Salewa visits her lecturer to ask how she can improve her chances to win the scholarship. The lecturer asks if she has read the criteria? It’s going to be quite competitive as entries will be accepted from nation-wide. Salewa is not fazed by any of these including family, boys, etc. she took a moment to think before saying she has no boy right now.
Charlie does not believe that Angela’s father’s reputation is brought up in the story about Brenda running off with the company’s profit and pumping same into Black Ananse. Angela says it is okay as it is Brenda that is in the spotlight now. Charlie offers to help if she needs to bounce ideas off anyone. He asks where she intends to get funds to run the company? She will put that in the to-do list. He asks if she has heard from the forensic auditor? She checks and he has sent her a report. They have traced the CFO and may be able to find the funds which she transferred in bits and pieces.
Salewa takes a call from her friend and insists that she is busy studying. The girl asks her to come and study with them but she says no. She was asked to come and see the bunk bed. Which bunk bed? The one Sho just built. Sales a leaves everything to go and see what Sho has done to the house.
Sankey and Segun wait for Caesar to be brought in. They hope he has something meaningful to tell them. They are tired of reporting to Waziri. Caesar hobbles in and starts laughing at them. They tell him they have no time for his antics and when they start, he laughs at everything they ask. They finally inform him that now, he will be sent to where he should be. He smiles and asks if it is Protea or Federal Palace? They tell him he is going to Abuja!
Salewa runs in and asks why they brought in the bunk? She replies that they need to have a place to sleep and there are three of them now. She finally agrees that it is okay.
Caesar starts shaking and says he is a small guy and cannot go to Abuja. Sankey and Segun tell him that no small person is involved in gun running, etc. maybe he is a terrorist or planning to topple the government. Caesar starts shaking and tells them he is not a terrorist. They ask him who his sponsors are? That person should be the one going to Abuja not him. He says he was not sent by anyone. It was his deal. However, he is not sure there were guns. It looks like it is something else.
Brenda gives instructions to an aide but PAW barges in and orders the aide out. He asks if Brenda poured Odyssey’s loot into Black Ananse? Brenda asks if he is that presumptuous? There is no answer to that. He insists that she cannot come and turn black Ananse into Odyssey. She insists she knows what to do. That is how she built Odyssey. She asks how they have a film in the cinema and no secondary distribution plans if he knew what he was doing? PAW insists on her consulting him on every other thing. She agrees and when her phone rings, she picks and indicates she needs to take the call in private. He leaves and she thanks the caller for returning her call. She is happy to bid for the project.
Sho comes in with a bag of goodies. Salewa is amazed that she has blown all the money she got from the house when the semester is just starting. She asks them not to cramp her style and goes ahead to show them what she bought. Someone knocks and their new housemate comes in and takes one look around and could not believe what she is seeing.
PAW stops by Amaka’s office and tells her she is not there for a fight. He informs her about Brenda pouring all her energy into Black Ananse. He tells her that at the end of everything, we only have family to bank on. She asks where he is going with all these? He tells her that he is willing to come back and make amends by contributing his own quota. He is happy that they have not converted his office to a lot. She reminds him that it is his father’s office.
He eventually tells Amaka that he will invest his Black Ananse profit into the venture. Amaka tells him she is not bothered about his proficiency at work but with his choice of friends. She does not think that Yaya is Good company. As she berates him, Funmi comes in with a letter that was just delivered. Amaka opens it and tells PAW that Louisa is suing her for sexual harassment. PAW smiles mischievously and notes that he is not the only one mixing with the wrong company.
Prisca accuses Sho of selling a tiny room to her for a serviced apartment. Sho tells her that as students, they do not need a lot of space. Prisca says she is not that kind of student. Sho reminds her of caveat emptor but she will not have that and asks for her money back!
Angela rushes out and Delmuah and Odun asks Feke what is going on? Feke tells them that Angela is rushing off to meet the auditors. They wonder why? She fills them in that the CFO has been caught and Angela is on her way to meet her and the auditor at the bank where she had been lured to. Their money issues may be over. They wonder whether this efficient Angela will last and what to do if Angelique comes back?
Sankey and Segun come back from enjoying their lunch and continue from where they stopped with Caesar. He tells them that they are supposed to get a camera-kind of bag from a container in Reel Studios. They were supposed to collect it from the ports but security was tightened and they could not get to it. They ask why they did not take it and he informs them that they could not find same. They ask him who they were to take it to and he tells them that he does not know. He had everything written down on a piece of paper but he has lost the note. They inform him that the boys in Abuja will know how to extract the information from him. He begs them as they turn to leave and as he opens his mouth, Barrister Eddy walks in and announces himself as Caesar’s lawyer and asks him not to say any other word!
Angela comes back and the staff ask her how her hunt went? She tells them that it went well. They have arrested the CFO on her way from the bank. She invites Odun and Delmuah into her office for a meeting. Fekehimes in that she will fetch coffee and join them. She turns back and tells her it is a private meeting and she is not invited!

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Salewa snatches her friend’s phone and reads an exclusive that Titan has dumped her for refusing him sex. She turns and wonders where the story came from?