Angela disagrees with the doctor that she caused Dr. Ibrahim’s decline. The doctor says she is not a good patient and Angela tells her that Dr. Ibrahim did not treat her for free. They disagree on whether she is a good client or not. Angela insists that she is a good example of a mental patient that has done well in a society in denial. She asks the doctor what she knows about her father having read her file and listened to the news? She says she does not watch the news to compare notes with patient’s files. Angela starts talking about her father but she stops Angela saying she is not a patient yet and she is also obliged to report crimes to the police.
Bimpe comes back with a beaten up Frank and Chuks. Obiora asks what happened and they tell him to fetch cold water first as the two of them collapse into chairs. Bimpe is happy to have her laptop back. She says the two of them should be ashamed at nearly being killed by one guy. She asks them how to delete a file forever? Frank tries to do it but she snatches the laptop from him. She wants to do it herself. Frank tells her to use the shredder, on the desktop.
Laide meets Sheila lying on a pool bed and asks if it is a good time? Sheila sits up and Laide asks how things are going with the arrangements? Sheila says it is being taken care of. She asks after the Aso ebi and Sheila says it is for family and some select friends. Laide says she came to apologize. Sheila does not believe her. She says that Amaka is right. Sheila allowed her to mourn Fred when he died. Now that he is dead, there is nothing to fight over. Sheila asks if she still wants to see Fred’s body? She says no. It was all Chief’s idea. She wants to remember him as he was alive. They compare fond memories of Fred. Sheila tells her that they will arrange aso ebi for her and Ife!
Bimpe cheerfully greets Greg with her laptop hiding behind her. He asks why she is happy? She says she is happy. He asks if he needs to beg before she tells him? She asks him to say please. He says so and she shows him the laptop. He asks where she took it? She says she took it too a good technician for free. Greg says it is a miracle. Alali Brown calls Bimpe to arrange a final interview.
Sheila calls Amaka too arrange some lace for Ife and Laide. Amaka asks if she is. Sure? She says yes, it is Chief Akinpelu she is worried about. They agree to send the sample to the people in the village. Amaka is concerned about how Sheila sounds and asks if all is well? She says yes. It is only Fred. She will get over it.
Angela calls Dr. Raji to ask if she will take on her case if she paid more? The doctor asks her to hold while she takes notes. Angela says she knew she will come along. Dr. Raji says she is ready and Angela should go ahead. Angela says she wants to come over for the session. Dr. Raji says that is not necessary. Angela is okay and she wants to get the details about the police not knowing the truth about her father’s death. Al that is remaining is the statement to the police. Angela gets the gist and dr. Raji tells her that we cannot always get what we want.
Bimpe meets Alali brown at Ziggy’s. She asks after Bimpe’s professional career and Bimpe gives her a resume. She turns her laptop over to show her pictures and press clips. Bimpe gets a mail and she turns the laptop over. Bimpe says it must be work. They cannot do without her. She opens the email and freezes!
Yahimba asks if TTK is moving in? She says yes to aid coordination. Yahimba says she is moving into the fold. TTK says she is a lady in the fold. Yahimba tells Sheila that she is another Trojan horse. She says TTK is around to pick up crumbs! TTK is frozen.
She asks if Yahimba is not too old to be spreading rumors? TTK says she should be ashamed of her gold digging. TTK says she is there to help Sheila in mourning and would not trade insults. Sheila steps in and asks Yahimba what she is doing? She says she is there to prevent Sheila from being blind-sided. Sheila reminds her that she is the one moving in without being invited. She asks why she has not been thrown out yet if she is a nuisance? Sheila says she is busy but one false move and Yahimba is out. Yaya comes out but turns away from the adults. Yahimba asks why she is sneaking around like a rodent? She says she is not sneaking. Yahimba asks her why she let her brother into her house? She reminds Yahimba that he is her son. She asks for the salary the magazine is owing her but Yahimba says she abandoned that when she left. She insists that she earned the pay and was owned that before she quit. Yahimba tells her she will be paid. She quips that is if the magazine does not collapse while Yahimba is playing spoiler in Sheila’s house. Yahimba asks what she just said and she ran.
Brenda meets with Delmuah and Feke
Bimpe asks Alali brown to re-schedule the interview
Angela meets with Charlie.
Sheila offers Barrister Odey a seat and as he offers his condolences, Phillip walks across with a drink. He says he is just walking past and when barrister Odey offers his condolences, he asks where the condolence was when they were looking for money to save his father? Barrister Odey says he did all he can but Phillip tells him all sorts about lawyers being liars, etc. he asks why Sheila did not offer Barrister Odey a drink and puts his glass of drink in the man’s hands and walks off. Sheila apologizes saying that Phillip is taking Fred’s passing on hard. Barrister Odey tells her that he will advise that only close family be around for the reading of the will for obvious reasons and some not obvious reasons. He leaves and Yahimba comes in to tell Sheila that Freddy is outside telling people that his uncle took him to see his grandfather’s body!

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Greg asks Spanner how he knew Bimpe? He gives some vague answer but Greg screams that that is not the question he asked.