Yahimba takes Lola to task about why she thinks Sheila has no family? Lola insists that Sheila had no family when she got married. She asks if that is why Yahimba killed the story on Yaya and Sheila, etc! Yahimba insists that her new-found love for tv must have affected her investment in Lola. She orders Lola out of the house and when Lola insists, she orders her off. Yaya gloats and her mum lands her a slap!
Audu frets about the absence of Lola and hopes it is traffic. Bimpe jokes that she has been abducted by aliens. Greg insists that she will soon be there. Bimpe asks if Peju will feature them on The Juice? Peju insists that they still need to prove their worth first. After a while, Audu rushes back and asks Bimpe to step in and meet a corporate sponsor in Lola’s absence.
The staff worry about their lack of pay and this has affected their ability to organize for valentine’s Day. The receptionist comes to look for who will fill in for her while she goes for a job interview. They look at her like a traitor while arguing about Angela’s ability to run the company. Charlie blunders in looking for Angela and they ask him to go right in!
Bimpe abandons the corporate sponsor and complains that he cannot string two words together. Lola breezes in and grabs Bimpe’s drink while asking why Bimpe is not working the room. Bimpe thinks she is the most boring person alive and Greg tells her that is why she is needed to brighten things up.
Bimpe and Greg suddenly realize that they are all alone in the bar. They ask where everyone went to and frank tells them that everyone has gone. They tried to get their attention but they were too into each other. They are welcome to stay as the perfect Valentine advert. Greg offers to take Bimpe home and she agrees abandoning her car.
Charlie explains to Angela that the administrators of her dad’s estate did not agree that FCC declaring her father dead is similar to finding a body. She will have to wait for 7 years. Angela asks him for his Valentine’s day plan? Dinner with mum. She is also avoiding love. Angela offers him the job of legal adviser to Odyssey Pictures. She says he is the only person she can trust.
Yahimba chides Yaya for still sniffling and allowing a two-bit reporter to almost score a scoop on her? She thinks that Yaya continues to pile up disappointments one after the other. Yaya tries to talk and she shuts her down. If the reporter puts two and two together, the family could be at risk. She asks Yaya not to do anything stupid as she goes out!
Greg walks Bimpe home. She steps into a puddle and he wipes her shoe clean with his handkerchief. She asks what he thinks of her shoes and he says they have lovely soles. She asks what he thinks of her toes? She has nice toes, she says. She asks him to tell her something romantic, even if he has to lie. He tells her that all the other girls he dated wants to be told the truth. She asks him what they were like? He tells her that they are not as important as her. She smiles and says he learns fast.
Angela and Charlie try to get an extension from Brenda to pay for her shares in Odyssey Pictures. He calls Brenda’s representatives but they tell him Brenda is not interested in an extension. There is a bode Lawson ready to snap up the shares!
Charlie asks if Angela knows Bode Lawson? She confirms he used to be a board member but wonders why he is suddenly crawling out of the woodwork now? She calls Feke to get her everything they have on Bode Lawson. Charlie thinks that his buying the shares may offer them a way out. Angela says no way will she allow him buy majority shares in the company. Charlie acknowledges he is not doing too well as a counsellor. He remembers what her father said and says he needs to get into her father’s records to check. Angela agrees.
Yahimba accosts a policeman in the station and begs to be let into the station to check if her son, Abasinkowo is in custody. He had disappeared for two weeks and once he is missing, she knows he is in custody. He says they have no one like that in custody. She says he changes his name once he is in custody. The policeman agrees to help and takes her into the station.
Bimpe thanks Greg for walking her home and hopes he won’t be as busy as he was the last time. She extends her lips to him for a kiss but he asks if her neck is painting her? She says no, she is stretching. He excuses himself and leaves. She wonders what is wrong with all men?
Feke dumps a pile of files on Bode Lawson on Angela’s desk. She asks when Angela will finish with the paperwork and get to doing real things? Angela tells her that she is enjoying her insolence so she can continue. She starts saying that Angela has a visitor but Angela cuts her off by asking that she fetches refreshment for Charlie. Feke tells her that Yusuf if Ok Fowler is waiting to see her.
Yahimba walks in front of the cell with the inmates howling like a pack of wolves. Towards the end, she comes face to face with Caesar. He calls her mum and asks why she came there? He hopes that all is well?

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Sheila asks Phillip how he could have taken the risk of going after Caesar even with policemen? He tells her that he did so with the help of someone that knows what he is doing.