Bimpe goes backwards as she zips up her blouse and asks where and how Bash has been? He says he has been looking for her and has been calling her to no avail. She checks her phone and apologizes that the phone has been on silent. Bash tells her that he had been away to Dubai, Togo and Cameroun and when he came back, he saw her on TV. He thought that she had forgotten him because she is now a big girl. She tells him she has not forgotten him. He asks her to join him tomorrow morning for lunch (sic) at Ziggy’s! She asks if he means lunch in the morning? He laughs as he leaves.
Dannie tries to convince Angela to allow her work with her team. Angela is skeptical and asks her what her modus operandi is? She says she does not have any. Like her artwork, she starts with a plain canvas and allows the colors and energy to drive the progress. Angela is bothered but agrees to allow Dannie so long as she concentrates on building team spirit.
Bimpe thanks Bash for the lunch in the morning. He asks her to stop calling him uncle. At this rate, she will soon call him a grandfather. She asks after his wives and he asks her to lower her voice. She asks what he is up to now and he says he is working on a coalition of movie ambassadors. He sneezes and says they are discussing his matter somewhere and starts incantations to stop them. Bimpe tells him that it is all these running around that is making him sneeze. He tells her that it is the stress from the movie business. One of his small producers is giving him a lot of troubles. Bimpe says she can introduce a young producer to him. Bash says he will know any producer in that industry. Bimpe insists that he does not know this one. He works in English movies. Bash wonders what he will be doing with such a root-less person? Bimpe tells him to accept that Yoruba movies needs a breath of fresh air! Bash does not like the sound of that!
Funmi announces Dr. Gyang and Amaka asks him in. He says he has been trying to reach Amaka who sits stony-faced. She has not seen Sheila and Phillip since after the board meeting. He tells her that his hands were tied. The board made their own decision. Amaka reminds him that he deliberately refused to vote in favour of Fred. He says his vote would have only tied the decision. Amaka is still not happy. He says the board members have decided to make personal donations. Amaka wonders whether he should start dancing? She accuses Dr. Gyang of leaving Fred to twist in the wind.
Bash tells Bimpe that he would have walked out on her if it is not her. She apologizes but tells him that she is asking him to mix Yoruba and English so that she can work in them. He wonders why she cannot start speaking small Yoruba already? She insists that the mixture of languages will work. She suggests they mix Yoruba and Pidgin English. He considers it and says it is possible this will work. He eventually agrees to see Greg, who he calls Generator boy!
Phillip comes and shows Sheila a text from Amaka saying the board members want to pay for some of Fred’s bills from their own pockets. Sheila says that is a start but Phillip is furious and rages at the insult. Sheila hoped that a good night’s rest would have calmed him down. He wonders how she could be that collected about everything? She says they should at least start looking for other solutions like starting from their own savings. Freddie comes out and jumps on Sheila. He has so many questions to ask and is excited to see her. He asks after his grand dad and Sheila assures him he is okay. When he didn’t see grand dad, he asks if she is sure he is okay? She assures him he is okay and sent his regards.
Delmwa is happy at the way the story is going! She gets a call from Brenda who is expecting to have heard from her already. She says she has been busy. Brenda invites her out to lunch and she agrees and says she will let Brenda know when she is ready.
Bimpe breaks the news about her getting a production deal for him. He is not enthusiastic and asks a lot of questions. She assures him it is her uncle that is offering the job and he wonders who this uncle he has not seen before is? At some point she wonders what all the questions are about? Is he not happy she found him work? He says he did not ask her to get him a job!
Omar meets a worried Yaya at Ziggy’s and asks her what the issue is? She says she is okay but he continues to ask her as she looks miserable. She lets out gat it is Phillip. He wonders why she still worries about him? She says he sounded down when she called him. He waves it off but she insists it was different this time. He tells her that Phillip looked okay when he saw him in the office. Yaya wonders what he is doing in the office? Omar says there was a board meeting. She is happy and believes it was his re-in statement to the board! She quickly calls Phillip and tells him she heard the good news. Which news? He asks. She tells him it is his re-appointment to the board! He tells her that it is nothing of such and drops the phone. Yaya packs her things and abandons Umar at Ziggy’s.
Delmwa meets with Brenda in her new office. She asks what Delmwa thinks and she says the place looks different. Delmwa says she had been thinking of Brenda’s offer and it makes no sense to her. Btenda wonders why? She says she is making headlines now. Brenda reads a piece on her and Angela’s TV show. She asks Delmwa not to let the press fool her. The same people will come for her blood if the show fails. She had always seen Delmwa as someone that does more than be affected by events around her. Delmwa wonders what will be different if she came to Black Ananse? Brenda tells her she is offering her the position of Head of Production.
Sheila comes back to meet Phillip and tells him she spoke with the hospital and nothing has changed so far with Fred. She asks who he was talking to earlier and he says it is one of the helps. She says she will be going to meet with Fred’s accountant to see if she can get access to money in his personal account. Phillip agrees but reminds her that she will need some medical documents to convince them of the emergency. She holds his hands and tells him that all will be okay and Fred will be back. He places his hands over hers and agrees.
Delmwa reminds Brenda that she has not production experience. Brenda tells her that she promised to make her visit worth it’s while. She tells Delmwa that she knows how to manage a project and asks her to think about the offer and not answer flippantly. She stands up and thinks. Brenda reminds her that she has become comfortable where she is! She responds that she is not comfortable but established! Brenda wonders for how long she can continue to do that especially under someone like Angela? Delmwa turns back and heads to the door. She has an animal team building exercise to attend. What’s that? Brenda asks. Delmwa tells her it is a program run by … wait a minute, you know her. She used to be Kwame’s ex! That got Brenda thinking.
Yaya gets into Fred’s house and calls out for Phillip. When she sees no one, she calls for Cosmo and as she pulls out her phone to make a call, Sheila walks out on her way out and sees her. Yaya calls Sheila and a look of recognition crosses Sheila’s face!

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Brenda asks Dannie if she had not done enough damage already? Dannie says she is just starting. Brenda aims to slap her face but she effortlessly catches Brenda’s arm in mid-flight!