Sammy tends to a screaming Amarachi but she keeps screaming. Chuks comes back with supplies; diapers and food. Sammy is at her wits end. Frank tries to no avail. Obiora comes and makes a face at the baby screaming but Chuks asks if he wants to scare the baby to death? He suggests they take the baby around town on an okada and rock her to sleep. Chuks asks if he thinks the baby is the scion of an area boy? Frank finally plays a song for the baby and she stops crying.
Sav asks Yahimba why she is not seating down? Yahimba says anyone looking will think they are in Sav’s house instead of her’s. He asks her to sit but she says he is sitting on her chair. He thinks she should learn to share. He gets up and she sits down and he tells her that he thought she
Brenda’s aunt, Linda visits