Frank bosses the other waiters around. Sammy asks if Chuks is coming with a celebrity? Frank says no, it is to show Chuks that he is well appreciated. Sammy thinks he is doing all that so that Chuks won’t know that he tried to poison a customer. Frank says it is not like that. Sammy assures him that his secrets are safe so long as he behaves himself.
Bimpe is not happy with Spanner who assures her that her laptop is in good hands
Officer Kolawole came to ask some questions about Kwame’s death. He needs to get Brenda’s version of events. Brenda must answer the questions or she will be dragged down to the station. Breakfast is the best meal of the day.
Sammy asks What is keeping Chuks? Someone found a baby outside.
Chief Akinpelu comes in late and is asked why he published an obituary without contacting others? Sheila is not listed in the obituary
Chuks rushes in to look for his son
Yaya meets Sav who wants to meet Sheila
Kolawole quizzes Brenda on what happened that day? She does not remember well. It was a long time ago. He will be speaking with Angela.
Chuks is not smiling with Frank. Ene is working with an NGO up North. Amaka is staying with the grandparents. Hilary got into an argument with neighbours.
Yaya tells Sheila about the arrival of Sav. Sheila can’t handle another Yahimba-type now.
Sav arrives to meet Sheila. He calls her Iverem and she reminds him that no one calls her that any more. He offers his condolences and support and hugs her
Chuks plays with Amara. Her grandpa comes. Grandma is in the hospital. She broke her cortex. Chuks will have to look after Amara for a few weeks. Many men will give anything to spend time with their baby.
Angela and Odun go through the new episode. Brenda barges into their office. Officer Kolawole arrives. Show him in!
Yaya wonders what she did wrong with Sheila? Her meeting with Sheila went well. Yahimba arrives