Salewa argues with the policemen about their offense. She insists that they were not disturbing in any way. The policeman tells her to shut up and insists that they were gambling. They insist they were not. Bimpe tells him that she had nothing to do with the kids. They call her agbaya and ask her to keep quiet. The policeman ask if they did not exchange monies? They say no, they did not but one of the boys says he got money. The others tell him that the boy is drunk.
Yahimba come back and see the things Yaya scattered. She offers to pack them up but asks Yaya for the diamond. Yaya refuses and tells her that it is an uncut diamond. She remembers seeing them in their house in the last. She asks Yahimba where they come from? Is it true what she hears that her father owned diamond mines? Yahimba orders her to keep her mouth shut and sternly asks for the diamond. Yaya reluctantly hands it over. Yahimba clears the things she scattered.
Salewa and Sho discuss their impending test. Sho hopes they will be released early enough to revise for the test. Salewa asks her to pray they get out early enough to write the test. They scream for the policeman who asks what the noise is for? They beg to be released. Bimpe tells him she is a celebrity and will let him watch her next film. He asks if she is trying to bribe him and threatens to arrest her again. He eventually agrees to release them after they beg. One of the boys tells him that they will continue their party in there if they are not released. The girls shout him down.
Angela and Dannie wait for the show to start. She asks what Dannie will do after the show? Her contract ends after the first episode airs. Dannie says she will probably ask them for a referral and use that to seek for another job. She asks Angela how she found her work? Angela says some teams may find her methods unorthodox. Dannie tries to convince Angela to retain her but Angela refuses. Charlie comes in with food and as the show is about to start, Dannie’s face harden.
Segun and Sankey play basketball with papers and their trash bin. Segun asks Sankey if she heard about the teenagers that were rounded up? Sankey is not bothered. Phillip walks in and asks for an update on Laide and Caesar. Sankey and Segun tell him that Caesar denied any links to Laide. Phillip is shocked that they have given up that easily. He asks after Caesar’s lawyer and Segun and Sankey asks him to back off. They do not want to give Waziri anything to hang them with. Eddy walks in and Phillip asks him what he is doing there? He says he is consulting with a client. Phillip is shocked to hear that Eddy is caesar’s lawyer.
Tare, Delmwa and Brenda’s people switch off the TV as Brenda come in. She asks what they are still doing in the office? They tell her she missed the biggest tv event if the year, the first episode of Under The Bridge. Brenda is not bothered. Tare reminds her to keep an eye on the competition. Brenda says she will do that when she has competition. She congratulates Delmwa on coming up with such an outstanding show. Angela promised to deliver an outstanding show and she did.
The girls scream for the policeman. They wonder where Helen is? Bimpe says she saw her going into the kitchen just before the police came in. Sho asks her why she is not using her star power to get them off the hook? She reminds her that she has tried. She is however trying to be discreet to avoid being photographed and shared on twitter. She does not want her boyfriend to call her an ex-convict. Sho reminds her that she needs to be in a real jail to be an ex-con. She asks them to pray to be out on time for their test tomorrow. They scream afresh for the policemen who agree to release them. They thank the policemen profusely but were told they can only leave the next morning. Their case officer has closed for the day.
Phillip is furious with Eddy for representing Caesar. He wonders how Eddy can condone a criminal act being perpetuated? Eddy insists that no crime is being committed. Phillip wonders if he will wait till his family is attacked again?he asks if there is no conflict of interest as Eddy was involved in the arrest of Caesar? Eddy insists that it is all above board. He asks Eddy what Caesar is paying him or is it someone else that is paying him? Eddy insists in client lawyer privilege. As Phillip pushes, he gets up and leaves.
Odun tells the others that his friend came over to watch the show and was too afraid to go home. All the others agree that the show was quite good and dark. Mimi tells them that the press reports support their view that it went well. Angela asks them what is next? Nnenna begs them not to do anything worse before they give people a heart attack. They make fun of her. Angela suggests they bring the fans and the crew together for a party. They all agree!
Sheila visits Amaka to inform her that she has started the process for having herself appointed as the administrator. Amaka asks if that is not too forward? She assures Amaka that all will be well if she confirms to the judge that she is in on it. She asks Amaka how well Phillip knows Yaya? Amaka wonders why she is not asking Phillip? She says she believes that Yaya is after something. Long-lost sisters don’t just pop out of nowhere. Amaka tells her that it is deeper than that!
Angela asks Charlie who he is bringing to the party? She hopes he has asked Nnenna? He says there has been no opportunity. Nnenna walks in just then and Angela tells her that Charlie has been meaning to ask her to be his date to the party but is too shy. Nnenna looks like she does not mind. Angela suggests they have a pre-date at Ziggy’s? Charlie looks like he swallowed a toad!
Sho is not happy Salewa did not allow them go home to freshen up before coming for the test. They suddenly see the lecturer and hide their faces. Helen meets them and asks how they are doing? She was worried when she heard they were arrested. They ask if she wrote the test and she says yes. The lecturer also decided to use it as their continuous assessment for the whole session!
Brenda’s people walk into her office and hope that this is worth it. Tare asks Brenda what this is all about? Does to have to do with Under The Bridge? Brenda tells them that it has and when Tare tries to reason with her, she asks Tare to concentrate on the PR and allow her run the rest and walks out on all of them. Delmwa fishes out her iPad and tells the guy working with them that she is watchingUnder The Bridge online. The show is getting better reviews than she expected. He wonders whether she is thinking about her decision to join them?
Sheila thanks Yahimba for meeting with her. Yahimba asks after Fred and Sheila tells her that she knows better than asking her personal questions. She asks Yahimba what she is doing with Yaya? Yahimba reminds her that she said she wanted to talk. She asks why Yaya suddenly popped up and Yahimba replies that Yaya simply wants to get close to her elder sister. Sheila wonders if that is what Yahimba wants? Yahimba wishes her a nice day and leaves. Sheila sends Yaya a text asking if she wants to give things another go?

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Chief Akinpelu watched by Laide and policemen tells Sheila that at her age, she is still being called auntie. If she had a baby, she would have been called somebody’s mother. Sheila is restrained from attacking him by Amaka and Phillip. Phillip threateningly walks up to chief Akinpelu to ask what he wants?