Helen cleans up but stops and accosts Salewa who has been moping at the ceiling to snap out of it. Salewa insists that she has failed the course. Helen says she will join Salewa in begging the lecturer. Salewa blames herself for not going for the test and leave Sho to manage the boy. Helen assures her it was not her fault. Sho comes in and complains of walking around the hospital and thanks Salewa for helping last night. Salewa tells her that she missed the test. She agrees to join them in going to beg the lecturer as she has a degree in begging. They ask how she thinks it will work? She says they will find a good enough reason that even the most heartless of lecturers cannot refuse.
Brenda asks after Phillip and when no one knows where he is, she calls him but gets his voicemail. She asks the team to note that Phillip did not attend the meeting. She tells them that she has decided on their next project. She rambles about their new project and how she expects their funding to come back after the sponsors get tired of Angela and her project. She is sure there will soon be a mob action against Angela. Tare asks her for their project and she hands out a document to each of them as she fantasizes about Angela’s project falling apart.
Sho suggests various lies they can tell the lecturer to get Salewa another chance but Salewa and Helen knock off most of them. She suggests they tell him Salewa was in an accident but Salewa says she saw the lecturer trying to escape. She talks about Salewa’s parents getting married but Salewa insists that the lecturer will know when she is lying because she knows Scholastica.
Chief Akinpelu asks Laide how she knew where Sheila and Phillip were? She says she was sharp. She has people watching Sheila and Amaka and Phillip and she was told immediately immediately they left. They discuss how to continue to monitor things and Laide convinces Chief Akinpelu to allow her go before the judge alone. He agrees and tells her that they need to keep an eye on things. He is sure the judge will appreciate the importance of a mother in an estate. Laide does not completely agree. She suggests that they need to get someone from the other side to join them before the judge. He asks who she has in mind? When she mentioned Amaka Chief Akinpelu tells her that Amaka will not agree. She says she shares a special bond with Amaka as single mother.
Laide tries to convince Amaka to join her side by saying that Phillip and Sheila are trying to bilk them of Fred’s money. Amaka says no and Laide keeps pushing. She reminds Amaka that she is the one Fred made a CEO and insists that Fred will not want things done that way. Amaka reminds her that she cannot now be talking about Fred after all she has done! She wonders why Laide is suddenly bothered about Fred’s condition. She asks if Laide’s past can stand up to scrutiny in court? Laide asks her if she is staying away because she is afraid?
Brenda dismisses the meeting and Tare accosts her complaining that their new project does not hold water. Brenda insists that it is tailor-made for sponsors who will be looking for where to put their money after Under The Bridge. Tare still does not give in and reminds her that Phillip will not like the production. Even Delmwa is not interested! Brenda leaves her and goes to tell Delmwa how the issue with Under The bridge is not her fault. It is Angela that is responsible. Delmwa agrees. Brenda tells her that she would have gone against Angela but it is only right it comes from someone who has a stake in the production. Someone needs to stop Angela from making blood money!
Helen gets up and puts on the radio for dancing to get them to snap out of their gloomy mood. Salewa asks her to stop before Bimpe swears for them. She asks them to order their foods. Sho says she will have a full continental breakfast after they stopped arguing about whether it is lunch or breakfast. Helen says they can only get local meals – Agege bread, plus sardine and boiled eggs. The others are excited about their meal but Helen insists that they must follow her to the kitchen to ensure that she does not burn down the whole place!
Yaya joins Yahimba in the sitting room and asks after Caesar and what he must be going through. Yahimba asks her to stop yakking. Yaya’s phone rings and she gets up to take it with Yahimba’s eyes following her!
Angela worries about the victims of the barber and how she has not been able to do much. Charlie tries to convince her that it is not her fault. As they talk, Charlie tells Angela that there is something important he wants to tell her. Before he could talk, Dannie comes out with a box which she claims contains only fliers. Angela asks her some questions and when she turns back to go out, Delmwa gets into the house and Dannie leaves.
Charlie decides to give Angela and Delmwa some privacy. Angela thanks her and says they will meet tomorrow. Delmwa asks her what she is doing about the victims? Angela reminds her that she is running a company which Delmwa and Brenda abandoned. She has slotted public service announcements. Delmwa thinks she is not doing enough but Angela is not about to be told what to do. Delmwa insists that Angela should go to the hospital and commiserate with the victims. She can also come along. Angela tells her to deal with her insecurities if they are worrying her!
Yaya comes back in and asks Yahimba for her car. While Yahimba was asking her why she should release her car, Yaya adds that she need some spending money. Yahimba insists on knowing where she is going to and she responds that she is not at liberty to say. Yahimba thinks she should go and get her own car. Yaya says she is going to meet Sheila and reminds Yahimba that she is the one that asked that they take care of each other. After a while, Yahimba releases her car and some pocket money, which she advises her not to finish everything in one go.
The girls are happy with their late lunch. The other girls tell Helen that she will also cook dinner for them. Helen complains that they want to turn her into a cook. They remind her she is the one that invited them to order for food. Helen puts her music on again and they all start dancing. The other girls stop she they see Maami. Salewa stops last and screams when she sees her grand mum.
Yaya meets Sheila and apologizes for coming Kate. Sheila asks her about her relationship with Phillip and asks why they broke up? Yaya insists that it is because like everything with Phillip but it is not going anywhere. Sheila asks why she is being so vague when they are supposed to be building a relationship? She reminds Sheila that she is her mother’s daughter. Sheila has had enough and grabs her phone to make a call. Yaya begs her not to call their mum but Sheila tells the person on the other side of the line and asks when she will also be invited for dinner.
Brenda and Delmwa discuss her visit to Angela’s house. Brenda suggests that they go to see the victims in hospital but stops when she hears that Angela insists that she is not responsible for what is going on. She insists that it is time to give Angela a wake up call!

Next on Tinsel
The judge tells Laide and Chief Akinpelu that the character of the person bringing such a request needs to be studied critically before the motion is granted. Laide and Chief do not look happy!