The girls convince Salewa to go out with Prisca on a double date but Salewa drags her feet. She eventually agrees but does not want to stay out late. Prisca is happy about that.
Angela asks Mimi what is the problem with the script? She does not think it is wholesome for the family. Delmwa attacks her but Angela mediates and tries to convince her that the script meets current trend. She wonders why we should copy foreigners every time? Why must we bring crime into our bedrooms? Delmwa tells her that she is just jealous her pitch was not picked and she tells Delmwa that she is afraid her own pitch will soon be cancelled! Angela is bewildered.
Salewa and Prisca make small talk as they wait for Salewa’s date in Ziggy’s. Frank approaches but they say they will order when their friends come. Prisca thinks Salewa will like her generous date, etc. Salewa sees two men entering and calls Prisca to join her in looking down on them. Prisca tells her it’s Dike, her date!
Sankey and Segun ask if Louisa has told them everything she knows? Louisa assures them that she does not know more. They tell her that they will not be happy to bring her back there. She asks if she is being released? Yes, they are only interested in Majek and since he has not tried to contact her, there is no point keeping her. They will however be watching her and it will help if she lets them know if he contacts her. She is also not allowed to travel without obtaining their permission. She assures them that she will fully co-operate with them. Majek is the reason she is suffering now. He has also been lying to her!
Dike says Salewa is as nice as he was told. Prisca gets up to go and Salewa jumps up but Prisca tells her that they will gist when she gets home. Prisca and Dike’s escort move away and Dike asks Salewa to order whatever she wants. He will pay. The short Dike asks Frank to get him “chirred” beer. Salewa will not order anything and tells him she thinks there has been a mistake. Dike asks if she is doing shakara for him? He asks her what it will cost him to pluck her flower? He knows he will pay extra. She needs to just say it! Salewa is alarmed at hearing flower and gets up from her seat. Dike asks that they go to his place if she is not comfortable with the open place. To do what? Salewa asks? Salewa jumps up and runs away!
Amaka welcomes Phillip and once he settles in, she tells him that the police has linked Majek to the missing container. Phillip says he would have wanted to say he told her but he will still do so. Amaka asks him not to add to her recriminations. She has beaten herself up enough. She wonders what Majek was after that almost cost a lot of lives? Phillip says the only person that has the answers is Majek. Amaka hopes that the police catches him. Phillip tells her that he spoke with Sheila and she is getting worried.
Angela takes Mimi into her office and tries to calm her down. She assures Mimi that they need to find a way to keep the audience happy. Mimi asks what will happen if the audience is pushed away? Angela thinks they should try. She asks Mimi for the publicity program. Mimi assures her that the reporter from Tinsel Town will be there soon. As she leaves, Delmwa walks in and Angela also tells her that she should not have shoved it down Mimi’s throat like that. Delmwa says Mimi has no right to submit a pitch in the first place. Angela tells her to keep it down. They need to carry everyone along.
Salewa bursts into the house and tells Sho and Helen that she has suffered. She struggles to tell them what happened and they tell her to calm down. When she is calmer, she tells them that Mimi set her up with an old man that is dressed like a small boy while Prisca leaves with another old man. The other two girls are horrified and Helen asks where Prisca meets those kinds of men? Sho says they will deal with her when she gets back.
Amaka asks Phillip why Sheila is worried? Is Fred getting worse? Phillip tells him they are running short of funds. Fred’s medical insurance is not much and Dan and Titi have also been eating into their account. Amaka wonders why Sheila is not talking to her if they need more money? Phillip asks her if she had spoken with Sheila since she left town? He will meet with Fred’s accountant to try and get funds from his other accounts. Amaka says she will talk to the board to approve some funds for the treatment of their chairman. On his way out, Phillip asks her to call Sheila if she no longer wants to depend on second-hand information.
Angela tells Dannie where to find something in the house and as she is about to drop, she asks what is worrying Angela? She can hear it in her voice. Angela tells her about the feud between Delmwa and Mimi and the impending interview with tinsel Town. Dannie says that is why she will not survive office politics. She advises Angela to do the interview with Delmwa. That will give Delmwa some respect and also earn Angela Delmwa’s loyalty. Angela thanks her for that. She didn’t think of that. Delmwa walks in just then to ask if Angela has time for some reviews? Angela invites her for the interview. She is quite happy with that and walks out happily.
Prisca walks in and happily apologizes to Salewa for leaving. The girls attack her. She wonders what they are on about? They are not happy she pimped Salewa to an aristo! Helen adds that Prisca collected money from the man to pluck Salewa’s flower. Prisca wonders what they are worried about? If Salewa does not like the man, she can simply walk away! She goes to her box and fished out her passport. They ask where she is going to? She is catching the last flight to Abuja! The other girls look on in shock as she sashays out!
Phillip meets with Fred’s accountant to discuss how to get funds to them. She says she is aware that Fred and Sheila’s joint account is running low. Phillip asks how they can get funds from his other accounts! She tells him it will be difficult as Fred is the sole signatory to those accounts. They have to wait till he is healthy enough to operate the accounts!
Amaka confirms that Funmi has fixed the board meeting for the next day. She picks up her tab and skypes Sheila to ask how they are doing? Sheila says they are doing as well as the circumstances permit. The conversation was going on cordially till Amaka talks about family and Sheila cheerfully repeats what Phillip said about Brenda. Amaka notes that Sheila and Phillip has had a lot to talk about! Sheila clams up and tells her that she was at least civil for five minutes. Amaka cannot believe that Sheila is calling her uncivilized and reminds Sheila that she is the one that has a problem with inappropriate behavior. Sheila asks her not to call her again and to pass whatever information she has to Phillip!
Tare shows Brenda the interview that Angela and Delmwa granted to Tinsel Town. It talks about their new cutting-edge project which they may have to show on new media as it may be too edgy for television. Brenda cannot believe what she is hearing and asks if Angela is really going to go on with this rubbish?

Next on Tinsel
A very humble Louisa requests to speak with Amaka. When Amaka waits, she says she wants to talk in private, indicating Funmi’s presence!