Bash’s wives asks Bimpe why she did not tell them about this all these while? She says they has been busy all these while. They wonder why he had not told them about this? Normally he would have screamed at them and forgotten about it after a while. One of the wives suddenly remembers that bash is supposed to buy them jeeps in exchange for their cars. Bimpe’s mouth opens. They wonder what they will do now? They have a party this weekend and had wanted to attend with their Aso ebi and new cars! Just then, bash bursts in and screams when he sees Bimpe. He asks what she is doing there? His wives surround him. Bimpe bursts into tears and Bash wonders what to do? She says it is her fault. Bash asks his wives to make her stop.
Brenda tells Charlie that it is either he is the maniac or worse than the maniac. Charlie says he wanted to see if Tare was shorn! Brenda asks her to take her three party circus and leave. Angela assures Tare that she will be okay and leaves while Brenda claps at them and asks Charlie to ensure that his master takes her drugs regularly!
Bimpe tells Bash that it is her fault. His wives asked her to marry him but she was just fresh from heart break and thought she will make a bad wife. Bash wonders how she could be a bad wife? His wives rub his body and call him pet names. They think he is Stephen Spielberg, etc. they have missed his voice in the house. They ask him after their jeeps and he asks if they think he is stupid enough to allow his wives go out in a manner that does not convey him in a good light! He asks them for food and one of them goes to get it. Bimpe opens her mouth!
Yahimba tells Yaya that her father opened the account in Sheila’s name when he believed that she will get back to her senses and come back home. The account was opened in the name of Sheila Davenport. Yaya wonders where Davenport came from? Yahimba explains that it was Sheila’s first marriage name. She believes that Sheila will not spend the money. Yaya must get her the money. Yaya wonders how she can do that? Yahimba tells her to think. She must not do all the thinking for her. She must play to Sheila’s maternal instincts.
Phillip and Sheila tell Amaka about their experience with the judge. He had made his ruling. Amaka wonders what Sheila will do now that her shares had been given over to Laide. Phillip reminds Amaka that it is time now to give over her nest egg. Amaka says she will write the cheque. As Sheila whines about starting all over, Yaya walks in and overhears them.
Lola accosts Audu about her percentage. She had been expecting the money to hit her account. Audu tells her that it is not easy to secure a sponsor and asks her to be patient. When he leaves, Greg asks her what that is all about? She explains that she is expecting her share of the money from a sponsor secured by Bimpe. That is why she tweeted that apology and wonders if Greg thinks she will spoil her reputation for nothing?
Brenda asks Tare if there is any other thing she should ask John to get her! She assures Brenda that she is okay. She was jumpy yesterday because Charlie freaked her out. Brenda thinks they were all freaky. She assures Brenda that she is okay. She asks if Tare is coming back to work? Tare says yes. Brenda tells her to get her strength back as they have a lot to do tomorrow. Tare is bewildered.
Angela gives instructions to her colleague who asks if Louisa is coming back! Amaka asks if there is anything she needs to know? He tells her that there has been some mention of the Ade-Williams making the round of courts in the press. Louisa normally would have handled such enquiries. He also suggests that Amaka grants a press release to clear the air.
Angela informs her team that the police will be coming back and solicits for their cooperation. Mimi wonders what kind of cooperation they expect again after all they had given Sankey? Odun breaks it down for them. The police thinks that the culprit is among them! They all look suspiciously at each other!
Angela asks Dannie if she had noticed anything different about her lately? Dannie says no. Angela asks if there has been any weird thing about her? Dannie says no. Dannie asks Angela how her meeting with Tare went! Did she notice anything about the assailant? Angela wonders why she is so interested in the case? Dannie says it is all about the weird barber case. Angela was going to follow up but Dannie’s phone rings. Freddy was calling to find out where she had been and to check if he can come and visit her? Dannie says it may not be a good idea but Angela signals that she agree. Dannie gets off the phone to check and call Freddy back. Angela tells her that Freddy is an old friend and it will be nice to meet him again and find out what he had been up to.
Yaya’s phone rings and when she picks it, Yahimba asks why it took her so long to pick the phone. She hesitates and Yahimba asks her if that means she had not done anything? When Yaya does not say anything she asks if she should expect the worst? Yaya asks what the worst means? The task is not easy and Yahimba needs to know that and give her more time. As she drops the phone, Sheila asks her what she needs more time for? She tries to cover up and says she is talking about coffee. Sheila asks her to stop and talk to her. Yaya tells her that there is nothing she should know.
Greg asks Audu if it is true that he has agreed to allow Bimpe bring in a sponsor for a fee! Audu says it is true. Greg reminds him that he made the same offer in the last but was refused. Audu tells him that Bimpe’s deal is a special deal and asks him to keep working hard at what he is doing. He taps Greg on the back and Greg explodes! Asking him to stop tapping his back and demands for a raise and a better job description or he will walk out of the set! Audu agrees to give him a raise and a better job description but from next month! Greg says that works for him. As Audu leaves, Bimpe walks in and smiles when the other stage hands were hailing Greg!
Angela sits and talks with Freddy. She is surprised at how fast he has grown and so handsome. Freddy wonders when Dannie will be back and Angela assures him that she will soon be back. He asks how Angela knew Dannie and Angela explains that they used to be neighbours. She asks how he knew Dannie and Freddy tells her about Dannie being his mum’s friend, came to live with them and her artworks and how Dannie annoyed everyone including Brenda! Just then, Dannie walks in and Freddy jumps up and hugs her. They greet each other in their special way while Angela watches!
Sheila wonders what Yaya is talking about? She tells Yaya to slow down, look her in the eye and tell her exactly what is going on. Yaya replies that they are family so she can as well tell her everything. She explains that the whole thing had been planned by Yahimba to get her close to Sheila. To what purpose? Sheila wonders. Yaya explains the Swiss account with a lot of money in it to her. Their father kept a stash in Sheila’s name among other accounts and Yahimba wants Yaya to get the money for her. Sheila is shocked. Yaya also tells her that she found uncut diamonds in the house and she thinks that Yahimba may be behind the hostage situation in Reel!

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Angela calls to ask Sankey if she thinks the barber may be a woman? Sankey asks her if she has a suspect?