Bimpe tries to touch her face up as they approach Bash’s house but Greg asks if it is necessary since they are seeing her uncle? She insists that she is facing a chance to star in her first film and she needs to look her best. He does not agree but she insists so he gives in but asks her to be quick as they still need to see Audu afterwards.
Angela walks into Brenda’s office as Ephraim walks out after showing her in. She remarks that Brenda strikes fear into her workers and Brenda asks what she wants? She replies that she came to ask for Brenda’s help. She needs sponsors for her tv show but no one is taking her seriously because of her mental state. She needs Brenda to issue a press statement or speak with some journalists or better still, they will go on The juice together. Brenda asks why she should do this and Angela tells her that she is the one running a company Brenda gave all her life to and she is sure that Brenda does not want the company to die. She offers to pay Brenda an additional N10 million for doing that. Brenda laughs and tells her that she is not going to get any sponsors because people know to cross the road when they see a mad woman. Angela wonders if Brenda had always wanted her to fail when she handed Odyssey to her? Brenda says no, but she had not seen anyone hang herself with so little rope before.
Bash meets Greg and Bimpe. Greg tries to shake his hands, but Bash insists that he be greeted as an elder. Greg obliges and follows it up with a speech about making a great movie. Bash asks if they have eaten and goes ahead to order masala for them but Bimpe says no. They are in a hurry, have other meetings and want to dodge traffic. He then asks his people to prepare rice for them because they are in a hurry!
Sheila attacks the chief that threatens her. He stands his ground and wonders why Sheila is still in the house. Sheila rails and asks why she is talking to the man? She asks Phillip how he got through security? Phillip tries to intervene but the man orders him off and asks if he thinks no one knows what he has been up to? He asks if they will ask Yaya to leave or should he expose them in public? Sheila asks Phillip to escort Yaya to the garden while she deadly with this. The man is incensed that he is referred to as thing as Phollip leads Yaya away.
Yaya asks Phillip what is going on? He tells her that Sheila is simply having issues with a family member. She could see that but lays into Phillip for sitting there and not saying a single word in her defense. She goes back to his rejecting her after she moved in with him, their break up and his insisting that Sheila knows nothing about them! She wonders how Sheila can judge her? She insists on being told what is going on or she will go in there and tell Sheila about them. He tells her that she can go and she insists that she will wait. She was invited for lunch and she has cleared her calendar, she insists.
Ephraim meets Odun for a drink and complains about how hard it is to work for Brenda. He cannot go ahead again. He no longer wants to work for Brenda. He asks after Odyssey and Odun tells him it is interesting. He is shooting a new series and they have a new counsellor who has weird ideas. Ephraim asks if Angela is employing? He is looking to apply. Feke said Angela is looking for a new head of production. Odun agrees that the position is vacant. Ephraim says that he may not even be qualified as Angela has a lot of qualified hands like Odun. Maybe Odun will get the post. That sets Odun thinking.
Greg and Bimpe and Bash get out of the dining area and they thank him for the meal but must run along for their meeting. He reminds them that they did not spend long enough during this trip. He will add it to their next visit. She suggests that they meet at Ziggy’s for their next meeting because Bash’s house is far. Bash did not find it funny and would not have taken that from any other person. He reminds Bimoe that he bought her a car but Bimpe laughs it off. The next time they meet, they will discuss the movie. As they set out, Greg says it was a complete waste of time. Bimpe reminds him that at least they ate.
Sheila and the chief continue to exchange insults. The man accuses Sheila of hiding things from everyone especially this one. Him, Deolu Akinpelu will ensure they are exposed. Sheila insists that her husband is still alive but the man reminds her of her numerous failed marriages and the confession before him the last time he was there? He asks Fred to offer a sacrifice for cleaning but the man did not hear. He says it is possible that Fred has died and Sheila and Phillip are keeping it hidden. Sheila screams and as she gets to go after him, Phillip holds her back.
Delmwa shows Nnenna a picture of a house. Nnenna thinks it is nice but the price is steep. Delmwa asks if buying a car is more pocket-friendly? Nnenna wonders where she got money from and she says she is planning for the future. She tells Nnenna how she came to Lagos because the force stole her script, she slapped him and somehow ended up as a playwright. Odun joins them and Delmwa gets up and leaves. He asks Nnenna why she is distracted of late? Nnenna tells him her mind is in the future. He sits on the seat she vacated and sees her reading directing 101.
Phillip pushes Sheila out of the way and tells the chief that his father is alive. The man asks why Phillip is carrying on with his wife like this? Sheila screams that his father is alive. She insists that what she told Fred was to get back at him but the man did not believe them. The man continues to rant and call Sheila an evil man but he eventually reaves.
Audu chews Greg and Bimpe for attending the production meeting late. They apologize and say their first meeting lasted longer than they expected. Audu wonders why they did not at least call. Bimpe says they couldn’t use their phones. Immediately Audu leaves, Greg harasses Amina but she tells him to relax. When they make their film, Audu and co will be begging them.
Odun comes in and tells Angela that they have shot the final scene. He says they cannot afford to lose the cast and crew and when Angela complains about money, Odun suggests they keep shooting and pay the artists when they get money. They can keep shooting and they can at least shoot enough to put it in CDs for sale. He can make all these happen at a little price!
Sheila insists that she is not burying another husband. Fred must come back home. Phillip reminds her that the bullet wounds are fatal but she insists that he has to come back. She asks Phillip if there is any truth in what Chief Akinpelu said? Can she be kicked out of the house? He holds her shoulder with one had and assures her that the old man does not have any say. He is just going around meddling in other people’s issues. As he comforts her, Yaya creeps in behind them and watches them with disappointment written all over her face.

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