Angela and Brenda end up in Dan’s office. Angela commiserates with Brenda about the death of Kwame and what it must have done to Brenda. She appreciates that it had to do with her. Brenda flares up and tells Angela that it is good she knows. Angela asks her to shove it. She is not there to fight and they should let things be and move on. She is there to talk about Odyssey. Brenda is not interested. She has a speech to prepare. Angela asks how she could have handed the company over to a PA while she goes around town having lunch with some dude and yoga. She thought she was the crazy one. If this is what has become of Brenda Nanah Mensah, then she could have also been buried in the box with Kwame. She shoves the file into Brenda’s hands and walks off.
Bimpe grumbles about feeling guilty about Lola. She should not even be bothered. Greg tells her it is good to be bothered. It shows she has a good heart. Bimpe laughs at that and looks in the mirror. Greg convinces her that her worrying is good and if not she will not be feeling guilty. Bimpe smiles and launches into how Lola threw her a couple of curved balls during their competition. Lola was doing everything like her and Bimpe for once saw someone like a friend. Greg insists she has a nice heart. Bimpe comes and holds him and says he says a lot of nice things. Greg runs off to her dismay.
Dannie invites Brenda to say something about Kwame after showing a clip of their film. Brenda starts her speech and Ashiru gets up from his seat and moves to join Dannie at the bar with Brenda’s eyes following him. Dannie asks if he is there to ask her opinion on his girlfriend’s nice speech? He tells her that Brenda is no one’s girlfriend. She asks what happened and he tells her to feel free to say I told you so. He her about her urge to exorcise Kwame’s spirit by sleeping with someone else as the camera gets back to Brenda’s speech about Kwame and Phillip.
Bimpe visits Ene and Ene asks her if she is sure she is in the right place? Should she not be taking care of her baby instead of harassing Bimpe? Bimpe cannot smell food and asks if that is what happens when women are nursing? Ene says it is what happens when neighbours stop cooking for leechy neighbours. Bimpe eventually gets to talk to Ene about her involvement in Lola’s loss of job. Ene says she was sure Bimpe had a lot to do with that. Bimpe says no. It was Harriet that caused the problems. Ene is surprised and wonders why Bimpe will tell Greg about it? Bimpe tells her that she is surprised that Greg said she has a good heart. She believes that Greg probably does not know her well enough. As they discuss, Greg walks into Ene’s apartment. He went to get Bimpe a treat! Ene looks at her like what is going on here?
Yaya comes to meet Phillip and wonders when he came back? He says he has been around for a while. She sits down and apologizes for what happened at Dr. Gyang’s. She is sorry she got caught. She asks Phillip to take her into the room so that she can make up for what she did. He tells her that she is a long way from making things up.
A bored Yaya eats alone and as she gets up to leave the dining table, she bumps into Laide and asks her to look where she is going. Laide lashes back at her. She accuses Laide of staying in another woman’s house and will soon end up in jail. Laide calls her a tramp that is latching unto an irresponsible young man who is also latching unto his father’s wealth. She advises Yaya to move on or Phillip will leave her for the next babe. She leaves and Laide settles down with her baby. She calls and asks when her check for Harvest will be due? She is alarmed that it will take so long. She says she will be making some changes to the account information. She tells the baby that they will soon start off on their adventure as their bags are packed and no one has anything on them yet. She did not see Phillip listening behind her.
The press talks to Dannie about a successful event but Angela keeps them off. They agree that Angela should go as Dannie still has stuff to fix at the venue. Brenda walks up to her and tells her that the day went better than she expected. Dannie wonders why Brenda still expects her to fail on a day like this? Brenda is happy she did not put up one of those things she calls arts. Dannie hands her an envelope containing the shares to black Ananse. Brenda asks why? She says Brenda is right. She did not have a memorable romance with Kwame. She asks Brenda to examine whether she is worthy of the shares and leaves. Brenda asks when she is leaving town? Dannie says she is staying!
Phillip asks Laide where she is going to? Laide says he should not be eavesdropping on people’s conversations. Phillip tells him that they are both guilty of doing things they should not be doing. Phillip asks why she is leaving when the bad guy that made her move in has not been caught? He tells her that she is not going anywhere. She insists that she is a guest and not a prisoner. She will go wherever she wants. Phillip promises to report to the police if she leaves. Laide rants and leaves as Cosmo comes in. He tells Cosmo to inform the security men to let him know whenever Laide leaves the house with her daughter and to also escort her to wherever she wants to go.
Dannie and Ashiru stop in a car and he asks her if she is still ready to go through with it? She says yes, if he is. He asks if she is ready to do it there? She says that is the right place since it is Kwame’s place. They get down from the car to move on and Brenda rolls up and sees them walking away together!
Greg and Bimpe end up at Ziggy’s from their movie date. He is happy she is in a good mood now. Frank welcomes them and as they settle in, she asks Greg when he thinks they should go out normally? He advises that they wait for the end of the finale. As they talk about the contest, Bimpe believes that Lola will not show up for the competition. Greg wonders why she thinks so? She says that with the way Lola walked out, if she appears at the set, she may want to pull off Bimpe’s wig on air! Just then, Lola walks into the bar. Immediately Greg calls her name! Bimpe runs and hides behind him. Lola comes in and hugs her. Telling her she has forgiven her.
Amaka joins Majek and a HR staff for joining them late. She was delayed in a viewing. Majek says it is about time they started. She asks that they start but Majek says the performance review is a farce anyway. She asks him to be professional and he fires back that he cannot be professional when she had kept him there for so long. He asks that it be placed on record that the CEO kept them waiting and he came on time and was ready to answer any questions. As they wer about to start, she asks that they call Funmi but Funmi walks in to give Amaka a letter. She reads it and asks how it got to the office? Did Phillip come? Funmi says no and she gets up and asks that they postpone the hearing. Majek screams but she was already gone.
Dannie and Ashiru end up in Kwame’s flat. They agree to go aheadashiru suggests they try and set the right mood with probably a drink. Danniesays she does not drink but eventually fishes out a bottle of drink from Kwame’s fridge she uncorks it and takes a swig straight from the bottle. As she comes up for air, Ashiru asks if she is still okay? She says yes and turns the bottle up again. He quickly rushes her and seals her lips with a kiss.
Phillip welcomes Barrister Eddy and immediately asks what the news is? Eddy tells him that they will have Abubakar for 6 hours to assist in catching Caesar. Phillip looks shocked but Eddy tells him to make it count.

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The producer tells Greg that he is sacked and Bimpe is disqualified!