Bimpe drags Greg away from prepping the show and asks what the note he left her is? He wrote that when she has his time, he will be in the office. He tells her that he wanted to talk but she was not there. She is not happy that after all she did to organize a party for his birthday, he is treating her like that. He reminds her that she did not even know when he left. She abandoned him on his birthday when she saw her fans. She asks if he is jealous of her fans now? He says no but will rather be working than talking to her and moves off. The studio hands look at Bimpe and she loudly asks what they are looking for?
Mimi suggests that they make the lead a musician to dull down the edginess of the show. Delmwa goes after her and asks if she wants to turn the show to a musical? Mimi wants no such thing but thinks her suggestion makes sense. Others try to weigh in and Delmwa asks Mimi to speak up. She says music is one area the average Nigerian can relate to. Delmwa tells her that Angela liked her earlier pitch. She replies that Angela is not the average balanced Nigerian and keeps a straight face. Delmwa and Angela look shocked!
Bimpe sneaks into Greg’s office and agrees that it was his birthday and the least she could have done is give him some time. He says he does not need so much time but she asks him not to interrupt her apology. He tells her he accepts the apology. She is surprised and asks if that is it? He says yes and he needs to finish off an assignment. Bimpe is not pleased he is putting the assignment over their moment. He insists there is nothing to talk about and if there is, she can wait till he submits that assignment.
Sheila and Phillip walk into Amaka’s office. The other board members are not yet there and Amaka says they are on their way. They are late because of the short notice. Sheila and Phillip sit down and Phillip try to no avail to reach Dr. Gyang’s phone. Amaka asks why Sheila came back? She could have called. Sheila says yes, but she decided to come and personally sort out the issues. Amaka asks who is caring for Fred while she is away and she says it is Dan and TTK. TTK is not happy though at her having to shift her theatre schedule. Amaka says her coming back means the board will have to pay for her ticket and she hopes they will not wonder if she came back for ulterior motives. Sheila wonders what those motives could be and Amaka says especially with the changing stories. Sheila tells her that the story did not change; Fred’s condition changed! Phillip tries to come in but Sheila stops him and asks Amaka to get what she had been wanting to say off her chest!
Delmwa asks what Mimi just said about Angela? The other staff also think Mimi stepped over the line including Angela. Dannie comes out and asks them to take a deep breath and get the negative energy out. Charlie joins the exercise but others did not. She tells them she can feel their aura now. Her other suggestions about a sleep-over, etc were all rejected by the staff. She leaves them.
Bimpe comes in and asks Lola where Greg is? Lola wonders what her own is? If Bimpe does not know where Greg is, how is it her business? Or is there trouble in paradise?
Sheila speaks up when Amaka keeps quiet and tells her that nothing happened between her and Phillip at the hospital even though she met them in what looked like a compromising situation. Amaka tries to says something and Phillip advises she backs off. She agrees but reminds Phillip he is not out of the woods over the other matter. Sheila wonders what she is talking about? Amaka snatches the phone and is told Dr. Gyang is around as Sheila asks Phillip what Amaka means. They get up to go for the board meeting and Amaka reminds Phillip that he is not allowed into the meeting. Phillip insists it is about his father and on that basis, they should make an exception for him. Amaka says they are already making exceptions by approving extra money. She asks Phillip to either wait outside or face the indignity of being asked to leave. They won’t let him in even though he is the ex-chairman. Sheila is surprised to hear he was chairman and he tells her that it is long story. She asks to be told about the story later and assures him not to worry. She will let him know how it goes.
Frank berates Bimpe for doing the wrong thing. Bimpe insists that it is guys that expect you to apologize when they have done wrong. Frank tells her that if she had done the right thing, this would not have happened. If she had bought that bottle of wine, he would have been sipping on it while she runs around with her fans. She asks him if he is bothered about her or his sales? Greg appears behind her and asks where she has been? She is not picking her calls. She checks and sees she has 14 missed calls. She apologizes and asks if he has gotten over her abandoning him? He says he will get there. She asks if there is anything she can do to speed up the process! He tells her not to worry and asks what she wants to talk to him about! She wonders if he still loves her enough? He tells her that she will wake up one day and wonder how she ended up with this dry guy? She hugs him and tells him he is not that that dry. They decide to go home and he lifts her physically up to the applause of the other patrons in the bar!
The board meets and Sheila tells them about Fred’s condition after thanking them for the money they had sent. He was doing well till a fragment of bullet moved and put him in critical condition. He is stabilized now but needs further treatment to ensure that he fully recovers. She does not know what it will cost but passes on documents showing what needs to be done. They need more money and it is needed now. One of the board members agrees with her but another wonders why they should send more money when the first one is not accounted for yet? The consenting shareholder remind him that if he is the one in the hospital won’t he expect funds quickly! The dissenter tell them that they run a business and owe their shareholders some responsibilities.
Angela grabs Dannie and tells her that her idea worked! The writing workshop is in full swing with some of the workers on the floor! Angela insists that Dannie joins them. They ask Charlie to suggest a crime to use as the lawyer in the room. He suggests kidnapping but that’s too old. He comes up with drugs but others think it will not fit a show called Under The Bridge. Odun suggests they change the name and Delmwa goes after him. She asks for fresh ideas and Mimi says she should have come with a thinking cap instead of the wig she is wearing. Dannie is surprised it is a wig and when Charlie says he does not understand women’s obsession with hair, Mimi shifts to get a good look of him when Delmwa shouts that she has got it! An Eureka moment.
Phillip wait in Amaka’s office when Yaya calls. He asks to call her back when she asks what is going on? He sounds tense. He promises to call her back and cuts the phone!
Bimpe thanks Greg for bringing her home and suggests he spends the night. He tells her that he needs to be at work early the next morning. She agrees and says there will always be another time but suggests that he can tell Audu that he was late due to traffic or that a truck broke down he insists on leaving and they share a kiss and a hug and he was gone. Shortly after, a knock and Bimoe asks if he came back? She opens the door and Bashiru saunters in and calls her Bimp pimp pimp!
The writers complete their work and share their good byes. They never thought they will achieve that much. Mimi thanks Angela for opening up her house to them. Delmwa did not think they will achieve this much. Charlie thanks Angela for suggesting a sleepover! Angela reminds him that it is Dannie that suggested that! They all leave and Angela thanks Dannie for breaking down the walls. Dannie says it is her calling. Angela asks how much Dannie charges per session for team building? Dannie goes off dancing!
The consenting shareholder tell the dissenting shareholder that he had no right to dictate to the board like that. The meeting break down to a shouting match but stopes when Phillip walks in. He asks if that is how a board meeting is held? He urges them to continue with their business. Dr. Gyang put the motion to vote and 4 shareholders vote against the motion while only three supported it. Some board members like Amaka and Dr. Gyang did not vote. The chairman rules that the motion is defeated. Phillip tell them that they cannot do this to Fred. He is Reel Studios. Dr. Gyang adjourns the meeting!

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