Carol tells Salewa that she has a message for her from TTK. Her mother says she must move back home and she is there to help her pack. Salewa says no. Carol starts looking around and they wonder what she is doing? She says she is looking for boy’s things. Salewa’s mum said to call her if Salewa says no. Salewa asks Carol to go. They want to go to the movie. Carol says she will come along as a chaperone. The girls say no!
Angela takes a call from the broadcaster who has been asked by the broadcasting commission to pull Under The Bridge. She discusses with Odun and Mimi on what to do. Odun suggests they appeal but Angela says the broadcaster will not accept the show if they win. Their only option may be to upload the remaining episodes online. That way, some viewers will get to watch. But then, the barber can also watch. They also agree to explore the packaging of the show in DVDs and sell through their film distribution network. Angela says she will also speak with Charlie in case the sponsors decide to take them to court.
Carol insists that she will call TTK if Salewa is not coming with her. Sho and Helen suddenly remember that they have a test, a mystery test. Salewa is surprised but they run off before she could stop them. Carol then says Salewa needs to pack her things then or return her phone so that she can call TTK. Salewa promises to call TTK and asks Carol to help her.
Yaya gets back and asks what Sheila thinks of that Shem guy? Sheila says she did not trust him. Yaya reports that he was all over her at the Garden Restaurant. She asks if anyone checked him out and Sheila says it is Amaka that arranged everything. Yaya is not comfortable. Sheila asks her what her opinion is? She tells Sheila about the lead Lola stumbled on about their past and the piece she did which Yahimba turned down and ensured that the story never came out. She thinks Lola may have opened her mouth too wide and Shem is now digging to complete the story. Sheila says they had better be ready with the kind of mum they had.
Odun, Mimi and the writer discuss the abandonment by the sponsors except Ferroil. They hope that Sankey catches the barber so that they can get back to work. Nnenna reminds them that Sankey thinks it is one of them. They write that off but Mimi suggests that it may be Charlie. She thinks he is clumsy and weird. Odun does not buy that. Charlie may be clumsy, but he is not weird. Mimi thinks his trying to touch Tare’s hair confirms it is him. Odun still does not buy it. Nnenna suggests they tell Angela but Mimi does not think it is a good idea. Charlie will learn of it from Angela!
TTK speaks with Carol who assures her that her information is not very correct. TTK wonders how Salewa and co can throw the young man that saw them home after the party out in the middle of the night? Carol assures her that Salewa was reading her book. She agrees that Salewa can stay with her friends but Carol must check her at least twice a week. She hangs up and Carol puts on her sunglasses and goes back to her chapman,
Yaya accosts Pjillip about his relationship with Sheila. Phillip fobs her off but when he tries to leave, she blocks his path. She thinks he did not tell her the full story about himself and Sheila. He wonders why she is bothered about it now when she thought it romantic previously. She continues to get at him but he asks her to take up whatever concerns she may have with Sheila. He is bothered more about his father’s health now than any other thing. She scoffs at how busy he is and yet finds time for mischief before walking off.
Dannie watches Angela and Charlie on her laptop using the device she left on her sitting room. She calls Tare to find out how she is doing? Tare says she is okay. Some people think she is lucky because her hair was not cut. Dannie says lucky is when it does not happen to you. She goes ahead to ask about Tare’s experience? What did he say, etc. Tare answers at first but stops after a while and wonders what Dannie wants? Dannie apologizes but subtly continues her interrogation. Tare says she has another call and Dannie says she will call her back. Tare says no. She will rather call. Dannie turns off and dictates a note to herself saying her first contact with a real victim was with Tare and it did not go well!
Charlie, Odun, Mimi and Angela discuss Brenda’s statement about the series. Brenda’s statement is calling for a boycott of the online version of the series and thinks that the blame should be at Angela’s feet. Angela asks how they should respond? Mimi suggests they lie low for a moment. Angela wants one article, and opinion piece in a serious medium asking if Brenda is behind the barber. Charlie says Brenda could sue them for defamation. Mimi asks if the barber is among them! Odun adds that Brenda may have bought someone in their office. Angela orders them to bring it all in!
The reporter calls Sheila late to ask if they can meet for follow up questions. She drops the phone on him. Phillip comes to discuss with her but she does not have energy. She reminds him of why she left her family and why she does not want to touch the money. He understand she may have principles but wonders why his father has to suffer for that?
Salewa tells the others how she got rid of Carol. Helen says they can then do the movies the next day. Sho screams at them to stop messing with the water. They tell her no one is doing such. She runs out of the bathroom with soap all over her to snatch Helen’s bottle of water. She continues to whine and Salewa goes out and comes back to tell them that they are the only ones that does not have water. Bimpe has!
Angela tells her creative team that Tare will be on The juice the next day but she is still off limits for their attacks. The writer recalls that her hair was not shod. Angela asks if her abduction was not enough? She reminds them that they need to decide what to upload for the next episode of Under The Bridge. They tell her what they want to upload and she asks them what will happen if the barber strikes again? Angela calls Sankey for update. Sankey says she has but she may have a plan on how to trap him!
Sheila tells Phillip to stop asking this of her. Phillip wonders how he can stop when he knows that she can help save his father? She insists that it is money. TTK calls and Sheila puts her on speaker. She says Dan is in with the doctors but there has been no change in Fred’s condition. However, they have an ultimatum. The window of opportunity for the deep brain stimulation is closing. They need to find the money!

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Charlie asks Angela who the next victim will be?