The girls complain that Eric is wasting time after they sent him a text. He waltzes in, greets them and they tell him that they know what he did. He says he will switch it back on. Switch what on? Their water. He put it off from a switch at the back. They collect his money and threaten him with all kinds of evil; dark rangers, etc.
Yaya asks Agent Shem to go away and come back some other time because the family just had some tragic news. Sheila says it is okay. She was just bereaved but there is no point. She wants to get it over with if he came to arrest her. He says he can go away but not for long because justice cannot be delayed for a long time. Sheila asks if the agency has an account she can transfer the money to? Yaya tells her not to do it but take time and think first. Sheila tells her to stop. Agent Shem tells her that he needs to take her statement first and he needs a printer to print her statement and documents for her to sign. She says it is okay and asks I Cosmo to show him to the study. He suggests she gets her lawyers to look through the document first but she says it is not necessary. She just wants to get it over and done with. She believes that her family is cursed that is what is following her all over!
Carol asks Eric if he is sure of what he said? He confirms that he heard Salewa and her friends discussing going to Abuja with dark Rangers and sleeping wherever night meets them. He asks for money to cover his expenses and he will continue to report to Carol. Salewa bursts in and asks Carol why she is being spied on? Carol asks how she can be planning to go to Abuja with some area boys on okada? She tells Carol that Eric has been scamming them with water and they made up the story to catch hi she threatens Eric and he took off. She turns to Carol and asks if it is TTK that asked her to spy? Carol says TTK has been calling to ensure that Salewa is not in trouble. Salewa is not happy that Carol does not trust her after everything. She says they will sort that out when TTK comes back.
James switches on his clipper and goes to shave a bound and gagged Tare. Just then, the police burst in and arms drawn, order him to drop his clipper and raise his hands. He complies and they take him into custody and untie a whimpering Tare.
Yaya calls Phillip to call her back immediately he gets the message. She needs some help with Sheila. She goes back to her seat as Sheila concludes the transfer of the funds. The bank calls her and she confirms that she made the transfer and that she is not under any duress. She asks Agent Shem what happens next? He says he will submit the documents and he will be back. As he gets up, Yahimba tells Sheila to tell her that she had not done anything idiotic. Agent Shem answers that Sheila has made a confession implicating Yahimba.
Sankey asks James if he is ready to talk? He says no one asked him to talk. He tried to talk to the policemen on their way to the station. Sankey asks why he was abducting those women? He says it was for the show. Millions of people started watching the show after the abductions. It is marketing 101. Sankey asks if Angela put him up to it? He says no. He started work in the office and when he got to script coordinator, he found a way to get a permanent job. They were afraid the show won’t succeed so he found a way to make it succeed. Sankey tells him that he committed a crime by abducting the women and shaving their hairs. He made every woman afraid. She asks why he did not stop after the show become successful? He says that in marketing, there is nothing like bad publicity.
Salewa is on the phone and Helen asks who she is calling? She says it is TTK. She is trying to tell her how she feels about this spying thing. Chuks calls her and she asks after Ene and everyone? He says they are okay. They took the baby for immunization. He is calling to tell them that he is coming back. Salewa asks if he is asking them to leave? Sho asks what is going on? Salewa tells her they are getting a quit notice. Sho says no way and collects the phone from Salewa and tells Chuks they will not leave till they get the outstanding rent. Chuks agree to discuss how much to refund when he is back.
Yahimba calls Sheila an ingrate & wonders what kind of child calls out her mother? A child raised by a mother like her, Sheila says. Yahimba asks after her money & Sheila confirms the money walked out with Agent Shem. Yahimba gives her a shove. Yaya steps in front of her. Yahimba wonders how Sheila can hand $300 million to some random agent and expect it will get to the government? What even makes her think this government is better than previous ones? Sheila says the money is no longer her problem. Yahimba says Sheila us also no longer her problem. She had better get away fast. She asks if Yaya is coming but Yaya chooses to stay.
A policeman brings Tare home. Brenda jumps up and asks if she is okay? She was told she is missing. The policeman says it is the barber. Brenda screams the barber. She thought the police was watching her or have they bungled the watch? Tare asks her to stop. The policeman leaves and Tare tells her that they arrested the barber. Brenda asks how it happened? Tare says she does not want to talk about it. She is leaving. Brenda asks why she wants to go back to that flat? Tare says she is leaving Nigeria. She is going back to Kenya. Brenda says she understands her wanting to take time off after being abducted twice but Tare says Brenda tricked her into coming to Nigeria to create something new. Instead, Brenda spent the time fighting everyone. While she was tied up in that chair, all Brenda’s vendetta appeared silly to her.
Angela tells Sankey that she will inform the rest of the staff that he has been arrested. Charles comes awkwardly into her office and she apologizes to him. He says he didn’t want to believe she could do that to him. She says when this started, his being a culprit did not cross her kind. He asks if she let gossip gets to her? She says no, she had a lot of things hitting her. He reminds her that they have been through so much together but he had never thrown her under the bus like that. She agrees. He wonders show she could believe that he is capable of this madness? She holds his hands and says that she misjudged him and she is sorry. He gets up and kisses her cheek across the table and disappears.
Yahimba packs her bag and takes one more look at her home before leaving.
Salewa asks what Helen is doing? She says she is cooking beans. They ask her not to burn down the house before they leave. They reminisce on their time together and end up with a group hug. Helen asks what is happening? Sho tells her it is burning beans and she dashes off to the kitchen.
Nnenna announces Brenda Mensah and Angela asks that she be shown in. Brenda marches in and Angela asks how she can help? Brenda sits down and Angela says that means she has seen the news per about the barber. Brenda tells her to stop gloating. She is back to take back her company following Angela’s many disastrous runs!
Agent Shem meets someone who asks how it went? He hands over an envelope which the guy opens and asks if she handed over everything? Agent Shem says yes. He did not believe that it will work till the last minute. He thinks it is her husband’s death that did it. Stranger is surprised her husband is dead and asks what she is like? Agent Shem says she is strong even now. Stranger asks about Lilian and Agent Shem says she did not suspect anything. He leaves and stranger calls Yaya and asks her to guess who just landed Lagos? He tells her “I kiss you too, little sister”!