Helen shouts at something on twitter. Sho says she shouted like a market woman and asks if Salewa is rubbing off on her? Helen tells her that Titan is back in town and asks if she thinks Salewa knows? Sho says she will call Salewa but Helen insists that she don’t. Sho insists that Salewa needs to confront her ex. Just then, Salewa comes in and scatters things. They ask her if she is okay?
Mimi cannot believe that Delmwa left just when things are heating up. One of the writers look forward to meeting the characters but Odun advises that he stays away because if any actor knows he is a writer, he will start trying to get you to change his character. Dannie comes in and hands out her evaluation form. Odun runs away but Mimi gladly says she will complete the form and advises Dannie to bring her call cards to the party as the sponsors will be there.
Sho and Helen keep asking Salewa what the issue is? She says it is not school, it is not her uncle in Switzerland, etc. she eventually lets out that it is that Titan. He came to town and did not tell her. She will kill him.
Amaka asks why they are even hiding things from Laide and Chief Akinpelu? Phillip and Sheila express their reservations but Amaka convinces them that they can get Laide to talk to Dan and Titi after warning Dan and Titi to restrict the discussion to Fred’s condition only. They all agree not to mention the financial issues or the request for administrator. Phillip is still furious but they all agree to invite only Laide. Phillip remind her to warn Laide not to come with her side-kick or they will all end up in jail!
Laide tells Chief Akinpelu that they want her to talk to Dan and Titi. Chief says they don’t have a choice. Laide tells him that their giving in so easily means that they may be hiding something. She recognized the lawyer leaving the house and wonders what he was doing in the house? Chief asks if the lawyer is conniving with them to dupe Fred? She tells him that she will go over and find out what they are hiding. He agrees and says that when they get there, they will find out. Laide gingerly tells him that they want only her to come over. He asks if she is foolish enough to repeat the message? She convinces him that they are on the same side and they need to play the game so that they can get to the root of what is going on.
Brenda tells off the PA of Mido Cosmetics MD. She whines that the same people that were disturbing her last week are now avoiding her. Her staff worry about the loss of sponsors. Brenda says she knows how to play the game and gets on the phone to call Angela.
Salewa raves and rants that Titan came back after all these while without telling her. Sho wonders why she is complaining after breaking up with the guy? Helen tells her not to kind Sho when she started asking which side Sho is on? Sho says she can call him and ask him to come over. Salewa says she does not want to talk to him. Just then, her phone rings and it is Titan. She says she does not want to talk to him. Sho snatches the phone and runs off. Helen shakes her head!
Phillip walks into the office and Omar asks him what he is doing in the office? Reel is for those that work there. Phillip tells him that Reel employs only film makers and wonders how he got in by flying under the radar? He says it must be his good looks. Phillip calls him delusional and asks if that is what he is teaching Yaya? Omar claims that he and Yaya are getting closer now. Phillip wonders why she is still coming over for dinner in his place? Omar thinks for a while and tells him that Yaya is a big girl and can go for dinner wherever she wants including with ex boyfriends who still think they are relevant! Phillip glares at him.
Angela picks Brenda’s call and wonders what she wants? She asks when she will get her invite to Angela’s party? Angela tells her it is an in-house party. She says she is more in-house than Feroil, Moody Cosmetics and all the journalists that will be there. Angela shoos her off. She insists that they are a part of the movie especially Delmwa that wrote the story. Angela tells her that Delmwa baled out on them. Brenda insists that Angela is now sounding as cold as her. Angela relents and tells her that Delmwa can come with geh signed documents. She paid for the shares and she wants her documents. Brenda smiles and Tare wonders what she is cooking up in her evil brain.
Omar meets Yaya writing in the bar as usual. He tries to get her to talk to her. He asks after her meeting with Phillip and she starts talking about how frustrating it is but stops after a while to ask why he is suddenly interested in her meetings?
Segun commends Waziri’s outfit and he preens and tells them it is for the Odyssey party. He could have brought Segun along but it is invites only. He asks if Segun saw the part where the girl was abducted and her hair shaved? Segun liked it but Sankey says she missed the show. She was too busy. Waziri claims that was his idea. He will try and get them some small chops except some people that look like they don’t need small chops!
Salewa and Titan meet at Ziggy’s. He asks why she did not want to talk to him? She says she thought they are no longer talking about that. She asks why he is around? He says he got an endorsement deal with a telecommunications company. He is not going to be around for a long time but will do a couple of gigs. He asks after her uncle and she says he is getting better. Just then, Stella marches in and walks up to them to ask what Dalewa is doing with Titan? She thought they had broken up? Is that why she is not wearing her chastity ring? She walks off in a huff and Titan wonders what that is all about?
Yaya confronts Yahimba for pulling her article from the magazine. Yahimba says the article, if she can call it that smacks of ineptitude! She asks after Sheila and Yaya says she got a text from Sheila and did not bother to reply because she was not treated well the last time they met. If Sheila wants to meet up, she has to learn to be nicer to people… Yahimba tosses a spoonful of hot tea in her face and she shuts up. She orders Yaya to reply immediately and she does not want to repeat herself. She also asks her to wipe that shock off her face and also close her mouth! It is not like the tea is very hot!
A young lady is tied up to a pole with her hair roughly shaved and gagged! She strains at the leashes till a street cleaner sees her and runs to her aid!

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Waziri is enjoying himself at the party when he takes a call and screams in annoyance!