Bimpe and Dafe get into her house. She asks why he came to get her? He says she is his friend’s girl. Someone knocks and Bimpe opens the door. It is Peju. She asks Peju to leave her house. Peju says she is just fishing for a quote. Bimpe is not ready to give any quote. Peju says she will simply say that she was seen leaving Phillip’s house. Bimpe asks why it is a problem having fun with one’s boyfriend? That throws Peju and before she recovers, Bimpe throws her out. Dafe makes a remark and she hits his shoulder and asks why he watched the movie? He says it has gone viral but he is not talking about that. He eventually tells her that they could spin the story to turn her brand into something bigger, for a fee. She asks why she should pay after he made her run like a mad woman? She eventually throws him out too.
Angela and Delmuah discuss her request for a share of the company. She says she came to see Angela because of the respect she has for her. Her best working days were with Angela. Angela reminds her that she jumped ships at the slightest sign of trouble. She agrees that was not her best move. She realized she is going through her career the wrong way when she heard that Abgela was going to offer her profit share. Brenda returns and is surprised to see Delmuah so fast. Delmuah says she is on her way out and tells Angela she will be in touch. Brenda asks Abgela if she is coming back? Angela tells her Demuah’s terms!
Yahimba is worried about Sheila’s welfare and hopes she is okay. Sheila is fine. Yahimba hopes she is not allowing the little matter of the will bother her. Sheila turns to her and asks who gave her that information? Yahimba says Sav mentioned it. Sheila tells her that it is nothing for two of them to worry about. She will also appreciate if they stay away from it!
Bimoe meets Alali Brown in a restaurant and Alali Brown is interested in updating the story on Bimpe. Bimpe tells her about her passion for charity and the work she has done in Makoko. Alali Brown tells her she is talking about the video! Before Bimpe answers, a buy on another table who has been eyeing her approaches their table. Bimpe asks how she can help him? He tells her that he simply came around to tell her that she is an old mama jammer! Bimpe and Alali Brown are perplexed as the guy walk away!
Brenda cannot believe that Delmuah is asking for a share of Odyssey. Angela says she can see where Delmuah is coming from. Brenda asks to be explained to. Angela says she can understand the feeling of someone when everyone around thinks that you do not deserve what you want. They argue over this but Brenda suggests they continue later. She hands over Angela’s car keys.
Amaka calls Chuks who says he searched Ziggy’s but found nothing that relates to The Ade-Williams and not even Reel Studios. As she drops the phone, Phillip walks in and taunts her over her detective activities. She asks him to act his age and not fulfill his father’s worst fears. Phillip tells her that she should look for better insults. TTK comes in and asks if she is interrupting a meeting? Amaka asks after Dan and she says she can represent him as he is out. Sheila comes in and asks if Amaka found anything? No, says Amaka and Sheila sits down as TTK wonders what they are searching for.
Bimpe takes permission from Alali Brown and walks across to the table of the man that called her Mama Jammer. She walks across to his table and asks that he apologizes to her. He wonders why he should do so? She tells him that she is an honest and hard working person who is destined for the top. He agrees and says that is how young girls like her get to the top. Bimpe flares up and tells him he is a foolish man. The man asks if she wants to beat him too? She quickly apologizes to the guy and he leaves as she goes back to her table with Alali brown. Alali Brown quickly concludes the interview and as Bimpe explains that she was provoked, Ms. Brown gets up and leaves.
Phillip tells the others that he knew it will be difficult. That is why he is not interested. Sheila asks what they should do? Amaka looks towards TTK but she tells them that TTK knows about the will. TTK wonders whether all these is for the will! She gets up and leaves them. Sheila asks Amaka what they should do? As they were discussing, Pjillip points at a spot on the kitchen and asks if the others have seen thing?
TTK calls to tell Dan the news about the will. Dan is not interested. She enthused that if the new will cannot be found, then the last will be read. That means that their share of the inheritance will be higher as there was no Sheila there. Dan tells her loudly that he is not interested and drops the phone.
Peju asks Delmuah about work in Odyssey? Any new projects? Delmuah says there is none she can discuss. Peju asks after Odyssey and why Phillip is not taking over at Black Ananse? Delmuah says she does not know. Peju asks after her relationship with Phillip and she asks that they restrict it to work. Peju asks after her relationship with Phillip and wonders how he is handling the release of his video with Bimpe? She does not know. Peju asks whether she is not involved with Phillip when that video happened? Delmuah gets more uncomfortable. Peju asks how it feels to know that your boyfriend not only cheated on you but recorded it? Delmuah screams that Phillip did not know that it was not her. She grabs her things and leaves as Peju takes notes.
Angela and Brenda discuss her meeting with the household goods company. Brenda says it did not go well. They are looking to build the show around their brand; a kind of a reality show. Angela does not think it is the kind of thing they should be going into now though she is eager to get into another project now after Under The bridge. She invites Brenda to her house for lunch so that they can both speak with Delmuah who will be coming to hear how Angela plans to bring her back to Odyssey! She will be down shortly.
Amaka, Sheila and Phillip sit and discuss the will till TTK comes out to ask why they are conspiring against Dan and herself in this will? Amaka tells her that no one is undermining anyone. She wonders why they are hiding the discussions around the will. When they agree, Amaka suggests they have the reading that same day. Amaka calls the lawyer who is okay with coming over that same evening. He will be inviting only close family members plus Brenda and Laide. TTK asks why Laide is coming? Does that mean Fred left her something? Phillip tells them that if Laide is coming, they had better prepare for boxing gloves!
Brenda walks out as Angela and Delmuah settle to start their discussion. Delmuah is not away that Brenda is there. Brenda says she also was not aware of her coming but as they will be discussing business, they are partners. They discuss their offer. They want her to start a production company and be hired as a consultant for Odyssey. That way, she will bill them for her work. She says that is not exactly what she wants. They convince her to try it as it will make her the owner of her own company and she can produce and sell to them.

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Amaka asks barrister Odey if he invited Belinda? He says he did but she is not the one that they are waiting for. He is waiting for one more person. The person walks in and those that have seen him catch their breaths!