Frank tells Bimpe that everything is working well. She tells him it is going better than planned. A profile with Alali Brown goes a wrong way. Everyone is being so nice she did not need to use her BB3 plan. Frank asks what that is? She says it is her back-up plan. She refuses to show frank in case she needs it the next time. Frank looks at what she is doing and she tells him the plan is not there. He asks if she is googling herself? She says she wants to see whatever Alali sees when she googles her. Now she is waiting for Bash. She jumps up to meet bash as he comes in.
Salewa wonders what Freddy is watching that is making him frown? He says it is nothing and asks whether she is ready for her interview? Salewa says she is not sure she is the right person to interview when Phillip and others are there. He tells her that they are liars. They lied to him about granddad and did not allow him to see Fred for the last time. Salewa sits him down and explains to him that everyone makes mistakes including adults. We just learn from those mistakes. He tells her that he gets punished when he makes mistakes. Who is punishing the adults?
Bash tells Bimpe about something that has to do with block, which Bimpe realizes is blockbuster. He asks after Greg and tells her that she must really like him to give up the movie. She says they are okay. Bash promises to deal with Greg if he messes up with Bimpe. He raises his voice and Bimpe tells him that they are okay. He asks her if she is sore? She says she is sore! She now tells him why she invited him. Someone is writing a story about her and she wants him to tell her that she is a good person when she interviews him. He tells her that he has put his ears on the table for her to record whatever she wants him to say. When it is time, he will press play.
Angela explains to her staff what happened with Brenda. They wonder why they are not aware of it? She tells them that it is the usual way Brenda works. They apologize for the way they approached her. She tells them it is okay. Now they have the right perspective. They leave and she calls Dr. Ibrahim. He asks if it is a social call? She says no and asks if he is back? He says no. His practice is taken over by Dr. Friday Majeed. He will introduce her if she wants.
Lola tears a subject apart for sending them a photoshopped picture of him which is supposed to be him at Mt. Kilimanjaro. She asks him to confirm the picture was sent by him before tearing him apart for deceiving the public. She calls for a break and the guy runs after his staff that told him it will work. He hides behind Bimpe and when the guy fires him, he begs and says we all fall to rise again. Greg approaches Bimpe to discuss something but she says she is still busy. She came to take something. He tries again but she asks him to concentrate on saving his show first.
Amaka breaks the news of Fred’s passing on to the staff but asks them to keep it under wraps till they are ready to issue a statement. They break out in different reactions. Funmi screams and the rest start talking at the same time but she asks them to stop and take things easy.
Ephraim walks in and tells Delmuah that Brenda just pulled off a good pre-emotive strike. Delmuah tells him it was unnecessary. Brenda is just using them as pawns. She hopes it is not all a game for Brenda. Ephraim gets a text from a friend saying Fred is dead. Delmuah asks if it is still a rumor but the text is confirmed. She says she will call Phillip. Brenda waltzes in and asks her for the follow-up press conference on the lack of leadership in Odyssey? Delmuah did not know that PR is a part of her job. Brenda tells her that everyone is pulling double jobs because they are a small outfit like she is being Delmuah’s PA now by reminding her about her work. Delmuah commiserates with her about the death of her father. Phillip told her when they were dating. She asks how Brenda is feeling? Brenda says she is irritable because she is not working. She sits down and is not happy they are still not working.
Greg visits Bimpe with his friend, Dafe, the sacked PR man. Bimpe is shocked. The guy introduces himself and as Greg and Bimpe discuss, he looks through Bimpe’s laptop and ask why she is downloading all these films and articles about herself?mshe tells him that Alali brown is doing a feature on her. He asks why Bimpe is doing it herself? Bimpe says she does not have a publicist yet he offers his services but Bimpe refuses because he was just fired. He says that a firing is an opportunity for a hiring. Bimpe replies that a fly that does not hear no ends up under a glass cup. He laughs and says he has something in common with Bimpe. They are both bad at telling jokes. Bimpe throws him out and when Greg approaches, she also tells him off!
Omar tells Amaka that he just heard. She says it is a difficult time for all of them. He asks if that includes Phillip? Amaka says yes, he is also having a hard time. Dan calls to ask for some documents. Amaka thinks it can all wait. Her priority now is burying Fred.
Mimi and Charlie come back to ask Angela if all is okay? She asks if they have been online? Mimi says no, she does not want to face the bloggers. Angela tells them that they have been trending since Brenda opened her mouth. They think every news is good news. Angela tells them that her inbox is full with emails from everyone. Magazines want to talk to her to hear their own side of the story. They will have to issue a press statement. Mimi wants to get on it but Angela tells her to wait. She has to be somewhere first. She leaves and she tells Charlie that he needs to come with her. He asks where they are going? They need to go and see Brenda face to face. She walks out but Charlie is still rooted to the spot till she screams his name!
Omar apologizes for being a wet blanket. Yaya asks if it is about Philip’s dad? He says they were asked to to keep it to themselves in the office. Yaya tells him that Fred was married to her sister. Omar is shocked that she kept it to herself. She replies that he was going to hear it at some point and she has mentioned it now! He tells her that Fred is the reason he went into movie making he thinks Phillip will be happy now. Yaya tells him to stop making this about himself.
Greg begs Bimpe to smile. He has done a lot to apologize for bringing Dafe to the house. She says she was looking forward to tonight but his bad belle friend spoilt it. He tries to get her to smile but she insists she has work to do. She tries to log onto her laptop but screams that it is white. Greg checks and tells her it has crashed!
Delmuah brings a copy of the press release for Brenda to review as Angela and Charlie waltz into Brenda’s office. Angela tells Charles she was right in checking the office first. Brenda asks what they are doing in her office? Angela tells her it is the same thing that made her come to her office. She starts to harass Brenda but Delmuah begs her to stop. Angela says she just started. Delmuah begs her to go away and come back another day. Angela wonders what her role in the office is now? Neighborhood snitch? Delmuah tells them that Brenda just lost her dad. Angela stops,in her tracks and says she didn’t know. Brenda says she knows now and since the commensurate commiserations eludes her she is going out. She asks Delmuah to send her an email to review.
Sheila takes a call and when Phillip walks in, she reminds him that they agreed to wait a while. He wonders what she is talking about? She tells him that she just spoke with a magazine editor who offered his condolences. He tells her that he had not spoken with anyone but wonders if Amaka had gone ahead with the press briefing? Sheila complains that she is not ready for this but Ohillip does not think that it is that bad. Cosmo walks in with newspapers but Phillip tells him to go and come back he insists that they need to see what he has so Phillip collects the newspapers and screams. Sheila asks what it is? He shows her an obituary paid for by Chief Akinpelu who lists Laide and Fred’s wife.

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Frank tries to get Bimpe’s laptop to come on but manages to fry the whole thing. Bimpe screams that he has killed it!