A policeman grabs Chuks and insists that he must come to the station. Chuks insists that the baby is his. They ask him to prove that it is his baby. He struggles with his phone for evidence.
Angela tells Brenda that she will rat her out to the police and if masters does not kill her, she will ensure that she stays so long in jail that she will no longer see Odyssey. Brenda says she will sign the papers to show her good intentions about her return to Odyssey. She signs the papers and Angela thinks about what she will do in Odyssey? She assures Angela that she will give it her best shot. Angela grabs the documents and leaves and Brenda smirks.
Chuks calls someone and asks him to go to his flat and quickly bring Amara’s birth certificate and his ID card. The police asks the others to leave. He will handle the case from now on. The lady holding the baby in the basket refuses to leave. The policeman asks her whether she is a relation? She says no but insists that Chuks does not resemble the baby. She asks if he even knows that the baby is teething? Chuks is surprised at that. The lady says she will go to the station if she must but she will get to the root of it.
The memorial is over. Amaka and Sheila talk to a lady who thinks it was too short. They ask her to join the buffet outside. A man who introduces himself as Dikibo Horsfall comes over to them and introduces himself. He says he is Fred’s friend from way back but they have not seen each other in a while. He asks after Phillip and wonders why he left the way he did?
Frank arrives with the documents and proves that Chuks is the father of the baby. The policeman collects the baby from the woman who reluctantly releases her. She asks Chuks to ensure he returns the baby to the mother quickly. Chuks thanks him and as they set off for the bar, the policeman tells him to get the baby teething powder. Chuks asks how he knew that? He says that after three babies, you pick up these things.
Make comes back from seeing off Dikibo and wonders why Fred never mentioned him? Sheila says he mentioned he has been away from a while. Dan comes in and they ask him if he knows about Mr. Dikibo? He says he heard the name but he never met him. They ask why he didn’t make the speech? He says he is never one for speeches. TTK comes in and Dan gets up for them to leave. She says she is not in a hurry. As Dan hesitates, she tells him that they are family and he should go ahead and speak. He tells Sheila that he noticed she has a full house and it must be difficult managing things. Sheila replies that it is nothing. TTK has been a big help. Amaka concurs.
Angela savours the documents she collected. Odun comes in to tell her that the viewership for Under the Bridge is not too great. She says she will handle it. Charlie comes in and asks if Brenda is still holding out on signing the documents? She tells him that she has managed to get her to sign it. Something he could not do with his bright legal mind. He asks whether she is going to sack him now? She says that there is more to being Odyssey’s lawyer than fighting Brenda. He tells her that he will also suggest that she stops spending valuable time on that and get to work on the company.
Chuks tells Salewa his story and how he was held hostage till Frank came to rescue him. That is why he missed the memorial. He will be at the burial. Frank reminds him that he is going through all these because of competition. He suddenly remembers that he did not get Amara’s head shot for the competition. He calls Frank and Frank says no. He begs Frank to use his phone and take a head shot of Amara.
The ladies discuss the memorial and TTK wonders how Laide could come in dressed like that and allow herself to be addressed as Mrs. Ade-Williams? Sheila says she will also expect to be a beneficiary in the will. TTK asks if they already know who will be in the will? They quickly change topics.
Laide walks in and meets Brenda in a bar. She asks why she did not see Brenda in the house? She says it is because she was not there. She will rather attend the burial. Laide takes a call and says she will be there. She tells Brenda that her daughter has a presentation. Brenda wonders at what age? She thinks that Laide must be enjoying motherhood. Laide says it is tough but single motherhood is tougher. However, she knows that she will not be alone in her old age. She walks away and Brenda eyes her. Angela calls to invite her to discuss her position in Odyssey before she changes her mind.
Amaka and Sheila get home and marvel at the gift items TTK picked. They agree that she has a knack for the right gifts. Sheila steps out and Mr. Horsfall come in. Freddy meets him and they shake hands. He asks after Phillip and Amaka goes to fetch him. Mr. Horsfall looks at Freddy.
Chuks gets to the agency and asks if he is too late to submit his baby’s pictures? The lady asks her to give her a moment. As he waits, the other guy comes in with his baby and coos to the baby. Chuks asks if he goes everywhere with his baby? He asks which man does not do so? He shows his baby his pictures and Chuks asks if he took them in a professional studio? He asks if Chuks did not? The lady asks Chuks for his pictures and he says he brought the wrong pictures.
Brenda visits Angela to discuss her role. Angela says they need to agree what role she will have as the CEO’s role is filled. Brenda says she is not there to be one of Angela’s minions. Odyssey needs sponsors and the sponsors will only be on board if Brenda is in charge. Angela is not sure that the sponsors exist and Brenda tells her about Mido Cosmetics. Angela smirks and asks her for her lawyers?
Sheila tells Phillip who is lying on a pool bed that she hopes he did not call her out to watch him drown in scotch? He says he is the one no one likes. He will leave after the funeral. She tells him that he cannot continue to blame himself or continue to run away from things. He breaks down in tears and she joins him and holds him him as he cries. Amaka comes out to the pool and stops in her tracks!

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Does she know you are a killer? Angela asks Brenda. What? Screams Brenda.