Sho and Helen disrupt Salewa’s reading and invite her out to a night out at a club. She refuses but they manage to convince her to come.
Phillip come into Ziggy’s and is about to go out when Omar hails him. He stops by their table and says he stopped by to grab a bite. He is on his way elsewhere. Omar taunts him about his breaking into their date the last time they wanted to stay alone. Now he cannot even bear to see them? Phillip calls Brenda to cancel his attendance at their scheduled meeting. Brenda is furious but he says he will email his ideas and sits down with them.
Salewa drags a furious Sho out of the club and tells her that Helen has disappeared. Sho is not happy to miss her favourite song and says Helen is in the ladies but Sakewa has checked there. Just then, Helen stumbles out on the arms of Prisca who says Helen could not handle her booze. Salewa asks what she took and is alarmed to hear she drank vodka! They ask for the guys they came with and are shocked to learn that they have disappeared!
Phillip sits down with Omar and Yaya who are busy discussing someone’s costume at the book launch. He asks what they are talking about and Omar asks if he even knows what they are discussing? Phillip tells him that it is not exactly rocket science. He asks how they met and what they find interesting and Omar wants to know why he is interested.
The girls get to where the boys parked and the car is no longer there. They quarrel with Sho who told them that the guys are her friends. They talk about how to get home as they did not even come out with vex money. As they argue, two boys approach and ask if they need a ride home? Salewa asks them to give them space to discuss. They pool their funds together but it is not enough. The guys say they are in a hurry and Sho quickly agrees that they join them even though Salewa had expressed reservations about whether they can trust the guys. Prisca does not think there is anything to fear.
Omar and Yaya discuss the book launch and after a while, she asks Phillip why he has been quiet? He tells her that he was not at the book launch with them. She brings him up to speed and after a while, Phillip gets up to leave. Yaya asks why he is leaving so early? He is not even waiting for the food he ordered for? He abandons them and leaves.
Brenda packs up the meeting as Phillip will not show up. Feke accosts Tare and asks how she met Phillip and whether it was love at first sight? Tare looks like slapping her and she quickly says they were all over the tabloids. Brenda receives a message and complains loudly that Phillip has just sent whatever drivel entered his mind. She can now see why Kwame was running the place alone. Tare reminds her that she is also holding back on her ideas because Phillip is not there. She asks if Brenda is suddenly afraid to go on? Brenda does not agree and Tare reminds her that she ran Odyssey without waiting for anyone’s approval? Is she afraid that she has lost a lot of grounds already?
The girls pile into the car and instead of leaving, the boys wait. Sales a asks why they are leaving and instead, the boys introduce themselves and one of them starts touching Salewa’s body. She slaps him when he touches her legs and when she jumps out of the car, the guy recognizes her and tells her friend that it is the campus virgin that Titan dumped. They order the girls to leave their car!
Omar takes Yaya home and thanks her for their outing. As he gets up to leave, he leans in to kiss her but she recoils. He asks if she is still into Phillip? She reminds him that she just broke up with Phillip and asks if he is really into her or he is trying to get back at Phillip through her? He tells her that anyone who puts his hope on Phillip is setting himself up for a big fall!
Delmwa introduces two new guys to Angela and Angela welcomes them to the company and asks them to enjoy themselves. Nne na announces a visitor and Dannie comes in and smiles broadly!
Phillip watches a program on TV and after a while, he calls Yaya to ask whether she is awake? She says she is okay and up already. Phillip says his day is just starting but he called because he is watching her favourite program. They discuss the program happily.
Prisca cannot believe that she walked a mile in heels just because some guy touched Salewa’s laps. Salewa does not understand what she is talking about. Sho asks why everything had to be about Prisca? Should Salewa had allowed the guy insult her? Prisca says they guy Salewa slapped may have been a minister’s son. No risk, no rewards. The girls are happy to be home in one piece. Prisca says next time, she will hang out with big boys, not ruffians. The girls do not seem to care about her feelings.
Angela asks where Dannie had been? She expected her to be still touring the world. Dannie says she had an eureka moment and wants to be a life coach to executives, etc. She lays out her plan but Angela tells her that she is just looking for money now to save her company. Dannie packs her files and as she is about to leave, Angela stops her and asks if she has got a place to stay?
Yaya and Phillip suddenly realize that they have been on the phone for a while. She reminds him she is now a working lady. He asks what it is like being her mum’s employee? She confesses it was scary at first but she is getting by. He tells her he is proud of her. She says he will give her a big head at this rate. She is about to sign off but he stops her and asks if she still wants to be friends? That brings a big smile to her face.

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