Salewa and Sho accuse Helen of abandoning them and not looking for them. She says she slept off in the bathroom and when she came out, Sho completes the sentence saying she thought rapture had occurred. They ask why she did not call them? She says she rushed out and went for the test when she thought they had gone for the test. She tried to call them but their number did not go through. She begs them to free her as she does not like to fight.
Charlie and Nnenna end up in Ziggy’s and as they settle in, she asks what is in his power-packed head? He says it is about the show. Obiora takes their orders and goes on and on about under The Bridge. Charlie promises to get him a ticket to the party tomorrow but he says he will be at work. They had to remind him to get them their drink after a while.
Helen asks what Sho and Salewa plan to do? Sho says she wants to sleep. Helen asks if they will not beg the professor for a make up test? They say the man did not appear like he wants to be begged. Salewa says she will beg him and Sho asks her to go ahead. She will stay away from that campus for a while as she is sure that rumors about them would have spread. As she makes to sleep, Helen reminds her to take a shower first.
Amaka gets to meet Sheila at home. Phillip is running late. She asks how Sheila is doing and she says she is holding out. Amaka assures her that Fred is getting the best treatment so far. She says it is not only Fred but Laide and Akinpelu are also making life difficult. Amaka tells her that she also went through the same thing when Reginald died. His mother wanted to take everything they worked for away rom her. Sheila is surprised. Amaka reminds her that they were not that close then. Sheila adds that she is sure that they reminded her that she did not have a child for Reginald. Strange world where the worth of a woman is measured by the number of children she has.
Charlie and Nnenna watch Peju wax lyrical about the success of Under The Bridge. Viewers have been tweeting positive reactions about the show which is about an escaped convict who abducts women, shaves their heads and leaves them tied up. Nnenna tunes off and asks Charlie what he does during his spare time? He says it is not much. He eventually delves into his relationship with Angela and how they are all luckily to work for such a strong personality. Nnenna reminds her that there are also others in the office. He continues to talk about Angela and Nnenna tunes off…
Barrister Eddy meets with The Ade-Williams to discuss the making of Sheila the administrator. He asks Phillip for his opinion and he says he has no objection. Sheila asks him to go ahead and do the best for his client. He says he will go ahead and file the case but asks if there are any family members that may oppose the action? Phillip says no. The lawyer tells them that if the judge approves it, there will be strict guidelines. He will file the case and a date will be set by the judge. They ask if they can attend and he says yes. When the case is filed, the judge will need to be shown that the family has exhausted all avenues to raise funds. They will also need to show evidence that Fred is not dead yet as is being speculated in the press. Just then, they hear Chief Akinpelu’s voice outside.
Salewa meets her lecturer to ask for a make-up test. He tells her no and asks why he should give her another chance? She starts telling him about the history of music but that does not move him. He asks why she missed the test and she tells him that he will not be happy if he hears the truth but says she is ashamed of herself. He agrees to give her another test because she said the truth. He will call her just before the test. That way, he will know that she is actually studying. She asks what will happen if the timing clashes with her other lectures? He tells her that it is her problem to solve.
Angela asks Charlie what he discussed with Nnenna? He tells her it is nothing. She does not believe him. They should have so much to talk about. He tells her they talked about work and about her. She is disappointed and asks him what he does when he is not falling over things in the office? He tells her it is not much and she suddenly realizes that she knows very little about him. He asks her to ask her whatever questions she might have.
Chief Akinpelu and Laide try to force their way into Fred’s house and the security men and Cosmo stop them. Phillip gets there and asks what is going on? Sheila and Amaka see off the lawyer and then face chief Akinpelu who calls Sheila a juju woman. Phillip tells Laide that he will expose her even though Caesar did not call her out. Laide tells him that they will not leave till they tell her and chief where Fred is. Freddy rushes out to find out what is happening but Sheila tells him not to worry but go and wait in the house. Chief Akinpelu tells her she should be ashamed of being called Auntie at her age instead of mummy. Sheila flares up but is restrained by Phillip & Amaka. Phillip then goes to manhandle Chief Akinpelu but the two policemen hold him back.
The policemen restrain Phillip from attacking Chief Akinpelu. Sheila asks Cosmo to take Freddy inside but turns back to do it herself. Amaka tells Chief that Laide us the last person he should be associating with. She has a lot to answer for. He accuses Amaka of siding their enemies and when Amaka protests, he asks if she had spoken with Dan? When she says no, he waves her away and remembers that she is not family. He turns to Sheila and tells her to go get a trailer to carry her load away.
Angela and Mimi make plans for the party. Mimi says they may not be able to get the leads in for the party but Angela asks her to get the lead actor at least. She gets a call from Mido Cosmetics congratulating her on the show and asking to discuss sponsorship. Angela tells her she will get back on the timing. She drops the phone with a smile.
The girls clean up their house and share gist about school and the party. Sho complains that she had to clean after spending the night in jail. They remind her to keep quiet because she started the party. She asks Helen if the talk on campus is about her party? Helen says yes but it is about how it flopped! They make fun of her and they suddenly agree that everything was going well till Bimpe entered and started dancing her oyibo dance. Just then, Bimpe bursts in and says she came to check on them. She wants to forget that the previous night happened. They all chorus their answers to her questions and after a while, she leaves them to their devices.
Sheila asks Chief Akinpelu if he is not tired of his threats? He asks if she thinks it is threat? Laide says she has a DNA result to demand to know the state of the father of her baby or she will go to the press. Sheila tells her that it is only a desperate person like her that will exploit a sick man’s woes to her benefit. She tells Chief to come with her as these people want to go about things the hard way. Chief drops one more threat before leaving.
Delmwa and colleague brainstorm on ideas but he is busy reading about Odyssey. Delmwa accuses him of stalking Odyssey online but he reminds her that everyone is talking about their new show. He suggests that she calls to congratulate them on the show just in case…? Just in case what? Angela and Tare walk in and Delmwa tells her she has some ideas but is waiting for word on sponsorship. Brenda says Feroil wants a web series and Mido Cosmetics too. She calls Kwabena to get their requirements for the web series but Kwabena tells her that they have decided to go with Under The Bridge. They seem to offer a complete package. Brenda’s face turn to stone!

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Sho and Helen ask Salewa why she is crying? Did anything happen in school? Is her uncle in Switzerland okay? She says no to everything but continues crying.

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