Bimpe and Greg come up for air from under the duvet and she tells him it is his turn. He tells her when he first liked her at the audition. They play a little more and before she says her own, their phones beep and when he picks his, she asks him to leave it. Hers ping and she picks it saying it is Lola. He checks his phone and tells her it is Audu. They were supposed to meet to discuss what to do now that Bimpe has quit. He asks if she is really serious about quitting? She sends a message to Audu telling him she will be at work the next day if he wants her. They dive under the duvet again till the phones ping them back to reality. He checks his and tells her that Audu knows they are back together again!
Angela shows Sankey the last episode of Under The Bridge and Sankey is satisfied. She asks Tare if she is sure she wants to go through with it? Tare says that is why she is there. Sankey tells her that it may be scary but her men will always be around watching her. Angela asks what will happen if the barber does nothing? Sankey says he will. She tells Tare that they will discuss the other strategy on their way. Angela protests at being left out of the discussion. Sankey tells her that she is not sure she is not the man she is looking for! Angela asks to speak with Tare alone. As Sankey saunters out in her flowing skirt and sneakers, Angela tells Tare she is sorry about what happened to her. She also wonders what happened to their friendship? They used to be such good friends till Tare started coming into town without looking her up. There is also the little matter of joining Brenda to attack her. Tare says the attack was not personal. Angela complains about Tare being busy with Phillip and Tare is surprised she noticed from also being busy with Alhaji Abubakar!
Sheila gets back and Yaya asks where she had been? Has she been with their mother for this long? She says no. She had been driving around, thinking. She thinks their mother is right and they need to run. Yaya is surprised and asks what happens to her!s Erika tells her she can come if that is what she wants. She however must not tell anyone as they do not want to make anyone an accessory. Yaya asks how soon they are leaving and Sheila tells her it it depends on Yahimba. It could be as early as tonight.
Tare tells Sankey on the phone she is tired and wants to go home. It is getting dark. As she drops the phone, Brenda grabs her from the back and she screams! She sees it is Brenda and asks why Brenda nearly scared her to death? Brenda says she saw her car and came to see if she was mistaken. She asks why Tare will be hanging out in a place like this given what happened to her? Tare says she probably wants her life back. Brenda thinks she is lying and asks who she was on the phone with? Tare says it is none of her business. Brenda thinks she is hiding something and asks her what Sankey told her as all this started with Sankey’s visit. They were supposed to take Afgela’s show off the air and now this? Tare asks if she is not happy now that the show is online? She asks Brenda that she may have to think of her own life and stop bothering about her as she gets into her car and drives off, leaving Brenda wondering what just happened.
Greg dresses up and cuddles Bimpe. She says she knows his problem. He must be hungry. She asks him to check the kitchen. On his way, she asks for a cup,of water. He goes and screams that there is no food in the kitchen from there as she checks her phone. He comes back and asks how she survives? She tells him that there is garri in that kitchen. He looks at what she is watching and is shocked to see the video of his declaring his love for her online. He wonders who did it? Bimpe thinks it may be the editor and tells him to cheer up. The viewer count is quite high he sees the negative comments but she asks him not to kind them. They are not romantic. He leaves to go get some food down the road.
Charlie pay Angela a surprise visit. She wonders what he is doing there? He says she left early and didn’t come back so he decided to come check on her to ensure that Angelique has not taken over. She thinks it is unnecessary as she would have noticed. He says he brought her some food!
Sheila asks Phillip how much they have raised and Phillip looks uncomfortable at the dinner table. Freddy asks what the money is for? Sheila tells him it is for business. Phillip says they must not give up. Sheila looks like he is not saying anything. He says the donation from Dr. Gyang appear t9 be all they can get for now. Her phone rings and Yahimba tells her they must leave tonight!
Angela and Charlie are supposed to be tucking into their food but he notices she is not eating much. He keeps looking at her but she asks him to stop being weird. He says he is looking for signs of Angelique. She says she will know and she does not have physical signs. He asks how she got rid of Angelique? She says she is not very sure. She ended up in the hospital. Her doctor says Angelique has not really left. He says they need to do something to bring Angelique back. She asks what he means., he says that Angelique used to be sexy and flirtatious. Angela wonders whether he wants to flirt with her? He asks after Dannie and Angela tells him she is not sure where Dannie is. She threw her out and she is still working on her project, recording footage without permission with the camera she installed in the house and in her office. Charlie thinks she should have done something to teach Dannie a lesson. Angela is surprised at his tone.
Sheila joins Yaya and she asks of that was their mum on the phone? She says yes and Yaya looks down. Sheila asks if she is having second thoughts? She says no. They agree on how to leave. Yaya will leave first and pretend to go for a walk or to a pharmacy and should walk into a real pharmacy if anyone that looks like an agent follows her. Sheila leaves and Yaya picks up her handbag and as she heads to the door, Phillip comes in and asks where she is heading to? She says to the pharmacy. He offers to drive her there but she says she wants to take a walk. She comes back and holding his hands, thanks him for everything and also apologizes for the one that did not go well. She turns and leaves leaving him wondering what is wrong.
Angela asks Charlie to take it easy. He says he is serious and all she needs to do is say the word and he will put Dannie in her place. She says no one is doing anything. Charlie is not sure there is no other cameras anywhere. Angela says she checked the house for hours. She will get someone else to check the office tomorrow. Charlie tells her that Dannie would not have messed with her if Masters was around. Dannie needs to take them seriously. Angela orders him to leave her house he asks if he said anything wrong but she says she is tired and needs him to leave now!
Sheila stops on her way out to admire Fred’s portrait. She grabs their wedding album and tries to rip off some picture but is startled by Freddy who asks where she is going to!

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Angela is livid with Charlie for going behind her and doing something creepier than Dannie after she told him to do nothing. He says he does not appreciate being spoken to in that manner especially after all he haddone for her!