Greg visits Bimpe and she asks him to help her choose her outfits, etc. he asks her what she is doing? He did not think that she is going to act in the movie. Bimpe wonders what he means? She will not pass up this opportunity because of Lola. It is not her business that the show will be boring. Greg thinks she is being inconsiderate and selfish.
PAW comes out to meet Tare and wonders what she is doing? Taking a break from her new job? She says she did not know Brenda was inviting her to join Black Ananse. She came because she thought he will be having a tough time now. He agrees with his father in the hospital and his being arrested for that. Tare commends him for helping in catching Caesar. She is not hanging around, not in town or anywhere. Phillip wishes her a nice trip back as she was still trying to talk to him. She just clammed up and leaves.
Bimpe is shocked at Greg’s reaction and wonders why she needs to get permission from everyone to do what she wants? Greg tells her that she is not considering his feelings. She wonders what he means by that? Is it this one he is putting one leg in and one leg out? He calls her obtuse and she responds likewise. He leaves and drops a copy of one of the movie makers film for her so that she knows what she is getting into. She is not bothered.
Yahimba gets off the phone after chewing someone. Yaya asks what the issue is and Yahimba complains about the inefficient managing editor. Yaya begs her to allow her work as entertainment correspondent for Tinsel town. She can get into where she is not wanted and will not get drunk, so she sees what others will not see. Yahimba wonders why she should trust her? She begs and Yahimba agrees. Her first job is to keep a tab on Phillip. She baulks at that but gives in when Yahimba threatens.
Bimpe comes back to Greg as he gives a camera man instructions. She begs him and says she saw some of the film he dropped and it is nasty. She however called the producer and he agreed that she can avoid doing anything sexy if she does not want. Greg does not trust the man and does not want to be seen to be telling Bimpe what to do. She says it is because he cares. He opens his mouth to talk and she seals it with a kiss.
Louisa meets Yahimba and wonders why she is there? She is not sure the role will be okay for her. She asks how Yahimba heard about her? Yahimba pumps her for information about her next plans but she says she should not be discussing her family with someone who runs a rag and leaves.
Brenda asks Feke if she has been able to each Tare? She says no. Brenda asks for the hotel they reserved as she tries Tare and gets her voicemail.
Bimpe begs Audu to allow her go for a week only. Audu does not think she should be taking such a decision without consulting him first. Greg steps in and says they can manage with some special effects. Audu tells her that they brought her back because Lola was not working and she should not push it.
Sankey gets off the phone with someone who she promises fish pepper soup. She tells Segun that it was the airport security. They said they increase security at the airport because of a bomb threat, which turned out to be a hoax. She has the number but it is a fake number. She suddenly remembers that she knows the name!
Brenda corners Tare at the hotel. She says her flight is in 5 hours. Brenda tries to convince her to stay but she refuses. She does not want to run into Phillip. Brenda assures her that’s he will not. Phillip is busy at this moment. She still refuses but Brenda begs her to do it for Kwame. She eventually agrees and asks how Brenda ended up in Black Ananse? Brenda offers to buy them dinner and discuss. She asks if Tare still has feelings for Phillip? Tare looks downwards.
Sankey says she remembers the name from the last movie that Reel Studios premiered. Segun wonders how it comes in? She says her boyfriend in school also has the same first name. They consider how this fits in? Sankey says whoever made the call saw the movie before it was released. Segun tells her that everyone has seen the movie or the character is in the old movie. They agree to watch the old movie and if the character is missing, they will know that the caller is a part of the movie.
Lola and Bimpe wrap another episode. She harasses Bimpe for her sign-off statement. Accuses her of picking it from a children’s book. Bimpe agrees and walks off. Audu informs Lola about Bimpe leaving. She wonders who will take up Bimpe’s job? Audu thinks she can cope. Bimpe comes along and she attacks Bimpe. Accuses Bimpe of sleeping with all the men on set to get her way around. Bimpe gives her more quotes from her book and sings a jealousy song to her.
Phillip meets Tare in the bar and wonders why she is still around? She tells him she had to stay back because of Brenda. She says he looks different and he tells her about his relationship that did not work out. She says he didn’t take long to move on. He agrees it was doomed from the start and he had other issues to deal with too.
Louisa walks in and one of her colleagues asks if she knows her batch? What batch, she asks? The police are there and want to interview staff in batches. Louisa says she thought they have finished their investigations! She was told the police made a breakthrough. She turns to go back and Sankey stops her. She says she wants to get something from her car but Sankey insists she be interviewed first. As she walks past Sankey, Sankey wonders what she is missing or where she knew her from?

Next on Tinsel
Greg wonders why Lola did that? She says she is just being two steps ahead. Bimpe lunges at her and she takes off.