Aunty Nonye comes to pacify Amara and tells Chuks that he could not even take care of a baby. He has been frowning all over the place. Chuks insists that she was already winding down. She tells Chuks to keep quiet that Amara is not a pumping machine that winds down. She backs Amara and goes out with her while Chuks looks worried.
The Ade-Williams come back and Sav consoles Phillip saying he had hoped they met in better times. Phillip goes to get a drink and Freddy bursts out with Cosmo in his trail. He asks why they did not take him to see Fred’s body? Sheila apologizes that he will see his grand father on the day of the burial. Phillip comes to pat his shoulder but he pushes his glass of drink down and storms out of the room!
Chuks practices how to back a baby without success under the watchful eyes of Frank. As they struggle with the pillow which they are pretending is Amara, Aunty Nonye comes back and asks what is going on? They pretend that nothing is happening. Frank heads back to the bar while Chuks is alarmed to discover a bottle of beer among the things Aunty Nonye bought!
Angela tells Charlie that he will not walk out on her like that ever again. Charlie says their conversation was over. She insists that he is her lawyer and should not deny his suggestions. They argue whether it would have been better to report the truth to the police? Angela thinks that if Charlie had not gone all soft when she suggested suing Brenda, they won’t be having this discussion. She asks Charlie to come and confirm to her whether she still has a lawyer when he decides.
Chuks asks what Aunty Nonye is doing with beer? She says she drinks and so what? Chuks says she should not be doing that around Amara. Aunty Nonye reminds her that she has raised five kids. Chuks and Frank leaves and Ajnty Nonye settles to drink her beer. As she tries to offer Amara some, Chuks comes back and screams at her.
TTK tells Salewa about her stay in Switzerland. She had to work with some friends for no pay. Salewa wonders why? She tells her that she would have needed a work permit. Dan confirms that and Salewa asks how he is holding up with Fred’s death and all? He says he is holding up.
Charlie comes into Angela’s office and she gets off the phone and screams on him. He reminds her that she threatened his job, after all he did for her. She reminds him that she has not been listening to his whining. He apologizes for mis-reading things and asks her what they should be suing Brenda for? She says that she would have gone the breach of contract route if he had ensured that Brenda signed the documents. She will leave it to him to handle but she will hold him personally and professionally responsible.
Chuks wonders why Aunty Nonye is giving Amara beer? She tells him that it is to make her stop crying. Every woman does that. Chuks grabs Amara from her and she tells him that some women even use hot drinks. Frank say his Neighbour uses cough syrup. Chuks insists that she must leave. She wonders how she can go back to Dike without the baby? Chuks asks her to go and stay with her friend and pretend she is still with Amara.
TTK looks around the house and says that they will soon be moving to a bigger house with more servants. They wonder what she is going on about? She reminds them that Fred is no more and all that wealth will not be left lying there. Salewa is shocked and when she tries to explain, Dan shouts her down and says there is no right time to mention it!
Odun asks the editor to quickly come back and conclude the editing. Mimi asks if he is not coming for lunch? He says not yet he has things to conclude. Angela asks when she will get the final episode and he assures her that she will get it before end of day. Charlie assures her that he is working on the papers for the suit.
Dan gets ready to go to the Ade-Wiliams and Salewa asks him to pass her regards to Freddy. TTK asks where she is going and she says she is going to school. TTK says she is coming with Dan but Dan refuses. She reminds him that she also lost a brother-in-law and does not need his approval to go and see them. Salewa reminds her not to talk about inheritance there. She says she is not dumb!
Chuks is at the pageant place and as usual does not come with all the requirements. The receptionist asks him to go and come back then. He meets with another competing father and that one wishes him well. He shows Chuks the winner for the past three years and when Chuks tries to get acquainted with that one, he leaves without even talking to Chuks. Chuks wonders who he thinks he is? The other guy tells her that the winner had three kids in the last three years. He is even grooming his older kids for future pageants!
Brenda meets with an official of one of the sponsors of Under the Bridge over lunch and assures her that she is working on a new family-oriented Odyssey project which she is sure the company will like. The lady asks when they can see a pilot? Brenda assures her that it will soon be ready. As she leaves, Mimi walks in and commiserates with a cold Brenda on the death of her father. She asks if she is wrong about Fred being her father? Brenda asks her who tells her? She says they heard from Delmuah. Brenda thanks her and invites her to sit and have lunch with her.
Yahimba follows Sheila out to the sitting room harassing her whether she has heard from Agent Shem? She says no and Yahimba goes after her for giving in so easily. Sheila turns to face her and yells that she finds her presence immediately after the agent disappeared interesting and if she does not stop, she will be forced to arrive at a conclusion Yahimba may not like. Laide calls Amaka to ask why she is being kept in the dark by Amaka about the arrival of the body. Amaka tells her that it arrived yesterday. Laide wonders why she was not told? Sheila snatches the phone from Amaka’s hand and warns Laide seriously not to go near that morgue except if she wants trouble. She dumps the phone and storms off after the call leaving Amaka wondering what is going on?