Greg comes back with food and admires Bimpe’s hair. She asks if he got food for her but he reminds her that she said she did not want. She suggests they take the next day off and he adds that they will be sacked and recognized by everyone, etc. she asks what he thinks she should wear to work the next day? He tells her to stop or she will make him take the day off.
Angela and her team meet over the dropping viewership. Mimi reminds them that they are only online. Their only sponsor is not happy. The writer complains that the story is incomplete. He wonders how that happened? Angela tells him Odun was acting under instruction. She asks Mimi to think about it and come up with plans to boost their ratings. She asks them to sleep over it. As they leave, Charlie starts talking to Angela about his thoughts and she cuts him off. He asks others if they know what is bugging her? The abrasive writer remind him that he is Angela’s fixer, hero, etc. he should work it out for himself.
Audu calls Bimpe to ask if she is going in the Juice the next day? She says she is and when he asks if she is excited, she asks why she should be? Greg asks her who she is talking to and she tells him she is on the phone. Audu asks her to tell Greg to also go on The Juice. She asks and he confirms that he uploaded the clip. She gets off the phone to arrange her stuff for the next day. Greg asks if Audu wants him to be a mugu for Peju on The Juice? Bimpe tells him that if he lets a simple video upset him, then he is in the wrong profession. She is not bothered as she intends to market Bimpe. He tells her that he has said everything he wanted to say about her and is not bothered.
Sheila wonders where the hot chocolate Freddy is asking for is going into when he just finished eating? He replies that he wanted her to make it for him because he never gets the temperature right. She tells him that he now knows how to go about it. When he asks when she is leaving, she asks why he thinks she is leaving? He tells her that everyone leaves; his dad, his mum, grand dad. Sheila assures him that his grand dad has not left and will one day walk through that door with his Afro. Till then, he has her.
Sheila takes Yaya’s call and tells her she is not coming. Yaya can go with Yahimba but she advises that she does not do so. Yahimba calls but she does not pick the call. Freddy asks if she is going to put the pictures back? She says yes!
Angela calls Tare to discuss the lack of action by the barber. They wonder whether the barber has changed his mind but Tare says he needs to be caught and punished for what he did. She thinks he may be afraid of being stabbed again. She suggests she parades herself around Odyssey to attract him! Angela gets off the phone after thanking Tare for doing that and speaks with Mimi who asks what she told Charlie after their last meeting? She says she told him nothing and asks what he did?
Peju calls Greg to join Bimpe on set. She asks what Greg thinks of being called a mugu online? Bimpe tries to answer but Greg cuts in. He says he needed to get her attention and had to do it then. Bimpe reminds her that he is all her’s now. Bimpe says it happened at the right time as she is in-between roles. Peju digs for the story but Bimpe says big agents don’t like being exposed but she will know at the right time. Peju asks what attracted Greg to Bimpe? Bimpe says they will love to keep that secret. Peju reminds Greg that Bimpe had been toasted and dumped publicly before but Bimpe reminds her that they spend so much time in front of the camera that their affairs are always public!
Yaya asks Sheila why she changed her mind and says she should have been warned earlier. Sheila tells her that Freddy stopped her from leaving. Yaya joked that hot chocolate stopped the great escape. Sheila says she would have changed her mind ultimately but Yaya thinks she would not have been able to do that if Yahimba had gotten her into that car. She says she would have developed cold feet when she starts asking herself why she running at this age.
Charlie walks into Angela’s office but she refused to answer to his greetings. She asks if it is true that he went to visit the victims? He says he wanted to surprise her. She asks on whose authority he acted? He says he wanted to be useful. She asks why he implied that there will be monetary rewards if they agree on tape that Odyssey had nothing to do with their attack. He says he downplayed that part and they have no grounds to sue them. She screams at him that in spite of his being asked not to do anything, he went ahead to contact the victims. One of them contacted the press but luckily, Mimi had a relationship with the news agency and told them he was not acting for Odyssey! She is livid that he went to do something that creepy! He is surprised at his action being called creepy! He tells her he does not appreciate being spoken to in that manner as he gingerly walks away.
Sankey calls Tare who wants to know if there is any news. She is on her way to Odyssey and wants to know if Tare wants her to pass by? Tare says no, nothing is happening there. She is not going anywhere till lunch time. She tells Sankey that her bait is not going anywhere. Brenda creeps in behind her as she was speaking. She signs off when she hears Brenda. Brenda is furious that she is serving as Sankey’s bait without telling her. She says Sankey asked her to tell as little people as possible. Brenda is shocked that Sankey and even Tare thinks she could be behind this. Tare says it is not important what she thinks. Besides, this is not the first time Brenda is using a friend to get what she wants. Brenda orders her to leave! She gets up and tells Brenda no word is needed as she leaves.
Yahimba calls Sheila to scream at her for making her wait at that street corner for a while. She wonders why Sheila is keeping the money she does not intend to use instead of passing it to someone who needs it and asks Sheila to say something for herself before she comes across to give her the beating she deserves. Sheila drops the phone. Amaka joins her to inform her that barrister Odey is around. She asks Amaka to tell him to leave. Amaka is surprised and asks if they will not need him? Sheila tells her there is no need and after he leaves, she has something to discuss with Amaka and Phillip.
Bimpe and Greg pose for pictures in Ziggy’s. When they finish and are about to sit, the famous Julie Bakare of Reel Studios approach them to inform them that she has just been authorized to offer her the lead role in her next project!
Sankey asks Angela what the big emergency is? She tells him that a few of her staff believe that Charlie is the barber!
Sheila tells Amaka and Phillip that they are family now, no matter how twisted. She has made a decision to use the funds in the account for Fred’s treatment. However, once that is done, Agent Shem will have evidence to confirm her identity and that will lead to her arrest!

Next on Tinsel
Mimi tells the others that the police is after Charles. They think he is the barber. The others are shocked.