Lola and Bimpe continue their squabble. Bimpe wants to go and freshen up. Lola asks what she will tell Audu? Bimpe tells her that she trusts her judgement to do the right thing. Lola says she has something to tell Bimpe but Bimpe walks out.
Sankey continues her interviews and Amaka comes in to ask how she is doing? She says they are being thorough. Amaka worries about the large number of people outside. Sankey says the last interviewee said something interesting. Majek supervised the offloading of the crates when they arrived. Amaka wonders what is strange about that? Sankey says the warehouse staff could have managed that but Majek insisted. Amaka says he cannot be reached. He quit. Sankey asks for his contact details and Amaka says she should ask Louisa. Sankey asks that she be sent in.
Delmwa announces that Angela will announce the winner that afternoon. Mimi says she is not ready. Delmwa does not believe she thinks she stands a chance. With zero experience, she stands no chance. Mimi says she at least did not do last minute like Delmwa. Delmwa wonders what she means and she says that Odun said Angela was confused when she read Delmwa’s entry. Odun says Angela was frowning when she was reading. Delmwa concludes that Angela frowns when she is reading. Odun advises that they wish each other luck but Delmwa will hear nothing of that.
Sankey digs into Louisa and asks whether she is in touch with her husband? She says yes but tries to change after. She asks what the interview is about? Snakes asks if she is into the plan? Louisa tries to hedge but Sankey asks if she knows where her husband is? She threatens to keep Louisa away for the night to juggle her memory. Louisa babbles and Sankey grabs and searches her bag before she could do anything. She sees the ticket Louisa has and asks if she is traveling? Louisa says she is not a part of the plan!
Lola meets Bimpe getting ready and tells her that Reel Studios called her earlier for a screen test but she was not there so they spoke with her. They are offering her a role in their new blockbuster and as Bimpe is not interested, she will call and cancel on her behalf. She makes a call and Bimpe grabs the phone and introduces herself. She will come and join them. Lola reminds her that she needs to cancel her job offer with Obi de Don. Bimpe calls Obi who is not happy and threatens to stop her from working in Nollywood.
Angela calls everyone together and says she has chosen a script done by Delmwa. They congratulate her but she tells her that it still needs a lot of work. Delmwa assures that she has not had the best of her.
Sankey and Segun interview Louisa. She tells them that they had been having issues with her marriage owing to Majek’s thing with Amaka. That got Sankey and Segun exchange glances. One day, he takes off and he later called her from abroad and asked her to join him. They ask if they are heading to Maldives and she says she believes that he will come for her there and they move on to a new life. Sankey asks for her phone for their investigations. She hands it over and asks if she is in trouble?
Bimpe arrives Reel Studios and is met at the reception. They ask her for the questions and she wonders what they are talking about? She is there for a screen test and not questions. The guy tells her that they are expecting a Bimpe Adekoya from the Scope to come interview their officials. Bimpe looks like collapsing.
Sankey and Seguna ask Louisa what else she noticed? She tells them that nothing changed so much but remembers a pet potted plant that he cared for so much! She remembers teasing him that if he cared for their marriage as much as the plant, they won’t have any issues. They ask what was unique about the plant? She remembers that the potted plant had pebbles mixed in sand there. She suddenly remembers that the last time she saw the pot was before Majek disappeared.
Tare tries to get Brenda and Phillip to work together on the publicity stunt for Black Ananse but the two of them will not have that. They insists that she focuses on the artists and whatever to drive her publicity. Brenda and Phillip say a flat no to the that. They ask her to find something else to use.
Bimpe comes back and Lola asks how it went? How what went? They were expecting an interviewer from The Scope instead of a screen test. Lola says the guy on the phone sounded phony but she used one stone to kill two birds; get an interview at Reel Studios as they will not allow her into their premises again and also stop Bimpe from going to act in that ridiculous Obi movie. Bimpe launches herself at her and they start running around the studio till Greg catches Bimpe. She struggles to break free while promising to kill Lola. She breaks free from Greg and they start running around the studio as Audu burst in and ask what is going on?
Brenda and Phillip insists that Tare’s plan sucks. Brenda leaves for a conference call and Tare wonders why Phillip makes things so difficult? He tells her that her plan sucks and he also does not trust Brenda. She wonders what he is talking about? He thinks that you can’t be too trusting with a Mensah. Phillip reminds her that they are now siblings and need to stick together after all they have gone through but Phillip will not hear that. Instead he asks if he can trust Tare to keep an eye on Brenda? Brenda and Feke return from their conference call because they do not have the code and seeing Tare and Phillip, asks them what she missed?
Audu berates Bimpe and Lola for behaving in an unprofessional manner. We may not always agree with each other but we owe each other to be civil. If they cannot tolerate each other, he may be forced to re-think their employment. Lola apologizes to him and Bimpe. Bimpe also apologizes to him and he asks them to apologize to Greg, who is nursing a black eye.
Yahimba gets home and meets Yaya on her way out. Yaya hands her a parcel delivered earlier in the day and leaves. She opens the bag and sees a tiny pouch containing a piece of diamond and a note. The note asks if she is missing something? Finders keepers!

Next on Tinsel
A plain clothes policeman takes a call and asks Yahimba what she knows about the person she is asking after? Yahimna asks if his mother did not teach him to be respectful? He asks if Yahimba’s mum never told her to respect the police?