. Laide and Chief are not there yet and Amaka asks if it is possible they won’t come. Sheila says they will not miss the last bit of the drama. They saunter in and Barrister Odey comes in and apologizes for coming late. Too much traffic.
Angela tries to get Brenda to drink something stronger. She says she is on her way and asks for the taxi. Angela asks what is wrong with her car? She says it is the ignition. Angela says she is sure that it makes Brenda wish Kwame was there. She tries to retract but Brenda gets over it and says it is true. If Kwame was around, he would have scolded her for buying that brand of car, told her how his car is better and fix it. She asks what Angela misses in her father? Agbele says food. Brenda asks food? She replies that her father has not met any problem that food cannot solve. Brenda toasts to the men they are missing in their lives.
Frank, Obiora and Sandra sees a magazine where Bimpe is accused of raping an orphan. Obiora has suspected she is up to no good. Frank thinks the story is distorted. Phillip was not an orphan when it happened. Sammie thinks there is no smoke without fire.
Amaka asks if Barrister Odey invited Brenda! He says she declined to attend. He is however not waiting for Dan to appear but one more person. While they wonder who it is, Mr. Horsfall walks in and Barrister Odey introduces him as one of the executors of the estate. Everybody glares at him.
Brenda and Angela discuss security around her house and Angela says they have enough security in the apartment. Brenda says it is necessary especially if you are staying alone. Angela says she has a flat-mate. Brenda looks puzzled and she says in her head! They chuckle about this. Angela asks if she is feeling lonely? She says she has John. It is just that he cannot do everything like fixing the ignition of her car. Angela asks her not to let feminists hear her. She says she is a Brendaist! She talks about matchmaking and making a documentary about online dating. Angela does not believe in that. They discuss that and agree on exploring that. Angela asks if she is sure she will not stay for dinner? Brenda calls her her father’s daughter and says since the taxi is becoming more unreliable than her ignition, then she will accept the offer.
The will is read. Amaka and Dikibo are co-executors of the will. Phillip gets 30% of the money and a house at Ikoyi. That’s the house that got burnt so Phillip owns the land. However, it is subject to Amaka approving Phillip’s personal and professional conduct. Monica gets 20% of the money. That goes to Freddy. Freddy gets 20% of the money, two houses in Ikeja, a house in Abeokuta, Fred’s library, all his shares in Reel Studios, etc. That makes Phillip turn and look at Freddy.
Greg bursts into Bimpe’s apartment and she asks if he is back again? Does he not know when he is not wanted? He thrusts a newspaper into her face and asks what it is? She reads Bimpe the orphan monster and says she will sue the newspaper. He wonders whether they are lying and she asks what he thinks? He wonders why Phillip has not come out to clear her name if it is not true? She reminds him that Phillip is still mourning his father and is not obsessed with tabloid news like him. He thinks she is too aggressive and she pushes at his chest and asks why he will think like that? He says she forced him to go out with her. She reminds him that he is a full grown man. He is confused and is not even sure that her name is Bimpe Adekoya!
Sheila calls Feke to commission a study of online dating. She wants to know what makes it tick in Lagos. She says a kind of SWOT analysis? Yes, Brenda agrees. Feke says she will send out surveys but Brenda says no. Feke asks if Delmuah is not better positioned for the research? She is better at such things. Brenda says she wants Feke to work on it and report directly to her for now. She does not want Angela to be aware of it till she is sure that it is something that can fly.
The reading if the will continues. Monica gets two other houses and that goes to Freddy now. Laide protests that one of the houses is hers. Fred have it to her. TTK tells her to be nice to Freddy now, her landlord. Fred bequeaths four plots of land and a bungalow to Dan and his vinyl and art works. Amaka gets a house. Barrister Odey remarks that the will was made a long time ago and a number of things may have been overtaken by events but the will is still valid. Fred bequeaths N250,000 to the Onuohas, his former cook and butler. The rest of the items goes to charity, to be administered by the executors of the will. TTK protests that a whole brother got only four plots of land and a bungalow. Chief Akinpelu says it is a lie. They will challenge the will.

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Phillip asks Chief Akinpelu what he is doing there? Should he not be with his people? Chief Akinnpelu puts a finger in his face!