Bimpe kicks a sleeping Greg awake and is not happy he slept off instead of watching to see when another message pops up. He says he is sure that it did not. She asks how she can fix her laptop? He asks what the time is so that he can call one of his friends to fix it. Bimpe thinks that all guys know how to fix things? Greg asks if this is a test of his manhood? Bimpe says it is not but she is not willing to give her laptop to Greg’s friend again. They quarrel about all sorts; Bimpe’s cooking, Greg’s inability to fix the laptop and his not helping since Alali Brown started interviewing her. They eventually bet when Bimpe tells him that she can fix it without his help.
Odun comes in and shows Mimi that the obituary was signed by S. S. Akinpelu for committee of cousins and friends. He thinks that it is fake. Mimi says that newspaper must have done their checking before publishing the obituary. Odun also complains that the list does not even have Fred’s first wife. Charles come in and confirm that it is true they went to meet Brenda and confirmed it. Mimi thinks it is time for Odyssey to catch up with Reel. The others ask her to show some respect. Angela walks in and gives instruction as she is going out. Charles says poor girl behind her back. The others wonder what he means? He says that Angela feels bad for fighting with Brenda after her father died. The others are shocked to learn that Fred is Brenda’s dad.
Bimpe gives Frank her laptop to fix and tells him about betting with Greg about not needing his help to have it fixed. Frank confesses that he does not know what to do but Bimpe asks him to try. He presses some button and smoke starts coming out of the laptop. Bimpe cries out that he has killed it!
Amaka calls Phillip to complain about the obituary that Chief Akinpelu and thinks he should be called to order. She has received a number of calls from board members and journalists to ask what is happening. Phillip says he has a lot of other things to deal with now.
Bimpe insists that Frank fixes the laptop and he asks whether he spoilt it? She says he is the one that pressed a button. He asks if her laptop has an explode button? He suggests that she try his friend who is a hardware specialist. Bimpe says that all men are the same. They run to someone else whenever something is wrong. Her father fixes his transistor radio himself. Frank insists he has work to do and asks if Bimpe wants the contact or not? Bimpe asks what his percentage of the bill is? Frank insists that he is not going to share in the bill.
Angela meets the therapist in Dr. Ibrahim’s place. She says it is difficult for someone to change therapists but the woman told her to stop. She tells Angela that she only takes on clients she feels she can make a difference in their life. Angela thinks she is joking as she does not even know her. The woman says she read her file. Angela still thinks the woman is joking but she appears resolute not to take her on.
Bimpe bumps into Greg in the bar. Frank nearly ducks under the table. Greg asks her about their bet and she tells him to prepare to lose. He asks to see her at the studio and as he leaves, she accosts Frank and tells him she should have known that the cost of fixing the laptop will be exorbitant when he gave an Ikoyi address. As they talk, Sammy approach and ask if Frank is owing Bimpe money? Bimpe says he is owing her a laptop. Frank says it is not true. When they tell Sammy the story, she gives Bimpe the number of someone in Computer Village who she thinks will fix the laptop.
Dr. Gyang meets Amaka about the obituary. He says that some members of the board thinks that it is payback for the board’s refusal to back Fred’s treatment. He would have said differently till he read about Fred in the papers. Amaka apologizes and explains that things went further than they expected. She promises to carry the board along going further. Dr. Gyang says they need to discuss what this means for them going forward. She apologizes again and he tells her that he has accepted and she should save it for others. He asks after the funeral arrangements and she promises that it will be communicated.
Freddie watched Peju on The Juice who is talking about the apparent division in Fred’s family due to the omission of his wife from the obituary. Sheila comes out and switches it off saying he shouldn’t be watching that. Freddie stands up hunched and she sits him down and apologizes for not taking him into confidence from the beginning. She says she didn’t have much of a childhood and with no child of her own, it eluded her but it will not happen again. He asks why they did not include her name? Did someone think she is not a member of the family? She says yes. He says that won’t happen if granddad was around. She hugs him.
Brenda goes through the press clippings on Fred. She calls her aunt and is surprised that her aunt knew it was her. Her aunt says she sounds so much like her mother. Brenda wonders if it is a compliment or not? Her aunt says it is. She asks what the issue is? Brenda says she knows she has family. Her aunt reminds her that the last time she was around, she was not too cordial. Brenda invites her to come around and promises that it will be better than the last time.
Bimpe visits the laptop fixer who says he can fix the laptop or he is not Spanner. Bimpe reminds him that Spanner is a nickname for mechanics. The guy says he can fix the laptop but recognizes her and hails her. He says he is one of her big fans. Bimpe asks if he can fix the laptop for free since he will take a picture with her and put it on Facebook? The guy says no! He will fix it for N100,000. She screams at him and says he is trying to rip her off because she is a celebrity. He says it is even good that she is a real correct person and slashes the price to N40,000. Bimpe says she will only pay N20,000.
Amaka tells Sheila that they have all been too pre-occupied to digest what they are facing. She is also not happy at Chief Akinpelu targeting Sheila with his obituary, etc. Sheila tells her that Chief Akinpelu is trying to position himself as the head of the family but he is a joker. She says that all she owes the family now is to give Fred a befitting burial.
Angela tries to get online but calls Chales to ask if he had watched the day’s episode? Eh says he has not been able to get on. She calls Odun and he says he is also struggling. She asks if he thinks that a lot of people are trying to log on at the same time? Odun says they provided for that. Angela screams that she knows what it is; they have been HACKED!

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Angela tells Vharles that they are best friends. He tells her that he wants to be her man and leans in to kiss her.