Salewa calls the girls to tell them Carol has gone to sleep. She was faking the illness. They ask after the party and she says she asked him to go to the club alone. The other girls are not happy. Salewa says she smelt a rat. How did Carol know they were going for a party? They think back and arrive that it may be Eric. Salewa tells them she will be back early the next morning to investigate Eric.
Angela, Sankey and Segun go through the story again. The officer that was watching Tare says she went into the cinema but he did not see her get out. They have searched everywhere but cannot find her. Angela asks how many officers were watching her at that time? They tell her it was only one. The other had gone out to get something. Angela wonders what will happen to Tare? They tell her they have checked everywhere and her receptionist says Tare did not come to their office. Charlie walks out and looks at them. Sankey says the good thing is that the last episode ended with Tare being captured. Angela wonders what will happen if the barber gets impatient?
The girls set up for Eric. Immediately he walks in, they sit him down and Sho becomes so nice to him he is uncomfortable. She tricks him into giving up his phone and they distract and take him to the kitchen to give him food while Helen and Salewa rifle through his phone.
Amaka and Phillip and Yaya sit around Sheila and try to console her. Amaka tells her they know it is difficult for her but they are all affected. They ask for her decision but Yaya suggests that she would go and see things for herself before she takes that kind of a decision. Sheila says she will not pass a death sentence on another husband. Amaka asks if Phillip wants to go? Phillip could not say a word. Sheila’s phone rings and she shrinks from it. Amaka talks to Titi and tells her that Sheila cannot come to the phone. Titi says the doctors need Sheila’s decision. Amaka tells her that the family has decided that they can unplug the machine. Sheila breaks down again.
James comes back and Odun and the writer ask him how the house hunting went? He says it was horrible without providing any details. He asks after Charlie and they tell him that he has been released by the police. They are coming back to the office to look for someone they are still looking for in the building. James says they should tell him if anyone has a house to let. Odun tells him he has one agent but he was gone before Odun finished.
Salewa and Helen see too many female names on Eric’s phone. They agree to dial Carol’s number when they could not see her number. They dial the number and Carol’s name appear as boss lady.
Angela asks Dannie which part of she should keep her art away does she not understand? She is not in the mood to hear Dannie’s apology. Dannie says it is good as she does not intend to apologize. Angela wonders what the call is about? Dannie says she has been seeing things in the news and have some footage Angela needs to see. Angela is not in the mood so she tells Angela that one of her staff has been living in the office. James comes back after everyone had left with his backpack filled with personal things plus two clippers. She finds it strange that he will have two clippers when he is not a barber. Angela asks to see the clips. Sankey enters the car and Angela tells her that Dannie may have found the barber.
Phillip tells Amaka to go ahead and do it. Amaka calls Titi and tells her that they are ready. Amaka calls and while the phone is on speaker, the life support machine I switched off and the time of death announced.
Phillip storms off and Amaka asks Cosmo to follow him and ensure he is okay. The hospital calls and Yaya takes the call. They want to know what to do with the excess from the advance payment. Yaya asks Sheila what to do but she gets up and walks off. Yaya asks Amaka what will happen now? The burial, etc. Amaka says it will be one thing at a time. She then breaks down and says he is gone, her father is gone!
James walks into where he kept Tare and fiddles with his clipper and scissors.
Eric and Sho come out with the food and as he sets the food down, Sho asks him to leave. He wonders what happens to the food? They tell him they have other things to do and he should leave. He leaves and Sho accuses Helen of being a bad actress. They confirm to her that Eric is the spy!
Cosmo pours Sheila a drink. Yahimba calls to ask Yaya about Sheila and their project. Yaya tells her that she is there but she had just lost her husband. Yahimba drops the phone and Agent Shem walks in just then.
Sankey and Angela and Dannie watch the clips. They discuss the clippers etc. Odun walks in and Angela asks if he had seen James? He says he is around but stepped out. Angela asks her when James left yesterday? He says he left to go house-hunting. Angela asks if he came back? Odun looks lost. Angela calls security and Odun asks if James is a suspect! The security men confirm that he had not left the building. They wonder where he will be? Sankey tells them that Segun is on his way with reinforcement and they will search the whole building again when they come. They wonder about Tare’s fate and Sankey tells them that he may have liquidated her if she had seen his face!

Next on Tinsel
Sheila wonders if Yahimba will not give her a break as she just lost her husband? Yahimba gives her a shove and asks for her money leaving Yaya and Sheila shocked.