Greg chides Bimpe for what she said about his car and Mushin. She apologizes and says she did not mean to offend him. He says he just wants her to see him for who he is. She says she is no snob and has had her ghetto days. He is surprised at that and she asks him to remind her to tell him about her Makoko days with her ex. She is not new to slum life. He takes offense again and she stops him and asks why he is pretending to be comfortable where people are trying to come out from? He agrees he is being over-sensitive.
Yahimba tells Jimoh that honour is about to be placed where it belongs. Jimoh asks how long this will be? She tells him her publication is floating a platform for recognizing people like him. He asks if awards are not for the rich and famous? Yahimba tells him this one is for people with substance. She asks him for the full version of the story he shared with her reporter. He is furious to learn she is the publisher of Tinsel town and she called him? She manages to convince him to share his story. They clink glasses and she asks for further details about the hostage situation.
Bimpe and Lola interview a movie maker, Obi the Don who makes racy movies and has made tons of money from that. Bimpe goes along but Lola tries to be abrasive and the man cuts her off. As she tries to dig deeper, Bimpe wraps up the movie.
Feke welcomes Tare and tries to make her feel at home in Brenda’s absence but Tare is okay. She asks Feke to get her only water when Feke asks what she will drink. As Feke leaves, she wonders how Brenda whips up these enterprises out of nothing. She turns around, and there is Phillip who asks her what she is doing there with a furious face!
Obi The Don hails Lola as the defender of children but he says that he likes how she speaks her mind. As he hails her, she quickly tears herself off from the stage hand and runs off. Bimpe reminds him that she is an actress and he says he has seen her previous films. Now that she has talked about it, he has a film that has a role that is perfect for her. Bimpe hails him for that and asks what it is about? He tells her that someone has been cast for the role. She asks if they have signed a contract! Obi says he does not sign contracts. Bimpe asks how it goes and he launches into a long story about aristo girls who go out with men…
Yahimba interviews Jimoh about the hostage crisis and he tells her about the take over, etc. she asks if any staff acted out of character before the hostage crisis? Jimoh says no. Yahimba thinks it must be traumatic for him to go back to the same office everyday. She assures him that she will not share this discussion with any of her reporters. He tells her the others are still there, except one who left. Yahimba digs deeper and he tells her about Majek missing and his wife booking a ticket to get away from it all.
Tare asks Phillip what he is doing there? He says he has a meeting with Brenda. She confirms she is there for the same thing too. He asks if she is back in town for good? She says they will see but she will stay out of his way. He asks if the visit is business or pleasure? She says it is business. She came to work in Brenda’s company. Brenda walks right in and Phillip asks her if that is what she calls Black Ananse now, her company? Tare is shocked to hear it is Black Ananse.
Obi insists that Bimpe is not well-endowed enough for the role. Bimpe does not understand what he is talking about? He tells her that all his actresses have front and back assets. Bimpe tells him that she is so well-endowed, she is wearing a minimiser. Minimiser? He has not heard of that. She tells him that it is what well-endowed girls like her use to hold their assets together. If she unleashes everything, accidents will start happening. He tells her he has given the other actress her scripts. Bimpe reminds him that her famous face will sell films and he can also advertise the films on The Scope. He asks if she can leave for Asaba immediately?
Yaya pitches her water business to Omar. He tells her that it depends on who she is selling to and gets her confused. She asks that she sticks to her initial beauty product. He advises that she takes a step back and choose something she enjoys. She suggests opening a club or a yoga outfit. He asks her not to think but just feel it. She says she’s got it!
Brenda asks that they discuss this as adults. Phillip reminds her that she just offered Tare a job without informing him? He is not discussing anything. He leaves and Tare cannot believe Brenda flew her in for this. Brenda shouts surprise surprise!
Tare is not buying it and pushes Brenda away when she tries to hug her. Brenda asks her staff out of the room and tells Tare that she did not have a choice. Phillip needed assistance but was too proud to ask for help and Kwame was her only family. Tare tells her that the brief she was sent had nothing on Black Ananse or Phillip so she is sure Brenda knew what she was doing. Brenda tells her she is only interested in her history with Black Ananse and believes that Tare can handle her relationship with Phillip like an adult. Tare tells her that she has decided what to do and picks her bag and walks out!
Yahimba calls Louisa and tells her she is calling to offer some help. She hears that Louisa is not being treated well in Reel Studios. She is starting a new radical line in her publishing house and has been told that Louisa is the woman. Louisa asks who gave her number but Yahimba moves on. Louisa does not think this is a good time for her to switch jobs. Yahimba promises to double her salary and guarantee a harassment-free work environment. She only need Louisa to handle her publicity department.
Bimpe announces to Lola that she is off to star in the lead in Obi’s film. Lola thinks she is being selfish. Who will handle her job in The Scope? Greg says she does not need the role but Bimpe reminds them all that she is an actress. Greg suggests they get Audu in but Bimpe tells them she does not care. Nothing will stop her.
Angela reads through the scripts and wonders if the people writing them have heard of a decent script before? Delmwa walks in and dumps a file on her; graphic novel meets romance meets thriller meets every imaginable genre etc. she asks Angela to knock herself out. Angela looks at the file skeptically but Odun reminds her that it is Delmwa and there has to be serious stuff in there. She asks what can come in 24 hours but flips the file open and starts reading. She frowns and Odun asks if she can find anything useable? She looks pleasantly surprised and tells him that he cannot believe this.
Sankey gets into the office to meet the package they were expecting from Odyssey. Segun tells her the warehouse manager said he could not find it. Someone cleared out the file. They wonder whether someone was trying to hide something and whether he did not destroy the file? They try to piece the time sequence together based on information for. Caesar. The package got to Reel the same week Caesar and his boys were meant to pick it up from the ports. They could not get to it at the port due to heightened security. Sankey calls Yinusa to ask for information about happenings in his office.