Lola wonders why Bimpe is suddenly serious? Bimpe claims she loves her job. Lola wonders why she has not been involved in the research? Bimpe tells her they all know she likes the serious stuff. Greg comes in and asks how they have been coping without him in the past week? His eyes are locked with Bimpe’s & Lola asks if the question is meant for two of them? Greg and Bimpe keep giggling till she gives them five minutes alone. As Bimpe expects more, Greg suddenly remembers he has to talk to the crew.
Angela does not find the scripts and pitches boring. She wants to bring Odyssey into the future. Delmwa is not happy at this and argues that there is nothing like romance meets graphic writing like Angela wants. Angela tells her she will invite new pitches but will really like to work with her on the project she acquiesced but asks Angela to slow down for everyone’s sake.
Greg ensures that the crew members are on top of their roles. As he works on his notes, Bimpe comes in and hugs him from the back but he shouts at her to be professional. She wonders what she did wrong? Is there anyone there getting loving treatment? He tells her everyone is trying to be professional. She walks a way disgusted.
The mediator states the ground rules; what they are there for is admissible in court, etc. Louisa’s lawyer questions Amaka. She asks when Amaka knew Majek and why she went after Majek? Amaka insists that thre is nothing between them. Louisa jumps in and accuses Amaka of going after her husband and they insult each other.
Bimpe talks to Ene on the phone. Ene says they are all fine. The baby is okay and Chuks is now mature and pre-occupied with the baby. Ene asks after the girls in her apartment and Bimpe wonders why Ene is asking her when she gave control to Salewa? Ene asks after Greg and Bimpe says he moves like keke on the highway. He is too slow and has not even shown her his manifesto. Even in the office, he is all coy. Ene accuses her of being impatient but asks to leave though she does not envy Majek. Bimpe wonders what is wrong with some harassment?
Amaka’s,aw her questions Louisa and wonders why she is the one suingAmaka for seducing her husband? Is she suing on behalf of her husband? Louisa says Amaka damaged her marriage by going after her husband and creating a hostile work experience. Amaka disputes that she knew Majek was married. Her lawyer accuses Louisa of keeping her marriage hidden so that they can set Amaka up for blackmail. Louisa goes all emotional about Amaka breaking her marriage and causing them to fight and break apart and when Amaka came after him with her performance review, he quit. At some point, Amaka reminds her she did not mean for things to go this far. Louisa wants someone to pay for her broken marriage but Amaka’s lawyer reminds her that what she described does not sound like sexual harassment. It sounds like she is suing Amaka because her husband fell in love with her!
Feke and her new colleague get to Kwame’s place, their new office and Feke accuses him of not converting the place to an office already. He says he is still waiting for instruction from Brenda. Feke wonders what his role is going to be? He tells her he used to work with Kwame as an AD. Brenda has suggested that he will work in production. Feke claims that she was head of production at Odyssey, but he tells her that Brenda said she was a PA. She claims Brenda made her head of production. They agree to work on turning the flat into an office.
Bimpe gets intoZiggy’s and tells Frank that she will tell Greg they need to talk. Frank does not think it is good. Guys don’t like to hear that. She asks what she should do then? Frank suggests she wait. She says if she waits for him, she will wait till the next solar eclipse. Frank corrects her that it is lunar eclipse. She says whatever. Frank asks her what happened to the carefree Bimpe he used to know? She insists that Bimpe is still there and vows to move on. Just then, Greg calls and invites her to come so that they finish their unfinished business.
The mediator calls a break till the next day. As the guys file out, leaving Amaka and Louisa, Phillip walks in and Amaka asks him what he wants? He says he came to ask if she had thought of their discussion. He asks Louisa why she is suing Amaka but that one does not talk. He turns to Amaka to ask if she had seen Majek lately and the work he was supposed to be on? Did he leave anything on Laide? Louisa gets up and reminds him that he probably should have waited for the report before sacking him. With that, she gets up and walks out on Phillip!
Angela is on her way out and asks Mimi after Feke? She has not been seen. She asks after the pitches and Mimi says they are rolling in and the deadline is soon. Angela thinks it is good and turns to leave but Mimi tells her she will be pitching too. Angela is surprised and she confirmed that she had never done anything professional till now.
Phillip hopes that Amaka beats Louisa at this court case due to her attitude. Amaka asks what he wants and he reminds her about their discussion. She says it is not now. He reminds her that they have been planning to expand the studio. He is free now. Amaka says they do not have money for capital projects now. He thinks they can work something out. She asks after his father and he gives her an update. He is responding gradually to treatment. He tells her that she could have asked Sheila that. Amaka wonders how he thinks Sheila wants to hear from her? He tells her that he spoke with Sheila and told her that Amaka has realized that what she thinks she saw at the hospital was not how it is.
Bimpe is fuming that Greg made her come all the way to the office for nothing. Greg jumps out and shouts surprise surprise! He had written be my girl on the floor. He wonders whether Bimpe likes it? She agrees that she does. He asks if she will be his girl? She does not say anything but she gives him a hug and agrees after he apologizes for moving too fast and she asks if he is crazy thinking he is fast? They agree to go on a date!
Brenda walks into the new office and is pleasantly surprised at the work done by her two staff in making an office out of it. He commends them and hopes they share the same camaraderie when they resume the next day. Feke’s phone rings and she cuts it off.
Amaka walks into the conference room and seeing Louisa, apologizes but as she makes to go back, Louisa stops her. She will call her lawyer in the morning and withdraw the suit!

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Bimpe asks Greg if he came with the limousine? He tells her not exactly and shows him a beat-up old car with the red paint peeling!