Phillip joins Sheila and she tells him they were worried about him. They both break down and then Freddy comes in screaming that he cannot wait any longer. They quickly clean their faces and try to explain to him. He tells them that he was prevented from passing through the sitting room in the morning because they were meeting and when he came back, he was sent to his room. He came to Sheila’s room but she said she will come and see him. He tells them it is grand dad, right? He is dead? They say they didn’t know how to explain to him. He tells her that she lied to him that he was getting better and stalks off before they could stop him.
Bimpe calls Lola a tease on air and Lola says she learnt from the best and they sign off. The guest leaves and Lola tells Bimpe to stop posing. The show is over. Bimpe tells her that some of them are stars. She sent her profile to Alali Brown. Lola says she had sent her own profile to the lady three times. She only interviews stars. She thanks Lola for trying to spoil her relationship with Bash. Since then, her profile has been going up! She thanks Lola as she sashays away. Lola snaps at the stage hand that comes to clean up.
Charlie asks what he can do to help? Angela calls Kwabena and he asks what part of pulling out she does not understand? She asks why Ferroil is pulling out now that the barber had been caught? He tells her that the press had just identified him as one of her staff. She replies that he is not a key member of staff. He was just trying to help them generate viewership. He asks if she is defending him now? She says no. She insists that he meets with her to discuss face to face. He reluctantly agrees to meet tomorrow morning in her office. She drops the phone and Charlie asks how he can be of use? She calls Nnenna to send Mimi and Odun into her office immediately and asks Charlie to draft the court papers. He leaves with his flowers as Odun and Mimi come in. Angela tells them that Kwabena is coming in tomorrow for an emergency meeting after they pulled their sponsorship and she needs to have things ready to convince them to continue. Mimi suggests a press conference but she will not have that. Odun promises to get data on viewership and Angela adds DVD sales projections, etc.
Phillip is shocked that Sheila blurted out the information to Freddy? Sheila asks what she should have done? Phillip thinks she should have said nothing. She reminds him that Freddy said it and they should have told him as a family long ago but he was busy licking his wounds. He asks her not to go there as he was dealing with too many things. She screams that she was hurting too. He apologizes and she asks him to go after Freddy. He hesitates and she insists that he goes. She will not disappear. He asks what happened to Agent Shem? She says he left. Phillip wonders what kind of government agent leaves after saying you are under arrest? He asks if he is going after her mum now or what! She asks him to go.
Bimpe and Greg are sharing jokes at Ziggy’s. She calls frank for another drink while he struggles to crack his own joke. Just then, someone walks in and hails Bimoe. He likes her on The Scope. She thanks him but says she is having a quiet dinner with her friend. He takes a selfie with her and as he leaves, he asks if the police still disturbed her? Which police? She asks? Greg looks up? He reminds her of their arrest but Bimpe insists that he must be mistaken.
Bimpe asks what the guy is still waiting for? He leaves and Greg wonders why she is shooing him away when all he did is tell him the truth? Bimpe thinks truth is overrated. Greg wonders how he can take her serious when she keeps doing things behind his back? She calls Frank and asks Frank to tell Greg how honest she can be. Frank starts to run his mouth but she steps hard on his toes and he quickly changed his story. She sends him off with a pat on the back. Greg insists that the secret is already between them and it is big!
Sheila and Yaya discuss Yahimba’s leaving. Yaya confirms that she was on her way. Sheila tells her that Phillip thinks Agent Shem left suspiciously immediately he took the money. Yaya goes quiet and Sheila asks if she is also thinking of the same thing? She says it crossed her mind. Sheila thinks and says Yahimba is behind it. Yaya tells her that she does not think so. Yahimba for once scared. She was really scared. Someone calls her to talk about Fred and she breaks down after the call.
Delmuah and Ephraim discuss the barber. She is surprised that it is James that turned out to be the barber. He tells her that the quiet ones are the deadliest. She is happy she left Odyssey and when he tries to touch her hair, she pushes him off. Brenda walks in and it elks Haruna that she does not care that Angela bought her shares. She is taking her company back. She screams that she wants Angela off her property and Haruna is going to make it happen!
Bimpe and Greg end up in her house and he refuses to sit down. She wonders if he is still boning for her? He says they were trying to have a serious discussion about them when she shut him down. He wonders who the man in the relationship is? He is going to the gym to clear his head. She reminds him that he can always work out in her house but he says he is not in the mood. She tickles him and says she is begging him now. He starts laughing and agrees.
Phillip thinks they should call a family meeting to let everyone know. She agrees and suggests those that should be invited; Salewa, Brenda, etc. she asks him to go ahead and announce it. He wonders why it should be his responsibility? She replies that he is the first son, his heir. He says she is his wife, his next-of-kin. Look what happened when he tried to explain to Freddy? She tells fine, she will do it!
Yaya calls Yahimba to ask if she got her email? Yahimba asks what she wants to discuss so urgently? Yaya says a few things but thanks her for calling back. She asks where Yahimba is but Yahimba is not going to tell her and says she will drop the phone. Yaya tells her about Agent Shem; he took the money and has disappeared. Yahimba screams and reminds her that she warned them that he was bent. She screams that he took her money. Yaya insists that it is Sheila’s money but Yahimba wonders who put him to it? She threatens to track him down and get her money back. Yaya tells her that her one and only son is back in town and she screams Mbasav in delight.
Angela and crew do a pitch to Kwabena. The show is the best not just in Nigeria but in West Africa. They show him more clippings and graphs. Kwabena asks them what will make their staff to do that kind of a thing? They tell him they can’t speak for James. He asks Mimi if she will put her money on the show if she was a sponsor? Mimi says she will sponsor a cutting edge show. He insists that they invested in a show that has viewership, etc but even that is beginning to wane. He is out. Angela asks the others to allow him. They will find another sponsor.
Bimpe tells Greg about all the workout she gave him but he asks for breakfast. He burnt a lot of calories. She is not about to go to the kitchen and insists that he is not the only one that burnt calories. She gets a call that the editor of True Tales Magazine, Alali Brown wants to interview her and starts jubilant ing. She starts listing what she has to do before the interview but Greg still wants breakfast. She gets a text from the editor saying she wants to talk to her friends. She wonders why her friends are important? Greg says she may want to find out from them if she makes breakfast for her boyfriend!
Ephraim and Delmuah discuss if Brenda is serious about Odyssey? Delmuah thinks she is and wonders what she will do? She just left that place. Ephraim does not care so long as he has a job. Brenda sashays in and gets off the phone to announce that Peju is on her way to talk to them about the truth about Angela.
Sheila asks Phillip for Brenda? He says he left her a voice message and sent a text. Chief Akinpelu asks why they were called? Phillip breaks the news of Fred’s passing on to them. Laide and Chief Akinpelu think it is a lie. Sheila confirms it as Freddy walks off from the meeting. Laide still does not believe and insists they show her where they kept Fred. Amaka also tells her it is difficult but true. She breaks down crying alongside others.

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Odun looks from Charles to Angela and tells her that he needs Some assurances here. Is she really the legitimate CEO?