Frank asks Chuks who is sitting alone what is wrong with him? Chuks says he spoilt the sound of silence. The sound of no baby crying. Frank asks why he is keeping the baby then if she is giving him so much trouble? Chuks says she will give him a lot of money. Frank wonders what he is cooking up? Chuks tells him about the single father’s competition and the prize. Ene is not aware of it and he intends to keep it that way except for that nosy Aunty Nonye. Frank has an idea that will get rid of her.
Phillip wonders what Yahimba is doing in their house? Yahimba says she is there to support her grieving daughter. Phillip can think of so many reasons that does not have to do with support. Yahimba tells him that she has heard of snakes that kill their parents to take their place in the food chain and she has realized that there are people like that. Phillip wonders what that means? Sheila comes out and Yahimba asks if she is okay? Did she rest, etc but Sheila did not talk. Yahimba leaves to rest and Phillip accosts Sheila for allowing Yahimba into the house. Sheila tells him that Yahimba came to pay her condolences and decided to stay. Sheila reminds him that Yahimba cannot be trusted. She is not willing to argue, not with Phillip or Yahimba.
Frank calls Aunty Nonye and pretends to be her son Dubem. There is trouble in the village and she needs to come by night bus. As she tries to find out what is happening, they cut the line. Chuks rushes in to stop Aunty Nonye from calling the village.
Brenda marches into Angela’s office and Angela wonders if she is lost! She reminds Brenda that she was thrown out of her house and she is tempted to return the favour. Brenda came to discuss and not look for trouble. She asks for a cup of tea but Angela is still skeptical. She eventually calls for a cup of tea for Brenda. She does not drink tea in the afternoon as a typical Nigerian.
Chuks and Frank ask Aunty Nonye what the problem is? She says her son called and all she could hear was trouble. He asks her to go that it must be serious. She says she will call home first. Chuks and Frank pretend that there is measles on Amarachi’s body and when she goes to look, they fiddle with her phone. When she couldn’t get through, she agrees to go and check what is wrong.
Amaka asks if Phillip is okay? He tells her that Yahimba just moved in. She asks if Sheila knows? Phillip says she asked her to stay. Amaka remembers that Yaya is still there. They wonder why everyone now is there? Amaka thinks Sheila can do with the support but Phillip does not agree. Amaka tells him about Omar resigning. He took Fred’s death seriously. Phillip wonders why they are crying more than the bereaved? Amaka tells her that there is one role they cannot usurp. The funeral home says it is the first son that receives the body. They leave for the airport first thing in the morning. Phillip looks up alarmed.
Brenda gets to the point of her visit. She is ready to repay Angela for her shares and add a percentage for her sacrifice. Angela says no deal. She asks Brenda to leave if that is all she wants to say. Brenda asks what will happen to the police interview? Angela says she might just get chatty if she does not get what she wants.
Chuks says he will make a great team with Frank. They toast their drink and Chuks imagines himself cruising the car. Frank advises caution. He needs to win the competition first. Chuks says he has it all in the bag. He reads the competition rules and is happy he has it all covered. Aunty Nonye walks in and asks what baby competition they are talking about?
Chief Akinkpelu asks Laide when the body is landing? Laide says Amaka will tell her. He reminds her that she can find the flights coming from Switzerland by calling the airport. She says it is not necessary. He asks her to call Amaka then. She says she will do that tomorrow.
Angela asks Charlie to examine the contract and see if there is anything giving Brenda strength? He wonders if this is the right time to sue Brenda considering that she just lost her father? Angela wonders if he has just turned to Brenda’s lawyer? He tries to convince her but she tells him that she also lost her father. Charles thinks it is not the same but she reminds him that she may nit see her father again thanks to him.
Sheila is ready to accompany Amaka to the morgue. Cosmo asks what to cook for Freddy and what to tell him if he asks where everyone went to? Yahimba says they should not worry about him. Sheila introduces her brother to Amaka and he says he is there to accompany Sheila to the mortuary. Yahimba snorts and he greets her. Before they set out, Yahimba asks that they give her a minute to freshen up and come with them!
Chuks asks if Aunty Nonye is no longer traveling? She is surprised that he can still talk. She thought his tongue has been cut off since he has not been talking to her. She says she was lucky to visit her father who gave her his phone to make a call. It was the other network that deceived her. She has now changed her number. She asks for what Chuks want to eat?
Angela and Charles argue about Nero’s disappearance. Charles insists that she knew the consequences of what she was doing. She says he could have suggested something else. Even after Masters agreed to return the money. Charles reminds her that it was after Nero had left and is not happy that the whole thing is being pinned on him when all he did is to help her out of her grief!
Dan, TTK and Phillip are sitting beside the casket. TTK gripes about the sunburn she must have suffered while waiting on the Tarmac for the body to arrive. Sheila arrives with her entourage and breaks down at the sight of the casket.

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