Salewa rushes back in and Helen wonders why she rushed back instead of missing on campus. Salewa tells her she can speak with her on this and says she knows Helen does not wear lingerie. Helen agrees and she tells her about Bimpe’s missing g-string. She thinks it is one of those divas. Helen says she cannot accuse people without proof. Salewa asks her to keep it quiet.
Angela and Delmuah go through the script and the amendments made. Delmuah has been working on the script since they spoke yesterday. Angela calls Feke and asks her to summon a meeting of heads of department.
Sho and Prisca leave for school and Salewa goes to work immediately on her box. She sees handcuffs and asks Helen what it is used for? Helen runs off to check her eggs. She comes back and asks if Salewa has seen what she is looking for? The door bursts open and Sho walks right in!
Funmi and others discuss the impending arrival of Louisa’s lawyer. They wonder what will happen and whether the case will go to cou where everything will be forced to come out in the open? Just then, Louisa walks out to join them and they hail her. She reads the document she has and screams that she can’t believe Amaka is going through with suing her!
Salewa asks whether Sho came back early? She forgot something and asks what they are doing in Prisca’s things? They say they can explain and tell her about Bimpe’s missing g-string. She wonders why they think Prisca stole that when she is so rich? They tell her it could be with anyone and she is appalled they can call her a thief. Salewa insists on searching their things and Sho asks her to start with Helen who cannot afford lingerie. Helen goes red in the face and says she can never steal! They scream at each other and finally agree to go and see Bimpe and have her complain to Sho.
The HODs wait for Angela and think it is because of the production. Angela walks in and tells them that she has reviewed the script and seen the excellent work done by Delmuah. However, she has decided that they cannot make the movie as it is not tenable. The staff are shocked!
Yaya leaves a message on the phone as Yahimba comes out. She asks her about their discussion last night and Yahimba wonders which part of the discussion she found confusing? Is it the part about avoiding Phillip or getting to know other men? She says she will keep comparing the men to Phillip. Yahimba asks her to get serious and develop some staying power. Yaya accuses her of not wanting her relationship with PAW. Yahimba advises her to have her way. She asks if Yahimba thinks it will work? Yahimba tells her that all men are children. She asks if her father was one of those? Yahimba tells her that her father was an exception but he also has his moments. As she leaves, Yaya calls up Omar.
Salewa screams at Bimpe for keeping them waiting for so long. She asks them why she cannot have a bath in her own apartment? They tell her they are there to resolve the accusation about the lingerie. She tells them it is a G, a very expensive G. Sho reminds her it is just bra and pant. She asks Bimpe to bring her laundry basket to be searched. Bimpe says no. Salewa asks her to bring it so that they get this over with. Bimpe reluctantly brings her basket and Sho digs out a tiny pink rope. Bimpe, Salewa and Helen apologize to her and while they wait for her to say something, she smells smoke and Helen remembers her eggs and they all run off!
The staff ask Angela if she is serious? They cannot believe she is throwing away the production they have invested so much on? She tells them the project was dead immediately the director decided to shoot what he wants on their money and he has exceeded all their cost projections so far. She has decided to move them to television. They all scream and someone welcomes Angelique! Angela explains that she can position them to exploit the gaps in television rather than films. Delmuah is in charge of it.
Lola comes late to meet Yahimba in a bar and apologizes for coming late. Yahimba asks her who her source at reel studios is? She is not in a hurry to disclose who her source is and Yahimba reminds her who the employer is and who is asking the questions. She assures Lola that whatever they discuss is confidential. Lola volunteers that the source is not an Ade-Williams. That is not important to Yahimba. She wants the person’s name.
The girls put out the fire in the kitchen from Helen’s eggs and Helen apologizes for forgetting. Sho digs into her for forgetting but remembering to search for Bimpe’s undies. They wonder what they could have done without the fire extinguisher. Salewa complains that their trouble in the flat is too much. Sho says they cannot be accused of being dry. Salewa says they have to be dry and for a long time. She is moving in!
Delmuah dumps documents on Angela’s table and tells her it is from the project she commissioned earlier as Angelique. Angela takes one look at the documents and could not believe how she could have commissioned that. Angela assures her that she is considered an asset to the company. She calls antenna to ask for Feke but was told that Feke stepped out. She is not happy that Feke did that without permission.
Yaya waits for Omar in Ziggy’s and watches Peju talk about Caesar and how he was arrested by the police with Masters’s assistance. Omar walks in and she introduces him to her latest project; bottled water. He does not appear enthusiastic and asks why she bounces from one project to the other? She tells him that she can finish the beauty treatment thing if she wanted. He agrees and asks her to talk to him about the project. She bones up and he coaxes a smile off her. He misses the smile and wished he could have managed that at the hotel the other day. He asks what happened to Phillip? He thinks it is the usual Phillip being used to getting his way with everything. She asks him not to say that. She forced him away. She clams up again and he reminds her that she needs to get him out of her mind.
Brenda’s staff stops to express his happiness at her bringing him back to work for her. She tells him that it is nothing. It is all about loyalty. Feke rushes in and apologizes for letting things unravel at Odyssey and asks Brenda to hire her in whatever capacity. Brenda reminds the first guy about what she told him about loyalty?
Louisa and her lawyer discuss strategy before Amaka walks in with her own lawyer. She asks for the mediator as she has another meeting in 35 minutes. Louisa attacks her for thinking that this is something she can sort out in her lunch break. She thinks it is the most important part of Amaka’s day. Amaka tells her to take a hike. They launch into each other till the lawyers ask them to shove it.

Next on Tinsel
Feke asks her new colleague about his experience. He tells her he used to work for Kwame in Black Ananse as his AD, so he has a lot of production experience. Feke tells him that she was the head of production at Odyssey. He replies that Brenda told him that she was a PA!