Greg meets Bimoe typing away on his laptop behind his desk. He asks what she is doing? She tells him that she is chilling. He asks why she is doing it behind his desk! She says we learn every day.
The TV in Ziggy’s announces Fred’s passing on at 68. The bar breaks out in a cacophony of sounds. The president has made a statement, etc. Frank calls Chuks to tell him about it. Chuks asks him to find out how Salewa is doing. He remembers that Fred took Ziggy off the streets and Ziggy never forgot him. They agree that they need to celebrate Fred. Chuks says he will be there the next day for them to decide what to do. Frank suggests that they stream Fred’s old movies. Chuks agrees.
Greg asks what Bimpe is doing? She begs him to do her a favour and get her script from the green room. He agrees to get it for her on his way back. Meanwhile she should stay behind the desk doing nothing. She smiles and as soon as he leaves, she opens the laptop and continues to type away.
Angela calls Odun to get a feedback on the website that is down Odun confirms that the engineers are working on it. Meanwhile, Odyssey is trending under the hash tag #GetYourActTogether. Angela thinks Brenda is behind it but Odun reminds her that Brenda just lost her father. She says Brenda must have planned this in advance. Charles walks in and she drops the call and says she has been waiting to speak with him. Their site is down and Brenda is behind it. He tells her that he came to tell her something. It is time he makes his intentions known. Angela tells him it is not the right time.
Greg gets back and Bimpe quickly closes the laptop. He asks her to tell him that she needs his laptop. She tells him to drop it. She is going to get her laptop back soon. He tells her to accept that she needs him and she needs a laptop. She asks if that is Audu calling him? Greg asks if she is serious? She insists that she is right. He rushes out and Bimoe locks the door. He bangs on the door and asks her to open so that he collects his laptop. It is closing time. She smiles and types away.
Charles needs to get a matter off his chest. Angela asks him to go ahead. He says he kissed her the other day and now that he has thought about it, he apologizes for that. She says he is forgiven. He says he understand that she wants to ?keep them out of the staff. He now needs to…focus, Angela concludes for him. She asks if he knows the trouble he created. He says he can fix the documents and save her the company. He wants to be there for her when she cries. Angela walks away from him and tells him that what she feels for him is greater than any romantic feeling. His friendship means a lot to her. He says he does not want to be her friend. He wants to be her man. He leans in to kiss her and she gives him a huge shove leaving him sprawled on the floor!
Brenda puts her iPad away and starts fidgeting. She grabs her phone and that still did not soothe her irritation. She calls John and when he did not answer, she screams for him. She then breaks down in tears!
Phillip comes in and meets Amaka working on a list of items for the funeral. She asks if he has anything to suggest in terms of the number of days, etc. She asks what he will like to handle? He says nothing, Amaka has it all under control. Amaka says she still needs his assistance but Phillip simply walks away. Sheila joins her and asks what she is doing? She says she is juggling with a lot of things and Phillip is not helping. Sheila asks what he is doing and Amaka says he has been drinking. She asks which way he went? Amaka asks her not to confront him and she agrees. She only wants to have a word with him, she says.
Sheila sits with Phillip where he is sprawled at the pool and suggests that he helps Amaka with the planning of the funeral. He says that Amaka needs no help. Sheila tells him that it is not about him. He should join in the preparations. He insists that Amaka needs no help in being the perfect daughter. Sheila tells him that he needs to grow up. Even Freddy can give him a lesson in being an adult. He is not the only one that lost his father. He tells her that he is not making it about himself. He insists that he shot Sheila’s husband. Sheila asks if he is going to drown in that all his life? This is his new reality, she reminds him and he had better live with it.
Angela gives Charles a cup of water and asks if they can now talk about Brenda? He tells her that he will always be there to pick her no matter the number of times she falls. She says they are now on the same page. She starts talking seriously and he says something that makes her laugh he gets annoyed and says she is laughing at him and hopes she finds something to laugh about always. She asks what he means and he says he is not good enough. She reminds him that he cannot force people to love him.
Sheila asks Amaka what she wants done? She says that she has called a caterer and Sheila agrees that Fred likes the caterer. Amaka says they will not let anything distract them from giving Fred a befitting goodbye. Sheila says she does not want to say goodbye. Amaka agrees and they both start breaking down but recollect themselves. They settle down to business but Phillip comes in all sober to ask them what they want him to do?
Angela asks Charles what he meant when he said that he hopes she will always find something to laugh about? He tells her that friends wish friends well even after they are treated poorly. Angela asks if he is referring to what he did for her father? He says no but gets up, wishes her goodnight, and leaves. Angela locks her door.
Bimpe goes to get her laptop from Spanner. Spanner says she came too early. He is still working on the laptop. He shows Bimpe the dismembered laptop. Bimpe screams and asks if a trailer climbed the laptop? Spanner is surprised. She says Spanner should have told her he does not know what to do. He insists that he knows what to do but she tells him to shut up.
John comes out and sees someone loitering in their sitting room. The stranger advises him to always lock their door. He is there to see Brenda. John says it is too early to see her the man asks John not to waste his time. Brenda walks out and asks why the guy thinks she should be disturbed this early? He greets her good morning but she says she is the one to determine whether the morning is good or not he tells her he needs to ask her some questions. She reminds him that he is in a residence,her residence and not a research facility. She asks him to be gone! He says he is there to ask her some questions about her late brother, Kwame Mensah! Brenda sobers up immediately.

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Chuks asks Frank where his baby is? Frank asks if he lost the baby? Chuks tells him that it is not like that.