Aunty Nonye visits and meets Chuks sleeping with things scattered around the house and Amara not being cared for. She rushes to her cot and wakes Chuks up. Chuks says Amara did not sleep well last night. Aunty Nonye asks for the nanny and Chuks claims that she went to buy Agege bread! Aunty Nonye asks what he is using for the rashes on the baby’s body? Chuks claims he uses powder and Aunty Nonye wants to know which of the rashes he uses powder for? She says he won’t understand. She will explain to the nanny when she comes. She orders Chuks to go and take his bath.
TTK gives numerous instructions to the interior decorator. Yahimba comes and offers the lady a snack and tells her that she will need a lot of strength to do this job. TTK continues to dish out instructions while Yahimba continues to throw words at them. She thinks that the decoration is stifling and says it is a good thing Fred’s body is not being brought to the memorial or TTK may have been accused of trying to suffocate a dead man! TTK responds Yahimba that at least some of them are useful around here. Yahimba shifts and Freddy comes out and tells them that he is tired of that wicked old witch. The decorator screams at him but TTK agrees saying Yahimba is only there for what she can get off Sheila.
Sammie runs in and asks Chuks what he called her for and why he sent he recharge card? Aunty Nonye comes out and asks if that is the nanny? Chuks says yes. Sammie tries to argue but he stops her. Aunty Nonye asks for the bread she went to buy and Chuks says there is no bread. Aunty Nonye recognizes her as someone she has seen the first day she came and at the bar! Chuks claims that they are two different people. One is Sammie and the other Samantha. Aunty Nonye says they are the same name. Chuks says Sammie means Samson! Aunty Nonye asks her what she is using for the rashes on the baby’s body? She says she does not see any rashes.
Angela talks to her father’s picture to explain why she held the memorial. It is to confirm that he is still in her heart. She calls Dr. Raji to seek for an appointment but she is not available. She drops the call and Dr. Raji calls back to ask why Angela is still hounding her? Angela asks if that means she will be seen now? Dr. Raji grudgingly agrees to ask her secretary to schedule an appointment and drops before Angela can even say thank you. Angela calls Odun to ask if the current episode of Under The Bridge is now streaming? Odun tells her that someone posted a teaser of a project being run by Brenda. Angela orders him to take it down and ensure that Lanre, the editor does not leave the building till she gets there.
Sammie and Chuks struggle with Amara while Aunty Nonye yabs them for not knowing what to do. Amara poops and Chuks says he will change her. Aunty Nonye asks what kind of nanny is she when she cannot change diapers? Chuks claims that she just got bad news from home. Aunty Nonye says she doesn’t look it. Sammie starts sniffling. Auntie Nonye says she may stay for a while. Chuks asks her if she should call Ene or her parents? Aunty Nonye leaves after asking them to ensure they treat the rashes well. Sammie tells Chuks she is done with this and going back to her job at the bar.
Angela asks Odun how another show got streaming on their website? He does not know and he can’t find Lanre. He has looked everywhere. Mimi comes in and Odun asks her what she was doing with Lanre last night? She confesses to be the one that gave Lanre the video and says she wanted to help and show that Odyssey still has another show. Angela explodes on her and asks for how long they have been plotting this? Mimi says Brenda says she will explain to Angela. Angela remembers they were quite cosy at the memorial. She asks her to leave and tells Odun to tells Lanre that she will personally ensure that he is done in this industry.
Chuks and Sammie return to the bar and Frank asks him if Sammie has come to stay? Chuks says she has been around long enough for him to know that. He tells Frank that he has been having a rough morning with Aunty Nonye and had to call Sammie to claim to be a nanny. She couldn’t even change nappies. Frank tells him that he needs to learn how to change diapers and care for the baby. Sammie walks in and Chuks tells her to look after Amara temporarily while he goes to get some baby supplies but she runs away. Frank remembers he has work to do too.
The family arrive for the memorial in their packed sitting room. As they are sitting down, Laide walks in and one of the guests loudly hails her as Mrs. Ade-Williams and asks her to stay strong. TTK wonders how she came to be dressed like others when she is not one of them! Dan looks like strangling her!
Dr. Gyang makes a statement about Fred, how he loved drama, took risks but attained the height in his chosen field. He was an upright father and a visionary. As he was making the speech, Phillip staggers in with a drink and fiddles with the window blinds. He drops something and everyone’s attention goes to him. Dr. Gyang reminds them that Fred will never avoid a drama.,that was his stock-in-trade.
Mimi calls Brenda to ask why she did not talk to Angela as she promised? She says she tried but did not get through. Mimi is afraid she can lose her job. Brenda asks what she expected? She was told that things can get a little rough. She will win her company back and when she does, Mimi will be happy she was on her side. Angela walks into her office and she drops the phone. Angela asks when she will stop trying to cheat her way back to her company? Delmuah and Feke bolt from the room. Angela asks if she is not tired of all these subterfuge? Brenda claims that she was doing Angela a favour. Angela wonders if that is by sneaking her movie into their website? Brenda says that some of their sponsors have agreed to come back for a new show and a new leader. Angela asks her to face reality. Brenda insists that the company is hers and will remain her baby.
Chuks walks on the road with Amara in a car seat and a guy and a woman stop him asking why the baby is so uncomfortable? The woman asks how they are sure the boy is his? Chuks stutters that he, she is his baby! They wonder if the baby is his as a small group of people gather around him.
It is time for Phillip to speak at the memorial but he is nowhere to be found. TTK asks Dan to take up the opportunity but he says no. They announce him but he refuses to get up. Sheila gets up and thanks everyone for coming. They chose to hold the memorial in their sitting room because that is what Fred will like. She talks about their special bond and relationship. When she trained as a masseur, she never thought it will lead her to her husband. She admires his principles, etc. she will defend what they have. Chief Akinpelu eyes her whole Laide’s eyes are hidden behind dark glasses.
Angela insists that Brenda has been talking about herself only. Brenda tries to convince her that their sponsors will come back when they hear that two of them have come back together. Brenda insists that she did her a favour. Angela asks why she is sneaking up on her using her staff; first Delmuah and then Mimi? Brenda insists that Delmuah wanted out. Angela tells her that Mimi has also lost her job. Brenda says she will get it back. Angela tells her that what will happen is that she must sign the papers or she will go to the police. Brenda thinks that she won’t dare. She explains that the last time Masters came after her, it cost two of them a baby so he won’t try to harm her again. To save them all the court case, he will likely kill Brenda. That got Brenda thinking.

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Dan tells Sheila that things must be difficult to manage around the house now considering the number of house guests she has!