Helen asks Salewa why she needs a scholarship? Her family has money. Salewa says it is Fred that is rich. Her father cannot afford to spend any money. TTK also does not have any money. Sho enters with party tickets being organized by history Department. It is to be held at a historic site in Lagos and there will be buses. Sho reminds Helen that the boy she wants to toast is in History. Salewa asks why they should risk their lives just to toast a boy?
Angela and her team discuss their strategies. The writer is not happy the show is being hacked. The others insists that it is for the best. Angela tells him that he may have a nice story but they have sponsors and they are the ones who pay their salaries. The guy insists that they are delivering in the ratings but he is told that the sponsors can pull the plugs and whatever ratings they are delivering now is because people want to know what the real barber will do next. He is reminded that they can also be used for ignoring public safety, etc. Mimi says she is doing what she can to defend the company. She had gotten some journalists to defend their point of view. She shows Angela the articles and Angela likes the first one but screams and asks if she gave the journalist the information he printed? Mimi opens her mouth when she sees what Angela is screaming at!
Sho and Helen try to convince Salewa to come for the party but she stubbornly brushes aside all their entreaties. She is not going anywhere.
Sheila sends Cosmo to the couriers but Phillip walks out and collects the envelope from Cosmo asking what it is? Sheila tells him that it’s not his business. He collects the envelope saying everything is his business. He looks at it and screams the name of the bank. He is now wondering about the dollars. Sheila snatches the envelope from him and sends Cosmo off. She asks if he has anything to say? He says her dollars deserves a celebratory drink and goes to fetch a drink.
Phillip comes back with his drink and Sheila tells him she is leaving and will talk to him when he is sober. She tries to leave but he blocks her way. He is not done with their little chat. She tells him he is not done throwing accusations. He says he wants to know what he is dealing with. Millions of dollars can change anyone. Sheila does not intend to do anything with the money. She wants to know what she is dealing with. Phillip says he now gets it. Maybe the plan is to let his dad die and two of them will be left in the house. Sheila tries to talk but he stops her saying that Amaka, Laide and everyone already accuses them of it so why not go ahead and disappoint them? Sheila tells him that his emotions are running wild. He does not think so.
Angela screams at Mimi for not letting her know what she was going to publish. Mimi did not think that it will create any further problem. She thinks the story creates the wrong impression with Tare and now Tare is not picking her phone. Mimi tries to make excuses but she orders Mimi out of her office. She calls Feke to ask for Tare’s number and Feke tells her that she will ask Delmwa to send it to her. Brenda snatches her phone and asks why Angela is asking for Tare’s number? Angela says it is not her business. Brenda tells her that if she is calling about that article that claims Angela and Tare are both victims, she had better brace herself because she just dropped Tare I. Front of Anglea’s office. She drops the phone and says it feels much better coming from her.
Phillip continues to harass Sheila telling her that he can offer her what she wants and maybe then, some of that dollars will trickle into treating her husband. She asks him to stop but instead, he grabs her hands. She eventually summons courage and gives him a shove as Yaya walks into the sitting room!
Sho wonders what is wrong with Salewa? Helen asks her to leave Salewa alone. Sho asks if it is Titan that is stopping her from going out with them? Salewa says no. She eventually tells them that she does not like buses after they agree not to make fun of her. She says she is afraid of buses, afraid of how they roll, etc. the girls start playing with the words!
Tare asks Angela how she is a victim? Angela assures her that she has nothing to do with the article and she had never met the writer and she was not asked for any quotes. Tare asks if the next episode of the soap will show as usual? Angela says that is being discussed. Tare asks if they are still recording? Angela says yes, commitments have already been made. Tare says she will then go but Angela should not be surprised to hear what she plans to go!
Brenda speaks with the writer and thanks her for writing the article the way she wanted. She believes she owes the writer. Tare walks in and Brenda asks how it went? She says she now knows that Angela does not care about the victims. Brenda smiles and says she had mentioned that. Tare says she has seen that with her own eyes. The kid gloves are off and it is time to show Angela. Brenda reminds her that it can be dirty. Tare says she is all ready.
Sheila tells Yaya that it is good to see her. Phillip calls two of them two pieces of a poisonous pod destroying the men I. Their lives. He wonders why people ask when he does a disappearance act. He walks off and Yaya asks Sheila what that was about? Sheila says it is about the money. Yaya thinks it is more than that. She saw a big shove. She asks Sheila it looks like they have a history. Sheila asks her if she has also joined them? She walks off and leaving her in the room.
Angela tells a journalist that her sources say that the police has zeroed in on odyssey Picture. They think the culprit is in there. She manages to steer the discussion to Angela and her mental illness and manages to convince the guy that Angela’s health crisis could be where this crimes are coming from.
Amaka calls Sheila to inform her that the photoshoot is confirmed for that day. She however warns that the reporter kept on asking after Sheila and Yahimba. Sheila hesitates and Amaka asks whether they can cancel? Sheila says she will do it as it is important to the company.

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Sheila calls the bank to ask for the amount in the Swiss Account bathe figure they gave her made her sit down!