Sho is playing on her phone and Salewa threatens to delete the game from her phone. Titan walks right in and the girls scream and ask what he is doing there? He sits on the bed with his arm draped across Salewa’s shoulder and says he was in the neighborhood and decided to stop by and see them. They ask after his entourage and he says he drove himself. What of his tour abroad? He says he came back to do some gigs. He asks if they are willing to go to the beach? Salewa drags her feet but the other scream in delight. Eric comes in and is happy to meet his idol Titan. He knows all Titan’s songs. Sho, who is not very happy to see Eric suggests they start getting ready if they are going out. Eric asks if he can join them? Titan does not mind if the girls don’t.
Sankey asks how Angela met Charlie? She says he was introduced to her by Eddy. Sankey does not think this is the best company. She digs deeper and Angela says they are friends but her staff think he is protective of her which is why they suspect he is the barber. Sankey agrees that a couple of times she has seen them, Charles looked too protective. Angela however wonders how he can do this sort of a thing when he knows how important it is to her? Sankey says the only way to know is to find out and asks how she can contact him?
Eric begs that the girls will not even notice him. Salewa agrees that he can come and he runs off in delight. Sho asks if they are driving with the roof down? Can she bring her sun hat? Salewa asks where she thinks they are? Beverly Hills? Sho tells her sorry, Auntie Julia Roberts! Another knock and Salewa wonders if Eric thinks they will run off without him? It turns out to be Carol! Salewa wonders why they are now seeing her everyday? Carol wonders why there is a boy in the house everytime she visits now? Salewa reminds her that it is Tokunboh. She says they are going to the beach with him and Carol insists she is coming along to ensure it does not turn to night party. The girls sink further into their seats.
Sheila insists that she has made her decision. Phillip insists that there must be another way. They can continue to raise their funds. Sheila insists that she cannot afford to run from justice. They have been trying to raise funds for so long without success. If she saves Fred’s life, that would be enough for her. Amaka says she will call Eddy but Sheila says she will not drag the entire Ade-Williams family through what she did long before she got there.
There is no pint arguing about this. She asks Phillip to call the hospital and tell them they will get the money today. Amaka is surprised but she says she will get the details and do the transfer that day. She probably has a couple of days or weeks. Phillip gets up and walks out. Amaka tries to convince her to try and fight but she says no. Yaya, who has been eavesdropping calls Yahimba to tell her what Sheila plans to do! She plans to use a part of the funds for her husband’s treatment and give herself up after that. Yahimba, who had been asking what she wants drops her shoulders!
The writer harasses Odun for not involving him in the changes in the script Odun tells him to take his complains to Angela. James the homeless guy comes in and wonders what changing the script has to do with catching the barber? He asks what happens next in the script and Odun asks them to stay tuned. Mimi comes in to break the news that the police is after Charlie. They think he is the barber! The others are shocked and wonder if Charles knows! She does not think so but that gives the police the advantage. James looks uncomfortable.
Salewa tells Carol that she cannot come with them. She will jot enjoy it. Carol says she is not enjoying it. She is on duty. Sho is not thrilled. Eric comes in and Titan suggests they all head out since they have no ulterior motives. Sho wonders what kind of groove it will turn out to if Salewa’s nanny is coming along? Salewa tells her it is old school groove. If she does not want it, she can stay back and have her own new school groove. They get up to leave and Sho asks them to wait!
Yaya comes out to ask how Sheila is doing Sheila says she is now at peace. Yahimba marches in and Sheila looks at Yaya in surprise. She says she felt their mother should know what Sheila plans to do. Yahimba tries to convince Sheila not to go ahead with it. Sheila asks her if all these is coming from the goodness of her heart? She is willing to go to jail for everyday of her life rather than have Yahimba enjoy from the crimes she committed. She tells Yahimba to run while she still can!
James calls Charles to tell him the police is looking for him. They think he is the barber. Charles wonder why they should think so? James tells him that they want him for questioning and have already searched his house. In his experience, that means arrest. He suggests that Cahrles run!
Sankey chews her staff who says he has searched everywhere for him. She suggests he search the house again for the contact details of a relation. Segun tries to get her attention but she shoos him off. She tells the guy on the other end to flash her and she will call back when he finds anything. She chews Segun for distracting her from her call and Segun tells her he was trying to save her call credit. She turns to other things and Segun goes out to get Charles. Sankey is shocked to see him.
Yahimba marches out and Yaya runs after her to ask what she wants to do? Yahimba tells her that it is her sister that is suffering from self-preservation by-pass. She is on her way. Yaya asks what will happen to her when Sheila and Yahimba are arrested! Yahimba tells her not to ever mention arrest with her. She asks what will happen to her? Yahimba tells her that life on the run is different and she will be useless to her except if she brings something useful. Yaya tells her that Sheila will not give it to her. Yahimba responds that she probably has a few days or even hours to get it. They will use that to see how much her precious sister cares about her and if she fails at that, she should let her know when it is too late.
The girls had a great time at the beach except for Carol that fell down hard when she was chasing after them. Toks suggests they do this another time and he shares some awkward hug with Salewa before he heads out the girls chuckle and say they know, you are just friends! Salewa orders them to shut up. Carol says she will rest for a while. Salewa and the others go inside to rest. Eric tries to leave and she asks him if he would like to make some money?
Tare walks into the reception and James is startled to see her. He greets her and she asks for the receptionist. She is looking for Angela. James tells her Angela is not in the office. She says she will call Angela but he says she is in the studio and asks if Tare will want him to get her? Tare asks him to lead the way. Mimi and Nnenna walk into the reception and Mimi asks why Nnenna lied that James is covering for her! She says he was. He probably went to the bathroom. She asks Mimi where she said Angela rushed off to? Mimi says she was called to the police station. She thinks they have caught Charles!
Sheila does the transfer and tells the others it is done. Phillip gets up to call Dan to confirm receipt of the funds. Sheila relaxes to make some calls as Amaka goes out to attend to other things. Immediately Amaka leaves, Sheila calls Agent Shem. He asks if she is ready to come clean? She tells him she is ready to surrender. A little look of shock flip across his face!

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Angela meets Charles in interrogation and tells him that this has to stop. He screams that it is not him!