Sho begs Prisca to stay. She says no because Sho lied about the place. Sho begs her to stay and she will refund 5% of the money. They finally settle for 10% refund. She asks Sho where she got the sandals from? Sho claims it was bought in London by her mum. She says he will stay because Sho looks like a babe that knows what’s up. She asks them to come and help her get her things from the car. They scream you have a car?
Angela asks why the last production was stopped and when Delmuah confirmed she did not write the script, Angela asks her to leave. Odun asks why he is there? Angela says he knows everything about the production. He thanks her for the commendation. She asks him why production was stopped as the CFO confirmed she did not stop it? Odun gives her the lowdown. Production stopped because of a wrong call by the director and they realized that things will not work out. Brenda was going to fire the director but Kwame’s accident derailed things. They conclude that it is possible they are working on something they may never be able to use. Angela asks Odun to keep an eye on things.
The girls bring Prisca’s things in and marvel at her SUV. They think her parents must be loaded but she thinks it is raz to talk about money. Salewa asks what she plans to do with some woods? They are shells she plans to hang on the wall. Sales says she cannot. Sho does not agree as they have paid for the place. Sho and Salewa fight over the shelves.
Barrister Eddy crosses his leg as Sankey asks how Caesar hired him when he did not have a phone? Eddy warns them about informing him of the denials his client suffered. He asks to see his client and Segun says no. Instead, Eddy needs to answer some questions. Eddy asks if he is of interest? Segun relents and takes him to see his client. The police officer that brought Eddy in asks Sankey how she let her lead suspect be snatched from her? She reminds him that he is the one that brought a lawyer in. He asks for her next line of action but she says nothing. He warns her against doing anything illegal as she is in enough trouble already. He leaves as Segun comes in and Sankey swears that one day, she will punch the yellow teeth out of the man’s mouth. They sit down and consider what to do next?
Salewa insists that they abide by Ene’s rules but Sho advises her to leave if she does not like how things are. They argue and started calling names. Salewa calls Sho a wanna-be and Sho insists that it was her up-tight nature that made Titan dump her for not sleeping with him. Prisca cannot believe that Salewa dated Titan, the star? Sales storms out.
Sankey and Segun meet Amaka to ask to search the warehouse and Amaka tells them that they had gone through the company’s things before. They tell her of their suspicions and she invites Funmi in and asks her to cooperate fully with the police officers in their search.
Odun and Feke search endlessly for the script and Feke complains about the search. She wonders what Angela wants the script for? Odun insists that Angela is coming to grips with the company’s affairs. Feke accuses him of trying to become head of production. He tries to reason with her but gives up instead.
Prisca asks Sho if she is not going after Salewa? She is not interested. She sits down and asks Helen for details. She googled and found Salewa dated Titan and asks if the break up was because Salewa will not give Titan some loving? Helen says she does not get involved. Prisca pushes saying they are now roomies. Helen leaves her and goes to meet Salewa. She quickly calls someone with the gist.
Funmi comes out and pities the warehouse people for having to deal with Sankey and the police. Other people join them and they gossip about Amaka and Majek. They quickly stop when Amaka walks out with her lawyer discussing the case. They continue when Amaka walks out. They argue about whether Amaka should have known that Majek was married and stops when Amaka comes in. They wonder whether she heard them?
Angela complains that the director simply destroyed a very good script with his meddling. Odun agrees with her and said the guy was quite arrogant about the whole thing. Angela asks him to set up the scenes that were shot for her to see. As he leaves Delmuah asks if that means they are not beginning production now? Angela tells her that they need to understand where they are to ensure they don’t make the same mistake.
Sankey meets PAW who thinks she is too early. She tells him that crime does not pay. He asks why she is there then? She tells him they found new leads that has made them decide to come back to the studios. The investigation was going well till their suspect went to hire himself an expensive lawyer. PAW wonders who could be paying for a fancy lawyer for a thug like Caesar?
Salewa complains about what Sho said about herself and Helen. Helen asks her to forget the whole thing as they are still friends. She asks Helen to shift and stop distracting her. Helen tells her that she had not finished some assignment. Salewa accuses her of looking for gossip as that is the only thing that can keep her going. She agrees and says she will not waste too much time. She opens a site and shouts sales a asks what is happening? She claims she saw a video of cricket. Sales a snatches the phone and reads a story about Titan dumping her for refusing him sex!
Brenda meets Kwabena in a restaurant and thanks him for coming. He commiserated with her on Kwame’s death. They chat for a while and when he asks how she is coping, Brenda asks him what they can do for his company?
Amaka and team round off a meeting with a suggestion that they create an interesting flash mob and use it to sell their message. Amaka agrees and asks Louisa to search for the efficacy of flash mobs and report back. Louisa sourly agrees to work on it. Amaka breaks the meeting but before they leave, she tells them about her sexual harassment suit.