Segun and Sankey grapple with each other till Masters interrupts them and asks for entertainment. They are not ready to oblige him. He tells them that he should be entitled to a drink, maybe tea. They tell him he will get nothing of such. Segun asks the police men to throw everyone into jail but he tells him that the cells are full of drug people. Segun turns to Caesar and accuses him of all sorts; assault, breaking & entering, etc. Caesar says he did nothing wrong & it’s time to talk about things now. He asks Phillip to confirm that he is the one that shot his father!
Dannie talks to Salewa about going out and living her life instead of sitting at home and wasting time over a boy. As Salewa looks gloomy, Cosmos announces she has a visitor and shows Titan in. Dannie discreetly leaves them alone. He announces it is a surprise but Salewa’s mood did not change.
Angela’s staff demonstrate that they are on top of all the issues in the office. Every crisis she dreams up is taken care of from a press release to re-branding. She orders them to get on with everything they are working on and ensure it is on her desk ASAP!
Masters taunts Phillip.
Titan asks why Salewa is looking gloomy? Is it because of the voice note? He apologizes. She tells him she is not bothered about the kiss or the girl. She is just not cut out for a long distance relationship. She is even doing sexy pictures. He asks what that means? He is ready to cancel his remaining tour, etc. she tells him not to. She is not easy for anything now. It is over.
Feke and Odun discuss the press statement that is not easy. They will finalize later. Angela calls and they refuse to pick the call. Mimi comes in and tells them that they forgot about salaries. Some of them are broke and an Odyssey staff living on the street is bad publicity. Angela calls her to ask whether she has seen Delmuah or Feke? She says no and when she says they did not give her any document for Angela, Angela screams that they don’t know who they are messing with. Feke and Odun runs off while she is talking to them.
Salewa asks Dannie why it is so painful if it is the right thing? Dannie tells her a whole lot of stories about first love, etc. she believes that Salewa will get over it. Sho and her friend rush in saying they came as soon as they heard. They want to know who broke with who, etc. Salewa says she is not interested in stories. Sho worries that Titan may post the sexy picture on those websites. Salewa says she never sent it. Sho claims that boys are the same and dump girls after they sleep with them. Salewa says she did not sleep with him. Sho thinks that is why he kissed another girl but the other girl nudges her to stop.
Sankey interviews Phillip and his statement
Brenda gets into the spa and Ashiru meets her on his way out. He is happy he rubbed off on her and is surprised she is leaving Odyssey. Brenda wonders what he is talking about? He reminds her they were friends and she says nothing of such happened. And he was too ineffectual to influence her. She is there to clear out her closet.
Sankey asks Phillip if his father will corroborate his story?
Angela turns on the TV and Peju is talking about Brenda leaving Odyssey
Salewa’s friends come back for a rescue mission
Odyssey staff struggle under Angela’s draconian rule.
Phillip gets home and Cosmos briefs him on everything.