The girls choose what to wear and Salewa comes in to ask Sho what her jeans is doing in her laundry basket? She says she does not know. The clothes look alike anyway. Salewa tells her that that is the third time she is washing Sho’s clothes. Next time, she will throw it into the gutter. Sho says it is this water problem. Since Salewa said she is used to managing water, so she has been dropping cloths for her. Helen reminds them that Eric is coming with water and they need to pay him. Sho says they need to pay for the water as they use it after all it is Helen that washes most plates. The others remind her that she uses the plates. Toks calls Salewa to ask if they want to go clubbing? Salewa says she will ask the others. Sho and Helen shout in the affirmative but Salewa insists it is only for those that have paid for their water. Sho reluctantly brings her’s. As they discuss, Eric enters with the water and asks if Titan is taking them all out again? Sho gives him his money and tells him it is only for big girls like them,
James ties Tare up in the studio and fishes out his clipper. She tries to engage him by talking to him but each time he tries to shave her hair, he stops to think of what to do. He eventually gags her with a handkerchief and leaves.
Eric visits Carol and tells her about Salewa and others planning to go to a party. He claims that he is not bothered about it but they are going out with old men! Carol flips but had to dig up some notes to pay him off.
Agent Shem meets and interrogates Sheila about her crime in luring Paul to death. Shem asks her to speak up as the recorder cannot hear her nod. She says she invited Paul who thought he was coming for sex but her parents wanted to punish him for speaking against them and she wanted to punish him for rejecting her the first time. He says he will transcribe the recording and pass it to the relevant authorities. He asks why she changed her mind? She asks if that is not what he wants? He asks out of curiosity why she is silent about the money? He asks if she knows how much it is and how many lives it will change including victims of her parents? He accuses her of not cooperating. She insists that she has been cooperating and wonders if the people the money will includes people like him?
Sheila asks if Shem thinks he is entitled to the money because he is related to Pail? He accuses her of being like her parents, pretending to care for others while feathering their own nest. She asks him to leave. He tells her to consider what they discussed. The money can buy her a better stay in the prison. Yaya comes out as he leaves. She asks if Sheila is going through with it? Sheila tells her not to join others . Yaya cries that it is difficult for her because she is just knowing Sheila. Sheila tells her she is sorry for running away. Maybe there were others she should have stayed for. Yaya asks if she is not disappointed in her? Sheila says the only disappointment is their mother. She asks Yaya to promise not to let Yahimba knock her over when she is gone. Yaya promises her!
Charles tells Sankey that this is ridiculous. She asks why he came? He tells her that she is a member of the bar. He asks why she thinks he is the barber? She tells him that everyone in the office think he is the barber. They think he is in love, nay obsessed with Angela. He insists that Mimi does not know what she is talking about. She asks whether he is not in love with Angela? He says no, maybe at the beginning. She is his boss. He asks her if she has anything serious to ask him? Sankey asks why everyone thinks he is the barber. Why did he try to touch Tare’s hair? He tells her that it is not everyone. She asks him who he thinks told her about him?
Sho tells Helen why she thinks they will have a nice day at the club. There is no crazy girl to drag them into some funny schemes and the boys will not be there to disturb them. If Titan abandons them like those boys of the last time, Salewa will jot speak with him again. Salewa appears in a tiny fine dress they admire her saying someone is trying to make a come-back! She calls Toks and tells him they are on their way. Carol calls Salewa and immediately she drops, she dashes off without the other two!
Angela’s staff discuss the capture of Charlie when James comes out with his bag. They ask where he is going to? Nnenna is miffed that he left the post she asked him to look after. He claims that he got a call to come and check out a house. He is going there now. The others think it is late but tell him about Charlie. He looks dejected and Nnenna asks if he is that close to Charlie? James asks Odun what will happen in the end of the next episode? Odun asks why he is bothered and orders him to go and do what he has to do. He mutters to himself as he leaves with his nap sack.
Phillip thanks Sheila for her sacrifice. He called Titi who confirmed that Fred is doing well. They have started the treatment. However, he does not think that she should go to jail. She tells him not to worry. She had made her decision and it was not an easy one. He thinks they can find a way around it but she stops him. She tells hi she had a car waiting the previous day and could have disappeared. He is shocked that she could leave without telling him. He sits close to her and holding her hand, thanks her for all she had done for his family.
Sankey brings Charlie into the interrogation room to see Charlie. He tells her that he finds it difficult to believe Sankey was telling the truth. He wonders how she can think he is the barber. She tells hi. That she can see his desire to help her but this has to stop. He screams at her that it is not him! At least James had the decency to call him and warn him!
Phillip asks Cosmo to have himself a drink. Sheila walks in and asks what they are celebrating? Freddy echoes the same question. Phillip tells hi it is for coping with him! Cosmo tells her that he had not been disappointed since he started working for her. Sheila tells Freddy that they are celebrating the return of Fred.
Salewa bursts into the house and screams for Carol who walks out. Salewa is furious that she claimed to have broken her leg from a fall. Carol laughs and says it is was before. Salewa is not happy and turns to leave but Carol asks her not to go but stay with her. Salewa is not happy and says she is going back home. Carol manages to convince her to stay albeit reluctantly.
Sankey tells Angela that they can dig up something to hold Charlie on but she does not think he is the barber. Her phone rings and she is told that Tare is missing!
Phillip tells Freddy to go and sleep after he finishes his drink. Freddy starts to,protest but Cosmo offers to take him up. Sheila’s phone rings and it is Titi. She asks how Fred is doing and suddenly slumps on the hard floor. She manages to tell Phillip that it is Fred!

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