Bimpe feels like something has been taken away from her. She is missing her laptop. Sammy tolls her that Spanner must be working on other laptops. She asks if the others are celebrities? She insists that she paid extra and should get preferential treatment. The others tell her that technicians do hold onto other people’s things to justify their fees. Others recount how bad their experiences were. Chuks and Frank play pretend and Chuks serves as the customer while Frank is the technician. Chuks asks for his equipment and Frank asks him what will happen if he does not get it? He beckons on Frank to bend and when he does, Chuks deals him a slap. He comes around the counter and Chuks runs off saying he was just playing.
Mimi orders food and Brenda asks her how Odyssey is doing? Mimi says she should not be talking about Odyssey. Brenda asks if that means discussing Odyssey with her? Mimi says they are not close. Brenda asks what kind of PR person does not talk about her company? She thinks Mimi should be selling Odyssey to her. Mimi demurs and she eventually laughs and asks if Mimi did not think she is capable of a good joke? She leaves Mimi to enjoy her dinner after telling her she appreciates her coming over to offer her condolences.
Greg meets Bimpe
TTK is on her way out and makes a call to a newspaper to tell them it is Titi Ade-Williams née Kagbesioye. She thinks they need to know about her European trip. Dan takes the phone off her ear and ask who she is calling.. She tells him she is trying to let them know about her career just like he would have done when he was managing her career. He does not agree and tells her that they are back to bury Fred and she will no longer talk to the press.
Mimi is working and Odun comes in and flings himself into a chair. She asks what the issue is? He complains that the editor does not think he should be worried about anything. She asks why he is worried about a show no one ever watches? She tells him about her meeting with Brenda in Garden Restaurant and how bizarrely she was being kind. She thinks it is her father’s passing on. As they discuss, Brenda calls her and asks if she is alone? She says no. Brenda says she wants to discuss something personal with her and will need only 15 minutes only in her house. Mimi hesitates and she thanks her for being nice to her