Helen reads more story to Salewa. They wonder where they are getting the story about her parents from? Helen thinks it is Sho but Salewa says it may not even be Sho. She takes a call and tells the person off. Helen switches off the phone and says they will not be able to get information from a number that is not available.
Kwabena gives Brenda a brief on what Ferroil expects of Black Ananse. They are looking to launch a series of viral campaigns, etc. Brenda thanks him and says she is ready to work on the materials. Kwabena wonders if she had enough materials to work on? She says she does and is ready to run off. She takes another call from another appointment who is already there.
Sho is furious with Prisca for leaking the story about Salewa and Titan. Prisca claims she only mentioned it in passing to a few friends and insists she is not responsible for the story spreading. Sho reminds her that once she tells one person, that person will tell another. She eventually grabs her things and runs off to her parents till the story cools down. She cannot stand staying in the same room with Prisca. As soon as she leaves, Salewa barges in looking for her. Prisca, who is enjoying the story tells her that Sho may have gone out. She is just waking up, she claims and is just hearing of the stories!
Amaka stops Louisa and asks if there is a way they can manage things differently? Louisa insists she has a case and they will meet in court.
Salewa and Helen walk in school and she rumbles about what she will do to Sho when she meets her. Helen assures her that they will run into each other before the end of the day. Other girls walk up to Salewa and offer various words of advice and encouragement. As she complains about Sho, Sho hears her at the same time she sees her and runs off with Salewa in hot pursuit!
PAW walks into the bar and meets Yaya sitting by herself. He stops by and they share a gingerly hug. She offers to buy him a drink at least for her exceptional birthday present. He refuses and confirms that he is there for a bite. When he tries to move to another table, she invites him to share her table. She may have stolen his car and threatened him with a knife but she does not bite.
Angela asks Odun how the director managed to shoot such a cheesy scene? They both have nasty things to say about him. Angela asks why no one stopped him? They ask if it is Feke that should have stopped him? Angela asks how they should fix things? She takes a call and tells them that the money has been released; half of it at least. They find it difficult to associate Victoria with a crime and ask if they can now go back to production? She asks them to continue to do what they are currently doing; figure out if they still have a project to manage.
Salewa asks Sho how she could have run her mouth like that? Sho apologizes with a shrub between them and says it was Prisca. Salewa says she should have asked Prisca to zip her mouth! She insists that she wants nothing to do with Sho or pretentious people like her when Helen reminds her Sho is her friend. Sho tells her that they could be friends if she can come down from her high horse. Salewa snatches her hand away from Helen who was restraining her and walks off.
Yaya wants to know how Phillip is doing? He is good but she is just so so he asks how her birthday went and she says it went well but refuses to say what she did when he asks how many people she had over. What happens in a hotel suite remains in a hotel suite, she says. She congratulates him on the capture of Caesar and she is sure he sleeps better now. He says he sleeps better because he has confessed to shooting his father. She asks about them and he asks her not to talk about that now. She asks if they can at least be friends? He responds that he has enough friends already and walks away.
Feke serves Angela and Delmuah tea while they work and stands and watches while Angela frets about work done by the editor. She walks out if the office and Delmuah tells Feke that she does not want to be the editor right now. Feke asks if it is true that the money has been recovered? Delmuah tells her Angela is spending time trying to ensure things are back to normal before she allows them get back to their normal duties. Feke thinks she is sure she can handle things. As she walks out, Delmuah sees Angela’s note where she wrote that Delmuah should have been allowed to do the re-writes she wanted! That got her thinking.
Funmi walks in and meets Louisa still at work trying to round off. She asks why Louisa is suing Amaka and whether she is sure she can stand the heat or is she seeking to make money out of the whole thing? Louisa tells her she will not understand and it is not about money. An injustice has been done and this needs to be corrected. Funmi tries to reason with her and asks why she hid her marriage if she really is interested in her marriage? Louisa says it is not her fault that some companies will not hire a married couple. Funmi asks what Majek thinks of the whole thing? Should he not be the one pursuing this matter? Louisa thinks Funmi was sent by Amaka and walks out on her.
One of the young ladies that encouraged Salewa in school joins her at the bar. She invites Salewa to come and join them in their group. Salewa is not interested. The lady refuses to give up. She explains what they do, encourage youths to live a straight-forward life and asks if Salewa will want to speak with the youths? Salewa says she is busy but the lady continues to push.
PAW and Brenda discuss the company’s projects and when she thinks they are through, he asks her about her meeting with Kwabena? That shocks Brenda.
Louisa bringsAmaka the press release on her sexual harassment suit. Amaka tells her that will be all. Louisa asks her to stop sending her lackeys to come and beg on her behalf. Amaka tries to explain that she did nothing wrong as Majek left because he was not living up to expectations on his work and that is why he left. When Louisa started whining, Amaka reminds her that she deceived everyone about her marriage, etc. she is also suing Louisa for all those infringements on her own rights!