Frank is directing things in the bar but his tummy is worrying him. He asks Obiora for the drugs he asked him to organize. Obiora gives him the medicine but reminds him that plates and dishes are piling up. He asks Obiora to go and wash the dishes then. The guy reminds him that he is a waiter not a dish washer. He asks him to go and do so as he is the supervisor. Obiora stays there. He laments that if Chuks and Dan had not abandoned the bar, he will not be stuck with all these trouble. Obiora says he prefers to wash dishes than listen to Frank complain. He goes off to the Kitchen and Sammy walks up to commiserate with him. He says he is not quiting.
Angela asks Brenda to wake up as the company is no longer her’s. Brenda tells her that the barber debacle shows that Odyssey needs adult supervision and she is back now to provide that. Angela asks her to leave or she will call security. Brenda tells her that she cannot pull off that top dog act with her. Angela tells her that she paid for her shares and she had better return the signed documents ASAP. Brenda insists that she is back to take over her company and if Angela does not leave, she will start pushing! She sashays out as Angela raves after her. Angela calls Charlie whose phone is off and screams at his voicemail to call her back. She leaves instructions with Nnenna to send Charles inside immediately he steps into the office.
Sammy and Obiora continue discussing and Frank asks her to leave and orders Obiora back to work. She is not happy and asks him for Chuks’s number. Frank will not provide that. Obiora gives her Chuks’s number but she does not have call credit. Obiora donates his phone. She calls Chuks to ask for her job back. Chuks says it is not like that. She says she travelled to take care of some family emergency and lost her phone. He agrees that they will discuss when he is back. She screams in delight. When she gets off the phone, Frank asks if Chuks asked after him? She asks him who he is?
Yaya catches up with her brother. He is in town on business and how long he stays depends on business. She tells him she is in Iverem’s house and she just lost her husband. He says he will probably come and see her but she prefers to come and see him.
Frank insists that he is still in charge at the bar irrespective of Sammy’s discussion with Chuks. He orders Sammy to leave but Sammy says she is there as a paying customer. She wants malt and she wants it now. She sits down and Frank laces her drink with the drug Obiora gave him and orders Obiora to serve her. Obiora serves the wrong customer and Frank nearly jumps out of his skin as the lady enjoys her drink!
Nene, Odun, and Nnenna discuss the barber case. They ask if Charlie is James’s accomplice? He is not and as they wonder why he was questioned, he comes in and tells them he is not the barber. They tell him that he cannot blame them. They all apologize to him and Nnenna tells him that Angela asked after him. He dashes out of the office before going to see her.
Frank goes to ask the lady to stop drinking the malt. The lady says no, she is enjoying it. He says the drink is expired and he will give her a new bottle. She asks to see the bottle. The guy with her wonder what is going on? Sammy asks what is happening? Frank asks her to stay out of it. She says whatever is happening in the bar is her concern now. The lady gets up and runs off to the bathroom.
Yaya walks into the bar and her brother calls from behind her. She jumps into his arms and says he is added weight. He agrees that he had been indulging. He just pulled off a big one and will be staying in town for a while. Yaya is happy to show him Lagos. He asks after Sheila and Yaya tells him that she just lost her husband. They have been trying to catch up but Sheila had been busy dealing with family issues. He asks she will introduce him? She asks him to wait till things are okay. She asks why he had not asked after their mum? He says he assumes she had been giving Yaya a tough time as usual. Yaya says yes, that is how she came to end up in Sheila’s. She tells him about Yahimba running for the first time in her life from one agent Shem from war crime bureau. She brings him up to speed.
Salve asks Yaya why Sheila is not running away if she is in danger of being arrested? Yaya says Sheila is waiting to be arrested. She assumes this is due to the shock she is going through now. Salve asks if Yahimba’s house is free? Yaya says yes. He asks her for the key but she says she does not think it is a good idea. He assures her that big brother is back!
Charlie walks into Angela’s with flowers behind his back. He tells Angela that Danny asked them to follow their dreams. Angela cuts him off and tells him that Danny has left, skipped town. She asks why his phone has been off? Brenda walked into the office to ask for her company back. He replies that Brenda has sold her company. Angela asks him for the proof? Is it the one that Brenda has been refusing to return which he assumed was due to some clerical error? She is shocked that he left that undone and asks why she is paying him?
Sammy asks Frank why the lady is still in the bathroom? He asks her to stay off him. She hopes he had not been serving customers concoctions? Obiora gives her a glass of drink and apologizes for serving the wrong customer. She is shocked that the drink was meant for her! It then occurs to Obiora that Frank had mixed the laxatives he bought in the drink! Frank denies it weakly. Sammy orders them away and says they will share the joke with Chuks when he is back!
Angela asks Charlie what they should do? He says he will prepare a court injunction compelling Brenda to abide by their sale agreement as her lawyer and himself were witnesses to the sale. She asks if he is sure that will work? She knows that Brenda plays dirty and wonders if it helps for her to attack first? Kwabena calls her about the show and she tells him that the barber has been caught. He tells her it is good for her but his superiors have asked him to tell her that they are pulling their sponsorship!

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