Bash lays the law down for Bimpe. He cannot be sponsoring someone that used his head and her chewing gum boyfriend. Bimpe tries to convince him to re-consider but he insists that it is either Greg or movie. Bimpe refuses to say anything and he asks her to carry go with her chewing gum boyfriend.
One of the Odyssey staff lays cloths down to sleep but jumps up when Odun comes in. Odun asks what he is doing in the office? He says he is trying to get some rest and asks why Odun came back? Odun grabs and scatter his bag on the table and sees his missing purse. The guy says he can explain he meant to return it. He plans to return the money too. Odun asks him to start explaining.
Greg gets back with Tamuno and as they settle in, she commends him on the tremendous changes in his life. He is now all together. He also says the same about her. She asks what the deal with Bimpe is? Greg tries to cover up but she tells him about the look she got the other day. He agrees that Bimpe is one of his exes and one of the most trouble-some ones. She asks for more details and he says they broke up but since then, nothing seems to matter anymore. He recovers and offers to go and buy her a drink but she declines saying that it is quite clear to her that Bimpe is either a very lucky girl or she is in very serious trouble.
Yahimba asks Cosmo to throw the reporter out. Sheila tells Cosmo to leave. The reporter tells them he is with some criminal bureau, WCB. He sent the message to Yahimba and it worked. Yahimba does not believe him and he continues to explain who he is and shows them an identification card. Yahimba asks how he knew about her? Sheila reminds her that it was when she started gallivanting all over the place and appearing at all the movie premieres. Yahimba says she needs to have a social life. Sheila goes after her but she asks Sheila to watch her mouth.
The reporter tells them how he traced them. They made a couple of arrests and followed Mr. Nelson’s loot. He saw her pictures and when some uncut diamonds were shipped to Nigeria, he followed the trail. Yahimba tells him to stick to journalism as she had not heard a more fantastic tale. The guy says he is an investigator. The prosecutors will take over the case and request for extradition and arrest both of them. Sheila wonders what she did and he tells her about the young man she invited to her house who got killed? Sheila shrinks to a seat.
Odun calls Angela to discuss the night’s project. He confirms that things are going well and when he appears to have something else to say, she prods him to come out with it. He eventually declines and insists that everything is under control and asks her to rest. She thanks him and clicks off.
Salewa and Sho rush into Bimpe’s apartment and she warns them to watch out for her water. Salewa asks if she fetched the water herself? She says that it is Eric that helped her. Sho asks how much she pays him but she refuses to answer. However, she does not pay as much as them. She laments her inability to take a cold long shower and hopes her fans never get to know about that. She threatens Sho with a jazz that will make her wig fall off if she tweets about it. Salewa asks her what she is doing about the water? Bimpe tells her to find someone to fix the water. After all she is the caretaker. She asks them what to do to forget a man! Salewa says she simply moves on. Bimpe and Sho assure her that she has not forgotten Titan. Sho says the solution is to replace the man. She says that will jot help her this night. She orders them to run out of her apartment.
The reporter provides further details to Sheila and Yahimba. Yahimba wonders why Sheila allows the guy to walk into her house and play around? He recounts how the guy was killed to Sheila who is already sitting down and sobbing. He claims he waited for so long to say this to Sheila’s face. The guy is his family. His blood. Now Sheila will be tried for genocide and crimes against humanity. He asks Sheila not to think of running because if she does, he will gladly come after her! Sheila turns to him in horror!
Mimi and Nnenna discuss Charlie’s case. Charlie walks in and asks who is singing his name? Mimi tells him that they are discussing his creepy crush on the boss. Charlie is shocked they call it creepy. Odun comes in and greets them. As they move into the other room, the guy he caught sleeping come in and beg him not to tell others what happened between them in the night. He gives Odun the money he took from the purse and explains that he needs the job seriously. His mum is in the hospital and every money he makes goes there. Odun asks him to stop. The stealing has to stop and he will also need to find another accommodation. He agrees and Odun asks him to ensure that he does not regret this.
Brenda and Tare come out and Delmwa accosts them when she hears that they are off to another interview to bash Under The Bridge. She reminds them that she is the one that wrote the show. She invested her whole life into the show and now Brenda and Tare have turned it into a club for beating Angela with. They remind her that women are being kidnapped and wonders why they can’t find a way to use it positively to encourage women rather than make them fearful? Brenda agrees to give it a positive spin if Delmwa can give it a thought and tell her what to do. As they turn to leave, she also reminds Brenda that she hired her, the creator of the evil show. Someone is bound to make that connection soon. Brenda may be hurting Black Ananse in the long run. As they ponder that, Sankey bumbles in and asks if she smells Kenyan coffee? Brenda asks her what she can do for her! Sankey says she came to see Tare and some coffee and privacy will do!
Yahimba asks Sheila why she is allowing the young man to get to her? She believes that they will be found out but it was not like she imagined. She asks Sheila to snap out of it as there is no time to waste. Sheila wonders what she is talking about? Yahimba tells her that since they have been identified, it is time to abandon her conscience and get out if Lagos. There is no way to know whether that guy is genuine or not. Sheila asks her what she is doing in her house? Why should she want to go anywhere with her? Yahimba says it is for obvious reasons. Phillip and Amaka walk in and are shocked to see Yahimba.
Sho looks for Eric and Salewa wonders why Sho is looking for Eric? What is wrong with her hands? Sho says her hands carry this nail and her hand bag. Greg bursts in looking for Bimpe? They tell him she just left. He tries to call her, says her phone is off and runs out again.
Sankey tells Tare that Angela is already playing her part. They need Tare’s permission to use her as a bait. They are already inserting a story into the next episode. Tare will go out alone and once the barber makes a move, the police will grab him!tare is afraid of going out alone.
Yahimba and Sheila continue to argue. Phillip tells Yahimba to leave but Sheila asks him to allow her. They are discussing. Once they leave, Yahimba tells Sheila to make the necessary calls for them to leave. Sheila asks Yahimba how she does it? Move on and leave her conscience whenever she feel like it? Yahimba tells her there is no time for emotions. Sheila wonders how convenient it is that it is just now that Yahimba needs the money that the investigator appears? Yahimba also says this is no time for paranoia. She is going home to make arrangements for documents and she expects Sheila to have called the bank for their money by the time she gets back.

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