Chuks tells Aunty Nonye that he sacked the nanny. She agrees that the nanny does not know her work. Aunty Nonye asks what the photographer is doing there? She wants some shots. They manage to deceive her that they are going out and she leaves.
Delmuah calls Angela and Angela tells her that Under The Bridge was one of the biggest shows to come out of Odyssey. One day, she hopes it will be recognized as that. Delmuah thanks her for allowing her work out of the box. She says that she is happy to have worked with both Angela and Brenda because of the remarkable difference in their approach.
Frank wonders if Chuks has changed the baby’s diaper? He says yes. He is so good at it now he can do it with his eyes closed. Frank recalls he couldn’t do it well when Ene was around. Chuks does a demonstration for him. Some other bar patrons gather and ask him to teach them. He tries to show them a trick he does with powder but continues to fluff the trick!
Fred’s funeral rolls on with the presiding clergyman speaking about his accomplishments.
The two men swap baby stories with Chuks. One says he can set his watch with his baby who cries every hour. Chuks says the first three months can be rough but once you make adjustments, it gets better. The third guy says he can’t get used to the run-around. They tell him to wait till the baby arrives. Chuks asks what he will offer them? One says he will run back to go and see his daughter the second says he will swing by his wife’s office to enjoy the moment. They leave and Obiora thanks Chuks for driving away their customers.
Brenda sneaks into the back seat and two women discuss how Phillip shot his father. Brenda screams at them to shut up and show some respect for themselves and the moment. Angela sneaks out of the room and Brenda follows her. The inspector wants to know what she can remember from the accident? She says it is not a good moment the policeman pushes and she says that her therapist and doctor thinks she may not remember anything. He says they will have to close the case then due to statute of limitation. Brenda eyes her from a distance.
Chuks begs Frank to hold Amara while he sorts out something. Frank manages to hold her like an egg. Two women walk into the bar and are very happy to see him holding a baby. They say there is something nice about a guy that can care for a baby. Frank is very happy and introduces himself as uncle Frank; no The Frank!
TTK leaves her seat and squeezes herself between Phillip and Sheila. She asks Sheila if she needs anything? Yahimba, who is behind Sheila tells her to go back to her seat. Sheila does not need a nanny. They start arguing and Phillip asks them to stop or he will leave. Yahimba asks if they should be threatened and tells him that it will be his conscience that will make him leave. Amaka cautions them to stop but TTK sits tight where she is!
The funeral train rolls by the cemetery.
Chief Akinpelu thanks Brenda for coming. He asks her to join the other guests outside. They want to have a family meeting. Brenda asks what he is saying? Amaka walks in and welcomes Brenda. Brenda says she does not feel welcome. Chief Akinpelu says he did not tell her anything wrong. He only told her to join the other guests outside as the family wants to meet. Brenda walks out and Amaka tells him that Brenda is a Fred’s first child. Chief Akinpelu opens his mouth.
Chuks comes back in to meet Frank exchanging numbers with the ladies and boasting that he has been taking care of his nephews and nieces. Chuks asks where Amara is? He says he gave her to Sandra. Chuks screams but his phone rings. It is the agency. The first part of the competition is the next day and they will have to dance wearing matching outfits. He drops the phone and tells Frank. He begs Frank to come and look after Amara tonight while he sews their outfits. Frank asks what is in it for him! Chuks promises to share the winnings with him!
Dikibo Horsfall finally corners Phillip and offers his condolences. He says Phillip looks more like his mother. Phillip agrees that he falls short in the father’s department. Horsfall thinks he got enough but Phillip does not fully agree. Horsfall asks after Freddy and Phillip says he is tougher than he looks. Horsfall says that is what they used to say about Fred at the orphanage. Phillip is surprised and Horsfall explains that Fred used to volunteer at the orphanage. That was where they met. Phillip wonders what other secrets about his father he does not know about?
Angela stops Brenda on her way out and offers her condolences for whatever it is worth. Brenda is not sure what it is worth. Angela says she knows Brenda is not close to her family and Brenda sharply says they are not her family. Angela tells Brenda that it is in their joint interest if she returns to Odyssey as COO. Brenda is skeptical and asks whether she is returning as office manager while Angela keeps all the power? Angela says they will share the powers. Brenda wonders how long she will have the accident hang over her head? Angela says she has told the police man that she remembers nothing from that day. Brenda wants her old office back and Angela says she misses her old office anyway. Brenda offers her a handshake!

Next on Tinsel
Chuks and Amara are called next to perform. Chuks gets on stage and instead of dancing, winces in pain and holds his waist!