Bimpe arranges to meet with Bash, who she calls Uncle. Bash is on his way to Ziggy’s to meet with them in an hour. Greg asks Bimpe what else she wanted to tell him? She tells him bash has chosen the story about the prostitute. Greg is not happy that Bash made them go through the whole choosing of story when he knew he has made up his mind. Bimpe assures him that Bash may have discussed with other movie makers and that dictated the choice. He goes on to ask the writer to get cracking and Bimpe tells him to ensure that the writer does not cheat him. If she was not busy, she would have written the script herself!
Tare meets Brenda with news about their sales figures but Brenda is more interested in telling her that soon Delmwa will walk in begging for a job. Tare wonders why she is bent on destroying Angela & whether she puts that ahead of their sales figures? Brenda asks her to tell her how the sales is going. Tare tells her that their video is sold out in Onitsha and is selling like hot cake in Alaba and Idumota. Brenda receives an invite from Angela to her screening and shows Tare saying that the lunatic is inviting her to a screening. Tare asks her if she will attend?
Bimpe and Greg meet Bash who is furiously picking his teeth. Bimpe asks him to start thinking about costumes, etc because she wants it to be on point! Bash reminds them that they need to watch the budget. Bimpe agrees and asks Greg to tell Bash the timelines. Greg says they will finish the script in one month. Bash goes into a fit of coughing. When he gets out, he chews Greg for asking for a month!
Barrister Odey is welcomed by Phillip and Sheila. Sheila asks him what he knows about how Fred ended up in hospital? He repeats the story that is making the rounds about Phillip shooting Fred and their trying to raise money for his treatment. Sheila tells him that they need his help he asks how he can be of assistance? She looks at Phillip and tells the lawyer that she wants to see her husband’s will! The two men react in shock!
Bash says he is not a new person in the industry. He recounts the whole movies he had produced. They were all written in 5 days and they all sold well. Bimpe tells him that the writer asked for two months but Greg pushed it down to one month. Bash says he can only give them one week. Greg says it is not enough and he gives them 9 days. Bimpe asks Greg to go back to the writer and tell him to accept 9 days. Bash tells them that he has professional writers who can turn the story out in 3 days. He has made 26 or more movies in his life time and own numerous awards. All they want is the situation while the actors turn out the movie. Greg says the writer will laugh in their face. Bimpe tells him to try and bash tells them that he has his writers.
The lawyer tells Sheila that what she is asking for is impossible. It is a gross violation of attorney client privilege. Phillip tells him to hold on. Sheila must have a good reason for her request. Sheila says she knows the contents of her husband’s will. It has been difficult getting a loan because everything of value is in Fred’s name. If they can show that some things will pass on to some family members, it may be easier to raise funds. The lawyer says it is not possible. He also tells her that the last will and testament of Mr. Ade-Williams in their possession is not the one she talked about. Sheila reminds him that Alfred invited him to re-do his will when they got back from South Africa. The lawyer says he brought the papers to Fred but Fred never returned the completed forms.
Angela and Dannie discuss the screening and Dannie assures her it will go well. Brenda calls to ask why she was invited? Angela tells her if she does not want to see her fail once again? Brenda asks her who she has been talking to and Angela says she does not need to talk to anyone. She snaps off the phone and Dannie asks her why she did that? She asks Dannie what can go wrong? Will Brenda steal the footage? Dannie reminds her that she does not need any unnecessary drama that day.
Bash, Greg and Bimpe continue to discuss. Greg speaks to the writer who refuses to be rushed saying it is impossible to write a script in 9 days. Bash wonders if the guy is a Nigerian because no Nigerian will tell you something is impossible. He says even the waiter will agree to write that script if he is invited! Greg leaves them and goes out. Bash asks if he is mad? Does he want to teach him his business? Bimpe begs him to be patient. Greg is just trying to ensure everything went well. Bash tells her that he makes about four films in a month. She begs him to give them two weeks and when he says it is not possible, Bimpe reminds him that nothing is impossible for Nigerians. He agrees to give them two weeks.
Sheila pointedly asks the lawyer if the will he has does not have her in it? The lawyer takes his leave without answering. Phillip tells her that she should have told him before calling the lawyer. He assures her that Fred will make things easier when he is around. As he talks about how to get things right and raise funds, Sheila stops him by reminding him that she ought to be Fred’s next-of-kin but she is not even in his will!
Angela meets Delmwa on her way out for lunch. She has been looking for Delmwa and Delmwa says she stepped out. Angela asks her after the screening and she says she had fixed the summary Angela wanted. Angela invites her for lunch and she says she is not hungry. Angela tries to coax a warm response from her but she keeps answering in parables. Angela gives up and leaves.
Amaka asks what will Phillip and Sheila are talking about? Phillip moves on and leaves the two of them to talk. Amaka asks what will they are discussing? Sheila says she did not hear her come in. Amaka asks if she got a good amount from her shares she says she is no longer selling. She asks Amaka if Fred ever discussed his will with her? Amaka wonders why Sheila is looking for Fred’s will when he is still alive? Sheila reminds her that the answer to the question is simple; yes or no. Amaka says Chief Akinpelu must be right. Sheila is scavenging. Sheila shouts her down but she continues and reminds Amaka to shut up if she has nothing to say. Amaka tells her that she had the effrontery to sleep with the son and flaunt it before her husband. Sheila wonders why Amaka is discussing family issues with that vulgar chief? Amaka thinks she is the one that is vulgar and leaves.
Bimpe meets Greg and tells him that they have two weeks to get the script. Greg says it is not enough. She asks him to manage it as the only other option is to cancel. He also agrees that is not an option. Lola walks in and asks him after the minister? Which minister? They ask. Lola reminds them they were to get a minister they ought to interview that week. He suddenly remembers he was to arrange a minister for the interview.
Brenda calls Delmwa to ask after the screening. Delmwa smiles and explains to her that the screening is to raise sponsorship. Brenda asks why she is invited? Delmwa wonders if Angela knew about their meetings? Brenda does not think so. She assures Delmwa that no one will put money on Angela. She ends by strongly informing Delmwa to come and work for her. She wants her head of production and she wants her soon! Delmwa signs off with a smile.
Sheila scatters the whole house looking for documents and Phillip reminds her that even if she sees the documents, no one will help them. He advises that they band together and raise the funds. Sheila starts screaming about not being in Fred’s will. She gave him everything but he could not sign a will protecting her. She reminds him that even the shares she has, she paid for it herself including a lot of other things. She starts crying and Phillip go to comfort her but stops short.

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