Chuks and Frank look for a photographer. They reminisce about Soji. If he was around, he would have done the picture. They continue to search and find a photographer that used to be Soji’s friend. Chuks calls one of them and when he is told the cost, he drops the phone and moves on. Amara wakes up while they search and after crying, she starts smiling. Chuks smiles too.
Dikibo Horsfall shows Freddy a few tricks and Freddy asks if he is a movie director? They talk about Fred and Freddy wishes that he could have seen Fred one more time. Dikibo assures him that it will be all right with time and asks when he saw Fred the last time? Freddy can’t remember and accuses the adults of lying to him. They kept telling him he was all right. That leaves Dikibo open-mouthed.
Chuks and Frank look for Salem to take the picture of Amara. Frank asks what he will do if he is accosted again about Amara? Chuks says that is why he carries her birth certificate along. As they try to reach Salem, one ruffian appears beside them to find out who they are looking for? Frank stands between him and Chuks and describes Salem. A rougher ruffian appears and loudly asks who is looking for Jeru? Chuks slinks back a bit.
Angela tells Brenda that it is only them now and no lawyers. She wonders how they will resolve all the negative things Brenda said about her on The Juice? How will she trust Brenda now? Brenda says she was in battle mood then. Things have changed now. There is no point dragging in baggage. Angela asks if she calls all the risks she took baggage? Reginald? Masters? Baggage? Brenda says she went into all that with her eyes open. She reminds Brenda that she always came back and did not share the risks with Brenda. She talks about her days in the psychiatrist’s and says Brenda could have gotten her out with just a call. Brenda says that she always made her terms clear. Angela asks if Mimi knows Brenda’s terms? Does she know Brenda is a killer? Brenda is shocked!
Frank tells Chuks that this is what he warned about. The ruffian asks them how much? They ask what he means? He asks if they do not want to sell the baby? They scream no. Frank tells Chuks that he caused this and Chuks tells him to shut up. The ruffian asks who he is talking to? He says it is Frank he is talking to. The ruffians admire the baby and welcomes her to Makoko.
Amaka asks Mr. Dikibo if he has seen Sheila? He says no. Amaka apologizes and Mr. Dikibo sees himself out. Yahimba comes out and asks why her family has not received the Aso ebi or is that Amaka’s way of making them less of family? Amaka asks when she is leaving the house? She says it is when it worries Everem. Amaka insists that it is Sheila. Sheila comes out and asks if Dikibo has gone? Amaka says he waited for a while and asks where Sheila has been? Sheila says she believes they will see him at the funeral. Amaka storms away and Yahimba asks Sheila about her aso ebi?
Angela and Brenda continue to scream at each other about their past. Brenda asks how she is a killer? Angela says she lost a baby because of her meddling. Brenda says Angela got involved with her brother. She had no business being in that car with him. Angela says she cared about him. Brenda scoffs at that. Angela thinks that if Brenda had not gone to Masters, he would have still been here. Brenda asks her not to talk about that snake she used to get into her company. Angela says she should not have gotten into Reel Studios to spy for Brenda, etc. She was only trying to be Brenda’s friend because she admired her then. Brenda also says that she never expected Angela to be running a company.
Salem comes out and is very happy to see Chuks and Frank. They exchange greetings and he is happy to see Chuks’s baby who he collects from CK. Chuks talks to him in private about taking Amara’s picture. Salem ask why Soji’s is not the one taking the picture and they tell him Soji travelled. The picture is needed urgently for a baby advert. The others hear about adverts and insist they must be in the picture. Chuks asks Salem to come to his house tomorrow for the shot but when the others refuse to relent, Salem goes to get his camera.
Yahimba asks Sheila why she is treating them like they don’t care about her? Sheila reminds her that she imposed herself on the family. Yahimba insists that they are there to ensure that Sheila is not maltreated. Sheila thinks there is nothing like that. Yahimba reminds her that Amaka may contest her inheritance because of what is between her and Phillip. Sheila tells her pointedly that there is nothing between her and Phillip. Yahimba says it is okay if she insists so. Sheila insists that everything is not about money. Yahimba insists that is why Sheila allowed herself to be conned of $300 million. Sheila reminds her that the con man appears to be from her.
Brenda asks Angela that it is time to get back to business now that they have finished pouring out their hearts. She wants Odyssey back. She appreciates Angela’s efforts and thinks there is a way to accommodate both of them. Angela reminds her that it did not work out so well the last time. Brenda says they now know what not to go back to. She suggests she buys 51% of the company’s shares and they work out a partnership that allows Odyssey distribute Black Ananse productions. That makes Odyssey solvent again. Angela reminds her that it makes her the minority shareholder again. Brenda says she becomes the CEO again and Charles has to go. Angela checks her make-up to see what is making her look stupid? She says the police is a phone call away and she does not think Brenda will do too well in prison. Brenda asks if they are back to blackmail again? She will think about it but she does not respond well to blackmail.
TTK and Amaka go through the arrangements for food. Amaka tries to get her to see that it is a burial not a party. Laide walks in and Amaka asks why she is there? She came to see Sheila. Amaka says Sheila is not available to see her. Laide says she has the right to see Sheila. Someone mistook her for Fred’s widow and gave her a cheque. She came to do the right thing. Sheila walks in just then and asks why Laide had to come and drop the cheque herself? She lashes Laide and hopes that the last cheque is large because that is the last thing she gets from Fred. Laide eyes her and leaves. TTK asks for the cheque but Amaka asks her to drop it. As they leave, TTK asks her if that means that Sheila knows who gets what in the will? The others leave him and go to look for Sheila’s phone.
Salem takes tons of pictures of Amara. Chuks insets the takes more. You never which one will work. They show him the ones they have taken and he spots Ene’s picture in some background. No woman allowed. Aunty Nonye walks in just then and asks why women are not allowed where?
Amaka and Sheila get ready for the funeral. TTK comes out making arrangements. Amaka asks after Phillip and Sheila asks if they are back to discussing that? Nothing happened between her & Phillip. He was grieving. He practically shot his father! Phillip walks out just then and tells Sheila to say it a bit louder. The security man did not hear her well. Sheila eyes Amaka.
Brenda gets back to work and gives Feke and Delmuah the day off to attend her father’s burial. She will come later. Delmuah approaches and asks how her discussion with Angela went? She commends Delmuah on her brilliant work on Homestead. The show will run for at least three seasons. Delmuah asks if she succeeded in her scheming to get back Odyssey? She wants to know if she still has a job or not. Brenda asks her to watch her mouth. She asks her to leave after they get back into Odyssey if she is not happy!

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Brenda sits in the audience at the burial and screams at two babes discussing Phillip shooting Fred to stop!